Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A Shocking Truth That Every Concerned American Ought To Become Aware of...

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Surprise, surprise. BIG BROTHER is here with a vengeance, and in many ways some would never suspect. Which works out quite nicely to "Freddy da Fed's" advantage.

IMAGINE a POLICE STATE in which every citizen is forced to wear and carry with them an item that both tracks where they are and monitors every phone call they send and receive, and can also monitor everything they are saying (and others) as well! Can you IMAGINE the public outcry in America the "land of liberty" (heh-heh) if we were forced to wear and carry around such a blatant symbol of BIG BROTHER spying on and monitoring us?

But NWO's "FREDDY THE FED" is much too smart to think he can foist something like this on the American people. Instead, the federal government has chosen to come in through the back boor. They have discovered the art of turning something like this, into something that the public is convinced is "a wonderful invention that they simply cannot live without, that makes life simpler." A privilege, if you will. Something in fact that EVERYONE WILL WANT! A status symbol, even. (The more fancy and pricey, the better.)

And so, the modern cheapo CELL PHONE was born and came into the market. Cell phones like NET TEN which offer you not ONLY a cheapo phone, but also three hundred initial free minutes as well!

People thinking "what a bargain" rushed to buy these convenient and cheap cell phones. They never realized the ULTERIOR MOTIVES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT behind expanding the cell phone industry, ever expanding through offering cheaper versions simpler to obtain.

DID YOU KNOW...that YOUR CELL PHONE can be used to MONITOR EVERYTHING YOU SAY while NOT on the phone..even when it is turned OFF??? Cases of the Federal government against even Mafia members have been won, using evidence obtained by the Feds while monitoring the discussion of Mafia planners WHILE THEIR CELL PHONES WERE TURNED OFF.

You cell phone can also be used to both LOCATE WHERE YOU ARE and track your every move!

I finally realized that I was carrying a "PET FED" around with me in my pocket, everywhere I was going!

I hope I keep him highly entertained with trivia....and remember to save all my important discussions with others for when my cell phone is disabled (pull out battery).


I use my cell phone, then pull the battery out, wrap all parts in a zip lock bag, and secure it in a small metal container. I also wrap in plastic and place in a small metal container all my cards that I am certain have chips in them that can be used for tracking by satellites: driver's license, ID cards, bank and related cards. I change phones frequently (toss and buy another new cheap one), especially when I hear that tell-tale "BLEEP-BLEEP" every 15 or 30 seconds or so when I talk on the phone, telling me that I am actually being tapped and recorded by whatever alphabet soup agency.

You have been warned!

-Pamela Schuffert

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