Monday, July 6, 2009

Farewell, Blind Sheep in America...We TRIED to WARN YOU!

Recent interviews of Americans confirms unwillingness to BELIEVE THE TRUTH about COMING MARTIAL LAW and NWO POLICE STATE in USA

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

July 6th, 2009

Recently I shared my reporting with a Christian person in WISCONSIN. While he believed it, he went to his CHRISTIAN friends and asked them if THEY believe it. Good Christians all. They said NO! They could not believe that this would come to AMERICA!

I have found the Christians believers of the TRUTH to be a minority in America, sadly.

Christians are among the most endangered group by the NWO crowd. Yet due to government/FEMA/CIA infiltration and propaganda and cover-up into churches and church pulpits, religious television broadcasts, the veils are pulled over the eyes of the vast majority of Christians in America.

The wool has been pulled over the eyes of the sheep by the NWO wolves and by their own choice of IGNORANCE, and they are about to be rounded up and led as SHEEP TO SLAUGHTER. And frankly, Christians in America ARE the major target! Then come militias,gun owners/sellers, Patriotic resisters, Constitutionalists, etc.

And the CIA is laughing, the NWO Illuminati are laughing (Rothschilds and Bush bloodlines especially,) the Pentagon is laughing, the White House is laughing, that certain element of Jews and Gentiles alike supporting the NWO agenda are ALL laughing behind the scenes at the blind naivete and general ignorance of the Christians in supposedly endued with such wisdom and knowledge BECAUSE they are Christians!

Faithful watchmen on the wall like myself have patiently been warning the Body of Christ in North America of all these things to come, and how it all lines up with BIBLE PROPHECY!

But oh, NO! This cannot happen here! While professing to BELIEVE in end time Bible prophecy, they deny it by their unwillingness to accept the truth!

These Christians tell me they will be "quicky raptured outta here" before they can suffer for Jesus Christ in North millions of OTHER Christians are NOW suffering worldwide who did NOT get raptured out!

And such Christians having not one chapter or verse conclusively proving and telling them that they will be taken out conveniently when they WANT Jesus to come and save them from persecution and martyrdom...

And YES... I see the signs! I KNOW His return is NEAR! I believe in His SECOND COMING, the dead in Christ being raised, and those who are alive being caught away to be with HIM. This IS Bible prophecy and solid Scripture.

But I keep reminding them: NO MAN knows the DAY OR THE HOUR! NO ONE! Christians are dying by the hundreds of thousands for their faith annually, and millions are being actively persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned for their faith every day worldwide.


No, we are NOT.

If Matthew 24 warnings of being hated of ALL nations and delivered up to tribulation and persecution and martyrdom for His sake PRIOR TO HIS RETURN worldwide, can be fulfilled in THEIR nations around the world prior to HIS RETURN, it can also be fulfilled in OUR nation as well.

Get REAL, Church in America. And get RID of the brainwashing of CIA/FEMA/government infiltrators who have infiltrated your churches and pulpits of America and television to BLIND YOU TO THE TRUTH til the last moment!

And now we have reports of a dread pandemic SWINE FLU to potentially be released very soon, even possibly JULY 2009, and how the government will use it to trigger martial law as well. And how people will be forced from their homes to FEMA CAMPS, forced to take a deadly inoculations, and may never see their homes or families again once taken away....

(Of course I am praying hard against this information I just received, and you should be TOO! I don't WANT these things to happen! NONE of us do! But Jesus did say in Matthew 24, that these times PRIOR TO HIS RETURN would be marked with PESTILENCES!)

And of course OBAMA, the Illuminati's latest White House puppet for their SHADOW GOVERNMENT'S NWO AGENDA, is jumping through every hoop and signing all their legislation presented that spells DEATH TO THE REPUBLIC and our CONSTITUTION!

And the "HATE BILL" is on the verge of being passed by the Senate as be used to try to silence pastors and Christian witnessing in America, just as in Canada and elsewhere. And many MORE pieces of legislation being passed that spells POLICE STATE USA is coming SOON.(PRAY it is not passed! But if it IS, it is Bible prophecy being fulfilled perfectly about these end times...)

This woman will NOT BE SILENCED in my Christian witness nor in my testimony against their NEW WORLD ORDER, except by death. Period.They have threatened me many times in the past over my kind of reporting, even threatening my webmaster and I as well.

It's inevitable: I am going to die for my Christian stand and witness against the NWO many other good and faithful Christians worldwide. However, God holds the timing in HIS hands, and NOT THE NWO!

Well, my beloved fellow Christians in America (and fellow Americans in general), as we continue rapidly down the slippery slope towards no return, all I can say is, I did my best and sacrificed my entire life these past 13 years and laid it all down, to tell you THE TRUTH. (So have a few other faithful Christians watchmen on this subject.)

No man's blood will be on MY hands, should Christians fall away under the coming persecutions and temptations to DENY JESUS CHRIST (and perish eternally) when they bring forth the modern military guillotines of Revelation 20:4 under martial law, or arrest and drag Christians into prisoner boxcars and shackles to be taken to FEMA/Homeland Security Camps to be brutally killed for their faith.

I told the truth. And now we are rapidly moving in that direction clearly, especially under communist OBAMA.

Jesus had a word for the religious leaders of His day, when they could not discern the times they were living, so clearly prophesied by the OT prophets.

He told them they could look at the sky and SEE when a storm was coming, or when it would be fair. But they COULD NOT SEE that the prophesied times OF THEIR MESSIAH was upon them! At one point, He even called them, "FOOLS AND BLIND" in Matthew 23:17 .

Here is what he said to those RELIGIOUS PEOPLE who did not discern the times they were lining in:

He answered and said to them, "When it is evening you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red'; and in the morning, 'It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.' Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you CANNOT DISCERN THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES!" Matthew 16:2-3

Are YOU one of those who are "FOOLS AND BLIND" in this critical hour of preparation in order to successfully and confidently face and confront everything coming to our nation soon, including persecution of the Church in North America???

If you are a doubter, please take the time to fast and pray about this kind of information , and go to the Word of God for a second look. My years of investigation and research and documentation is accurate. Everything is securely in place for coming MARTIAL LAW!

If you are NOT A CHRISTIAN, you don't stand a chance of facing these coming times of crisis without GOD and JESUS CHRIST. FORGET worrying about whether or not you will "SUFFER" for Jesus Christ under martial law and the NWO.

God's Word declares, you will suffer alot more in HELL and the LAKE of FIRE for NOT receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior! This is why I am not afraid, and go on with this work non-stop undaunted by what I might face for HIM.

Christians, please fast and pray against the evil agendas of the NEW WORLD ORDER Illuminati for our nation, and in fact world-wide. God in His mercy towards millions of innocent victims has held it back for a season, and many ARE NOT READY TO FACE THIS YET.

God be with you all in the times we face.

-Pamela Schuffert

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