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July 23, 2009-AS I revisit the mountains of North Carolina near Asheville, I am spending much time with my FORMER PRO-LIFE LEADER, Joseph Foreman and his precious wife, Anne and children. This family was in the forefront for many years in the pro-life battles under OPERATION RESCUE and Randall Terry and other leaders. Joseph was a leader as well for several years. ALL of his wonderful family became involved in pro-life rescue at the abortion death camps across America, including HIS CHILDREN!

Joseph is the one who coached me in pro-life rescue and principles in the Bible behind rescuing the UNBORN. He set the example. I rescued with him and his family across America for many years, until we all suffered from burn-out due to serving time in both jail and prison for our peaceful and non-violent rescues and outreach. I have been volunteer child care provider for his children in three different states throughout the years.

(By the way, simply ask the FOREMANS if the government/CIA/Hartwell garbage stating I am somehow "ILLUMINATI satanist" is truth or not! They have known my Christian walk and worked with me periodically for 20 years now!And their Godly, retired missionary-to-China parents support me as well in my labors.)

And now, Joseph and his family are facing great personal crisis. They have less than ONE WEEK to leave their home they were renting. The owner has no compassion. He even had their water turned OFF in the home! Yesterday I helped to haul water in large water containers to their home from down in Black Mountain. All due to no fault of their own!

Joseph and Anne are the hardest working couple I have ever met! Anne established a catering business, worked so hard to make it successful (and it WAS wildly successful until recession hit this area)...and NOW, only a few catering orders since LAST SEPTEMBER of 2009!

They opened their own delightful coffee shop, MOMENTS in Swannanoa, beautiful (you can see it on the internet in fact.)

But due to recession they are now losing $1,000 a month, and have almost been forced to close that down also. They have worked so hard to make ends meet for their family, with 8 children and three still living at home.

And to add to ALL THIS, They LOST a PLANNED PARENTHOOD LAWSUIT, and received a judgment against them from the courts supporting PLANNED PARENTHOOD for years of pro-life, of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Think about this, my friends: ONE MILLION DOLLARS! You can see their crisis is great.

I am here, in part, to help them move at this time.
They cannot do it alone. There is so much against them! IF they are not out in time, by the end of this month, the owner has threatened to bring the law in to evict them forcibly! This is tragic. We have so much packing to do, cleaning, etc. And due to all this, their finances are in terrible crisis. They not even know where they will move next. Nor if they will have enough money to move into another house with their children.

And NONE of this is THEIR FAULT! They have been steadily working SO hard, with even the older children involved, to make things work.They have done their best.

Please, my fellow Christian readers of compassion, especially those of you with backgrounds in pro-life, won't YOU consider helping them NOW with sending them FINANCIAL SUPPORT at this time? Your compassionate gifts of ANY amount will help them to feed their children, support their move, help them find a home to rent, and help sustain them in this difficult time. You can make any checks out to JOSEPH FOREMAN directly. They will appreciate your love SO GREATLY at this time!

You can send ALL EMERGENCY SUPPORT directly to their parents, Reverend Kenneth Foreman Sr. at PO BOX 488, Montreat, NC, 28757. Joseph and Anne live only ten minutes away from them here.

They will SO APPRECIATE your love and care for them at this uncertain time in their lives.

THANKYOU for your compassion and your prayers at this time! God will reward your compassion much.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ALL EMERGENCY SUPPORTERS!-Joseph will personally sign his important book "Shattering The Darkness - The Crisis of the Cross in the Church Today", by Joseph Lapsley Foreman, and we will send EVERY FINANCIAL SUPPORTER an autographed copy of his famous and well known book. Please be moved with compassion for a family that has done so much to inspire and change America for the better with the rescuing of the lives of countless unborn, and send your financial mercy gift today to: Joseph L. Foreman, C/O Po Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757. Include your return address so we can send you his book immediately!
We are maxed out now. I have been helping them move and clean and haul trash and donation items to thrift stores every day now since I returned for one week. I have just exhausted every cent of my personal support money to buy them food and provide gas, duct tape, items for moving. My gas tank is on empty and I cannot even come over to help them move today.

They have located a single wide trailer to move into, BUT they lack even the first month payment AND the deposit. ($1,200 for deposit and $600 for first month rent to move in.) Please, CAN YOU HELP THEM?

I can give no more until my personal support comes in. Pray for this. (UPDATE-Weds July 29,2009-Some emergency gas money just came through and I am now helping them , again, to move out in time. PTL!)


UPDATE-Weds, July 29, 2009-ONE WONDERFUL WEBSITE READER just came through with a kind gift of $10 the other day. The Foremans told me to tell that donor,THANKYOU! I will mail your book out as soon as possible, in between moving sessions for FOREMANS.
-Pamela Schuffert)

UPDATE-Monday, August 3, 2009-From the CANGEMI family came another $10 dollar gift! THANKYOU! I am still helping the Foremans move to the trailer. It was impossible to make the deadline of out by the first of August. I have been hauling bags of trash plus donations to thrift stores as well, plus moving family items. HARD WORK! But this is how Christians should respond to other fellow Christians in crisis, always. "Faith without works is dead." Please show your love for fellow Christians in crisis by your support of this worthy family. THANKYOU!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting LIVE from NC

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  1. My name is Tom Nosal and I am a MSW from Smith College SSW '83 and a graduate of Gordon College 1978. I knew both Anne and Joe personally and i simply lost touch with them until tonight. Please contact me @ so that i can help my dear friends to see the light at the end of their tunnel <3