Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The NWO "Chaos-Creators" Will FORCE a Peoples' Uprising in the Near Future

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

May 13, 2009

Yes, a peoples' insurrection is finally coming to this nation. And the traitorous US government will bring it on by their own deliberate NWO CHAOS.

They can't wait for the people to rise up across this nation so they can use this as a pretense to bring out the foreign (UN/NATO/PfP) troops and their US military counterparts (you TRAITORS)to patrol the cities of this nation and start gun seizures, arrests of people "on the lists" and the whole NWO AGENDA.

In fact, in ONE case, the US government told a power company in California to build special fencing around their facility, stating that "...THERE WILL BE A PEOPLES' INSURRECTION soon and you NEED to beef up your security around your facility!"

They WILL create chaos leading to a peoples' insurrection, by creating man-made FAMINE, man-made PESTILENCES (pandemics), and man-made crises including massive detonations ("Operation RING OF FIRE" which I have previously reported on)across this nation and MORE.

These NWO madmen will stop at nothing to achieve their dark goals.


America, get armed spiritually and practically, prayed up and prepared. And remember that the peoples' underground guerilla resistance and the underground church (beginning with THE CATACOMBS under brutal Roman oppression) ALWAYS wins ultimately in every nation where oppressors and invaders seek to take over and destroy a nation's heritage, culture, religious values and background, and attempt to impose a tyrannical foreign and hostile regime.

However, THIS battle will not be won without cost. What battle is EVER won without sacrifice and suffering and cost? And when in the history of mankind have COWARDS even WON THE BATTLE?

There is rapidly coming a time in our nation when great faith and courage will be required in order to overcome the coming darkness of a NWO tyranny they will seek to impose by force and bloodshed and oppression.

When my direct and personal ancestors (John and Priscilla Alden)set sail from England down the Thames River aboard the MAYFLOWER in 1620 to arrive at AMERICA and to found ONE NATION UNDER GOD and His laws, it was NOT WITHOUT COST AND SACRIFICE. Many died in the first year from many hazards.

But they knew they were on a God-inspired mission and did not give up. And it is ONLY because of the Godly Christian/Bible-based heritage that my God-fearing Pilgrim and related ancestors initially gave to this continent, that we have enjoyed freedom and Liberty and many other valued things for several many centuries.

They often carried a musket in one hand, and a Bible in the other when going to church.They understood certain eternal values and principles and lived by them. And also understood that "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS [action]IS DEAD" as well.

My ancestors descending from them were circuit-riding Christian preachers in New England (Connecticut) and fought in the American Revolution for our freedoms as well.

The coming battle to maintain our Christian heritage and foundations and cherished American freedoms and values WILL NOT BE WITHOUT COST this time around, either. Even Jesus Christ suffered HIS blood to be shed, in the battle to set men free from tyrannical enslavement and bondage to sin.

Remember this. And become willing to PAY THE PRICE as you challenge these forces of hell and death seeking to impose their NWO tyranny upon us all.

And I MUST forever reiterate: DO NOT be taken alive TO THE PRISONER BOXCARS AND FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY CAMPS. When they declare martial law and come to your home to seize your property and take you to the camps, BE PREPARED to stand UP and defend your home and property and family.

Stand your ground and fight like men and women of faith and courage and conviction.

You are under neither moral nor spiritual mandate to meekly surrender your GOD-GIVEN freedom and faith to these illegitimate forces from hell, to step into prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be brutally taken to their NWO deathcamps wherein ONLY horror, torture and death await all valiant and Patriotic NWO resisters in America.

I know of what I speak. I have researched and reported on this subject for thirteen years now. My military and intelligence community and many other sources warning me of this agenda told the truth in exposing such future horrors awaiting all Patriot Americans and Christian or political resistance to rise up under martial law, IF arrested and TAKEN TO THE CAMPS.

Hard to understand or believe? STUDY the history of how tyrannical regimes controlled and repressed all political and religious opponents in nation after nation...especially communist regimes. REMEMBER the GULAGS in communist RUSSIA...the concentration camps under the Nazis, and other grim examples.

Yes, history does repeat itself...and this time it WILL be on American soil.

However, we Americans CAN take measures to ensure that the outcome of such NWO plans is vastly DIFFERENT in AMERICA, than other nations they tragically succeeded in conquering and imposing their tyranny with their world globalist agenda.

We remain an armed America and a people of FAITH in the living GOD...vastly superior to the satan who inspires and fuels their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Stand UP, America, and FIGHT TO WIN. Better to rise up in FAITH fight for FREEDOM and and die as free men and women, than to suffer a living DEATH in chains, bondage, enslavement and tyranny of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from across the nation

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