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Reports like this are never very easy for me to write and publish publicly. As a Bible college student and outreach worker among the Jewish communities of Chicago, NYC and elsewhere, even living in Jerusalem a while, these truths are very painful for me to acknowledge. I developed a deep love for these Jews while working with them.
They are human beings also and in need of respect, love and compassion as well also! I abhor the demonizing of ANY race, and that includes JEWS. In EVERY race and ethnic group, you have the GOOD, the BAD, and the ugly. SIN is SIN, and Jews do NOT have a monopoly on SIN. SIN is UNIVERSAL.
However, the following information is very disturbing that comes out of the Jewish communities. Myself having taken care of Jewish elderly and children for many years, and assisted Russian Jewish immigrants and their children out of NYC for years, I experience much pain over the revelation I am about to publish.
IN fact, when B'NAI B'BRITH was under attack by Moslem Extremists in Washington DC over 30 years ago, I personally called B'nai B'rith building and pleaded with the Moslems for half an hour, two separate phone calls, to PLEASE NOT HURT THE JEWS! I called people all over the Washington DC area to please pray for the Jews' protection.
(The news later reported that one half hour of phone calls taped by police and detectives during the siege had BEEN ERASED when the trials came up! I wonder to this day WHY? Maybe they did not like JESUS CHRIST being brought into the picture...)
But the truth I have uncovered as an investigative journalist of many years must be revealed and understood. Throughout my 13 year career in researching the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America, I met with hundreds of various information sources from many different walks of life.
One of the most fascinating and revealing was when I lectured in Tulsa, OK, at a Messianic Jewish Synagogue one day after their services. They asked me to tell them about what was coming to America under martial law and what I had uncovered.
There was a person in the audience, Saida, a Sephardic Jewish Messianic believer in Jesus. As I began to talk about the coming persecution of Christians, to be arrested and sent to camps or beheaded for their faith with Noahide Laws Guillotines, I noted Saida beginning to nod her head vigorously, as if SHE KNEW ABOUT ALL THESE THINGS.
I paused in my lecture and said, "Saida, you act as if YOU know about all this...do you? And if SO, HOW?"
She spoke to the group. Saida declared, "I know all about the camps and the guillotines for Christians. Every time I go back to NYC and Brooklyn to visit my unsaved Jewish relatives, they warn me:
'COME OUT of your faith in Jesus while you can...because pretty SOON it will be THE CHRISTIANS' TURN TO BE SENT TO THE CAMPS!'"
She said her Jewish relatives (and in fact many in the Jewish communities of NYC)were in agreement with this NWO agenda, as many in the Jewish communities of America are, and were actually rejoicing over the thoughts of CHRISTIANS BEING SENT TO THE CAMPS OR BEHEADED.
I was taken aback momentarily. And thought of how countless Christians throughout America are lovingly praying for "the PEACE OF JERUSALEM," spending millions of their American tourist dollars over in Israel to support her, etc.
I then thought of the years I have spent lovingly taking care of Jewish children for years in summer camping programs, taking care of Jewish elderly until they died (often charging next to nothing for families who could not afford it,)and the time I spent in Jerusalem and Israel praying for Israel and the Jews.
Then I remembered one revealing comment one Jew made to another one day about their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda in America, to betray and terminate the Christians under martial law.
Said one Jewish man to another, "..SO WHAT are you going to DO? USE the Christians NOW...and THEN...???"
Sadly, yes, they are. And THEN, round them up under martial law, to be beheaded under Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS and the modern military guillotines, or to be terminated in the present-day HOMELAND SECURITY/FEMA death camps as NWO resisters. How heartbreaking this will be for Christians who love Jews and are praying for Israel!
SO THAT is part of the plan by the Jewish elements supportive of the NWO agenda: USE the Christians for Jewish/Israel purposes, and then TOSS to the lions after finishing using the naive and unsuspecting Christians of America?
More Jews than you can imagine know all about everything I am outlining to you. Many I have talked to told me so! But they want all this to be a tightly kept secret: they do not want American Christians and other targeted victims to know about this! Largely Jewish controlled media (and this is a documented verifiable fact) will never reveal this information to the general public. But it is found throughout the Jewish communities!
We know that HOMELAND SECURITY camps will be used extensively in the future for their grim NWO termination agenda.
WHY is there a disproportionate number of JEWS working in high levels at HOMELAND SECURITY? MANY of whom are Orthodox and BELIEVE in the NOAHIDE LAWS of Lubavitch Chabad, who wrote them and got them signed into legislation, spelling death for millions of American Christians someday.
