Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Benefits of FASTING and Prayer

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

You NEED to fast! America is filled with overeating and gluttony and sick and depressed people who need to eat more healthily and fast more often.

Go to EUROPE for a trip! See all the THIN people! Return to AMERICA. SEE all the FAT people! There IS a big difference! Europe does NOT have the proportion of fat people that America does!

The NEW WORLD ORDER has planned for American to be fat and unhealthy and unable to resist their martial law agenda. The big owners of the major food industries are ALL members of the NWO power people/Bilderbergers/Illuminati. They are profiteering from their corrupted food items, and making you overweight and sick at the same time. And unable to fight or resist or survive under martial law! Think about it!

How many of you in your present physical state could never "run for the hills", living in the wilds, hiking long distances, surviving in extreme weather and all other circumstances under martial law ?

Many of you cannot. Your health will not allow you to! BUT THERE IS HOPE! You CAN rebuild your health NOW! And you will not pay me one cent for the sound practical advice I am giving you now on this site. My research is FREE for you.

THINK of the unhealthy ingredients added to normal food. MSG causes weight gain and brain damage through excitotoxins. Many other ingredients are unhealthy for you as well. Unhealthy ingredients (among thousands) include: sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors and other ingredients.

Meats have sodium nitrates and nitrites added to them. And other unhealthy ingredients as well. Hormones, antibiotics, etc.

Healthy foods are natural, organic and vegetarian. (Yes there ARE organic meats as well. Wild Alaskan Salmon, NOT FARM RAISED, is considered a more healthy fish to eat as well.)

FASTING helps purge your body of all the terrible toxins your body has absorbed throughout your life. WATER FASTING takes all the poisons and cumulative toxins out as you fast and pray. PRAYER helps heal your body, through Jesus Christ and the word of God, as you fast.

There are excellent books and websites on THE BENEFITS of WATER FASTING. JUICE FASTING (organic juice)is also an excellent way to fast and lose weight as well.

However, the true purging of your body BEGINS with WATER FASTING. Moses fasted on water. Elijah fasted on water. Jesus Christ fasted on water! And the disciples did as well. Christians have fasted throughout the ages on water only! And it works.

I am now on a program of fasting on water only every other day! Or eating two days and fasting one or two days. Does it work? Yes. How do I feel? GREAT!

PLEASE consider going on a spiritual water and prayer fast. Read the Bible about fasting and it's spiritual benefits. And then read the books and websites about the benefits of water-only fasting. Your body will feel better and your prayers will be answered sooner.

Here are some websites of help:
(Beware of the spiritual darkness on some of them, such as YOGA and non-Christian teachings combined with the fasting. Simply read the medically-sound fasting part and bypass the other. BEWARE of ISLAMIC sites on fasting and RAMADAN! And eastern religions/NEW AGE as well.)

For SPIRITUAL advice about fasting, go to this link and search on the INTERNET and your BIBLE:

For practical advice, basic nurtrionally sound guidelines, go to:

(However, follow at your own risk! Be wise in all your decisions regarding your health! DO YOUR RESEARCH!)

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