Monday, June 29, 2009

Jesus Christ is the ONLY MESSIAH/Mashiach of the Jews

There is a movement among Jews today where they are preparing for a NEW MESSIAH, or MASHIACH/MOSHIACH! Lubavitch Chabad (among others)has been desperately trying to raise up a false Messiah (Mashiach) for the Jews for a long time now, and has failed. Menachem Schneerson was doomed to failure because he was NOT the MESSIAH! And his grave remains undisturbed.

Now other Jews are working on the coming false Messiah, to fulfill REVELATION 13. Some believe this false messiah is already here and working hard, the ROTHSCHILDS Jacob and Nathan! They have been working hard behind the scenes for the NWO agenda indeed. And A ROTHSCHILD may well prove to be the one!

But JESUS CHRIST, or Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, remains the ONLY GENUINE MESSIAH for the world today! And for millions of believing Gentiles and Jews, Jesus Christ is the ONE!

We have the Messiah NOW! Orthodox Jews are chanting "WE WANT MESSIAH," But we as CHRISTIANS and MESSIANICS know we HAVE THE MESSIAH NOW AND FOREVERMORE!

Jesus Christ is the ONE AND ONLY Messiah for the world today. There is NO OTHER and will be no other forevermore. Come to HIM today!

If you are a Messianic Jew or a Christian reading this, continue to PRAY FOR THE JEWS worldwide! MANY are coming to Yahshua the Mashiach daily, and worldwide.

Judaism without the Mashiach is often empty, like a bagel without lox or creme cheese, empty on the inside and dry! Jews were created to bring forth MASHIACH! And to worship and serve GOD through faith in HIM.

And this is why many are leaving Judaism without Mashiach Yahshua and coming to HIM NOW. Jews by their own admission have admitted this is why they left Judaism and came to Yahshua.

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