The millions of modern guillotines present and proven to be in America today bear mute evidence to this grim fact.They are also confirmed worldwide.
And WHY are there the modern guillotines already sighted and confirmed in the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES of the UN and FEMA in our nation?? These are the boxcars that will take Christians TO THE HOMELAND SSECURITY/FEMA CAMPS under martial law to be executed someday.
The guillotines are to behead the NOAHIDE LAWS breakers to bring in their anticipated "messianic world reign of the Jews"...the CHRISTIANS primarily to be beheaded.
Perhaps it is FAR PAST TIME time for the Christians of America to have a REALITY CHECK and find out what is really going on in our nation, behind our backs. And time to readjust our level of proper understanding about what is about to commence in our nation, and WHO is behind it, and understand who is being targeted unjustly and about to be persecuted unjustly and killed..THIS time under an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST of the innocents, reminiscent of a previous Jewish inspired/funded/carried out BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION.
And perhaps it is time to act on this kind of information in a practical way, to counter this coming darkness. If the Christians of America DO NOT, I testify there will be the senseless and countless murders of the innocents in America's future. This should not be hard to grasp.
And by the way, a CHRISTIAN/BIBLICAL solution is NEVER A "FINAL SOLUTION" to any perceived threat.
Historical research (available on many excellent websites) and many accounts confirm that when GERMANY was threatened by the same kind of Jewish threat and undermining of their nation for a communist/NWO agenda, the Germans turned to the horrors of THE FINAL SOLUTION to deal with "the JEWISH PROBLEM."
A FINAL SOLUTION that indiscriminately targeted countless innocents including infants and children and elderly is NEVER GOD'S SOLUTION! We as Christians threatened by this in America are called to deep PRAYER for the kinds of perceived threats posed by such Jews, ministering to them when possible in love, forgiveness, and peaceful solutions that glorify God and are in conformance to HIS WORD. We are called to BE LIKE JESUS CHRIST. The world's dark solutions are NEVER OURS.
Will you join me in praying about these kinds of disturbing reports, and PRAY FOR THE SALVATION of THESE JEWS WHO WORK DILIGENTLY for the NWO AGENDA and the future persecution of the Christians?
Will you join me in prayer to seek God for HIS SOLUTION to the NWO/martial law threats we now face in America ( and in fact worldwide)?
Violence, threats, retaliation, hatred and anger are NEVER God's response!
We are called to BE LIKE JESUS CHRIST, who said from the Cross, "Father, forgive them for they know NOT what they do!"
He was hated, rejected, and persecuted and delivered up to death by the Jews that He loved, and someday MANY of us as Christians in America will be, too. "IF they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you, " said Jesus.
Jesus warned us that many Christians at various times would be delivered up to be put to death by such Jews, and that someday they would actually think they were DOING GOD A FAVOR by killing us. The Jews who wrote the Noahide Laws (Lubavitch Chabad) and plan to enforce these Christian-hating laws on our tender necks with their modern guillotines, think just that!
"We are doing Ha'Shem A FAVOR...a real mitzvah," thinks Lubavitch with a smile, undoubtedly....(sigh)
Someday many of you Christians will stand before the MODERN GUILLOTINES in fulfillment of Revelation 20:4, under THE NOAHIDE LAWS written by the Jews to condemn Christians to death by BEHEADING. Bible prophecy cannot be broken nor changed, even to please us. It IS coming and is almost here, friends.
I have already prayed for these people responsible to be forgiven, and for their eyes to be open to JESUS THEIR MESSIAH.
IF our martyrdom at their guillotines is to be used to glorify God and to convict their hearts, SO BE IT.
But there is no violence, no hatred, no animosity in my heart for the JEWS I have loved and helped and taken care of throughout the years.
IF NEEDS BE, I will die being LIKE JESUS their Messiah, and MY SAVIOR.
I plead with you who believe in Jesus Christ and His words to remember that as these coming events begin to be manifest in America. AND THEY WILL! The guillotines are here by the millions nationwide, even installed in many UN prisoner boxcars with shackles, and so are the NOAHIDE LAWS, to be activated only after martial law is declared.
Pray for those who have chosen sadly to be our enemies, that God may enlighten them and forgive and save many of them through their MESSIAH, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach...Jesus Christ.
-Pamela Schuffert

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