Monday, May 11, 2009



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective

Monday, May 11-

Well, well, certainly appears to many of us investigative journalists that this administration under OBAMA is determined to take America down the fateful path of MARTIAL LAW for sure. For researchers like myself, of course none of this comes as any great surprise at all. It is all rather anti-climactic.

For many years now, I have been warning my fellow Christians and American Patriots that this NWO/martial law agenda was coming. And that it would be complete with terrible black ops, including massive explosions, mass destruction unleashed without mercy, foreign troops, famines, deadly pestilences released deliberately against my fellow Americans to create MARTIAL LAW CHAOS and much more.

"ORDER OUT OF CHAOS" is the motto of the NWO ...only the NWO madmen create their coming chaos, DESIGNED to lead into their NEW WORLD ORDER, taking the place of our present laws and government and Constitution.

And it appears to me and many of my fellow investigators that MARTIAL LAW may actually-really-honestly BE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER this time around!

And of course, most of us know that this means ROUND-UP TIME for pesky "DISRUPTOR'S" of the NWO agenda (resisters, as the CIA call us)and final showdown/confrontation time between NWO enforcers and the resistance.

(Anyone here FEMA red-listed...???)

And of course that means encounters with the big BAD guys in Homeland Security and elsewhere (Federal "alphabet soup agencies" and the military, none of which appreciate OUR kind of reporting exposing their NWO agenda.) Not to mention the military FEMA gang in their ominous black uniforms, fully brainwashed and trained to operate the NWO deathcamps under martial law.

Of course to add to all this, is the HATE CRIME BILL seemingly about to get passed in the SENATE soon. And judging from HOMELAND SECURITY recent reports issued, my kind of HONEST journalism and reporting is NOT popular with them...not at all!

Golly gee whiz, guys...I don't hate ANYONE! I AM ONLY TELLING AMERICA THE TRUTH!

For the record, Homeland friends, I publicly apologize for NOTHING I have written, I take NOTHING down from my website or the many websites worldwide that have published my reports for many years now.

I compromise NOTHING of the truth contained in my reporting. And I will continue to publish pertinent information as I receive it to warn and continue to wake up my fellow Americans nationwide.

The American people deserve to know the truth about the horrific NWO martial law agenda, the horrors awaiting them in prisoner boxcars with shackles and the FEMA/HOMELAND camps awaiting my fellow Patriotic Americans and Christians as well.

They deserve to know and understand how they have been betrayed and deceived by the highest levels of our government and news media, to become prisoners in the camps under martial law and the coming police state. And the kinds of people (can we even call them HUMAN?) who are behind such a horrific agenda against humanity and against God Himself.

I am not stupid. I was born in our nation's capitol, Washington DC, to a well-known figure who worked in the Pentagon and Headquarters of the USAF. He was recruited into this NWO agenda. I know well what is coming to my nation and the kinds of people behind this evil agenda.

I was forced to battle this NWO agenda in my home when my father was recruited into it so many years ago (only to come out to become a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN finally) and if I had no tolerance for it THEN, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for the NWO AGENDA even MORE so...with a passion.

The more my in-depth research uncovers about this horrific and merciless agenda, the more my heart is broken over it. And the more I see my fellow Americans endangered by this NWO insanity, the more I am motivated to stand uncompromising against it.

However , I am a Bible-based Christian. I am praying daily for the salvation of the many people working for the NWO agenda. I pray constantly for the people working in Homeland Security and MANY other agencies who are working for this NWO agenda to become reality.

And I pray for many of you in Homeland Security by NAME. Janet...Paul...Fred...Jay...and for many others linked throughout America with the NWO agenda. And I pray in sincere and Biblical love for their eternal souls.

According to the eternal Word of God, many of you have truly chosen the wrong path...and the path you are on spiritually will lead you to eternal destruction in the end. NOT from men or people like myself ( I possess no guns, nor yet weapons of mass destruction , etc.), but from the Living GOD and His eternal Son the messiah, Jesus the Messiah and Savior of the world who you indeed persecute by persecuting US, His disciples and representatives.

Yes, I DO in fact know the truth of the kinds of people and forces of darkness behind the NWO agenda, and certainly know they are against MY God and HIS Messiah, Jesus the Messiah. And against MY fellow Christians as well. The CRAFT, the BROTHERHOOD, the ILLUMINATI, the well I know the powers of darkness that form the NWO agenda backbone.

I certainly know the guillotines are REAL, they are PRESENT nationwide ( and worldwide) and their link with the NWO/terminate the Christians agenda and Noahide Laws, etc.

I have, however, no fear of death or how it comes.WHEN it is MY time to give my very life for my faith in the Messiah and my stand for truth and righteousness, so be it. I am deeply honored to suffer and die for HIM who suffered and died for me. I certainly know by now where my kind of Christian faith and reporting will ultimately take me someday. I wouldn't be much of a researcher on the subject of the NWO if I did NOT, would I?

Let me beheaded for my faith in Messiah Jesus! It would be a great honor and mitzvah! ("Kadosh Ha'Shem" as they say in Yiddish.)

LET me be taken captive in boxcars and shackles and terminated in the camps ( or before) for my faith in Him! (And of course all of the above would be a great kindness compared to what I realistically know I and my fellow NWO exposing journalists and REAL Christian resisters of the NWO really face. I am not stupid...... )

But my greatest concern is NOT for what I face from men, but rather it is for NWO proponents like YOU, and where YOU and your loved ones will spend eternity, without repentance and faith in the living God through His Messiah, Jesus Christ.

IF I feared what I face for my journalism, I would not be performing this kind of dangerous reporting for so many years now...would I? My pain in my heart continually is in fact also for where people like NWO advocates WILL SPEND ETERNITY, according to God's eternal word of truth.

IF/WHEN I die, I know where I will spend eternity. And also, if/when any of YOU die, I know from the Word of God where YOU TOO will spend eternity without salvation and forgiveness for you many sins. (And some of you are even practicing Sabbateans/Craft/Brotherhood, aren't you...?)

Janet...friends at Homeland Security, are you listening?

Many Americans do not know that, although my reports are written to them, in fact my reports ALL contain hidden subliminals to YOU, the NWO supporters who monitor ALL my reports and broadcasts.

And with every report, I am pleading with you: PLEASE! Please do not commit these horrific atrocities and crimes against humanity, and sins against the Living God, with your NWO agenda! Please do not arrest and torture and murder the innocent in your camps under martial law!

PLEASE consider the warnings in the eternal WORD OF GOD regarding your eternal souls and where you will spend eternity...especially if you add to all your previous sins the things you plan to do to countless innocent people under martial law and your NWO agenda.

PLEASE......please........please...........fear GOD and repent of this evil NWO agenda under martial law.

I tell you, as I spend countless hours in prayer over all I research and have uncovered, I weep over your souls continually! God has given me a grieving heart of prayer and deep concern for your eternal souls. I grieve as much over you and those joined with you in this NWO insanity, as I grieve over the people you will seek to arrest, hurt and kill under martial law.

There is no hatred in my heart for anyone involved in the NWO agenda. But only a deep grieving for your eternal souls and where you will spend eternity WITHOUT God's forgiveness and WITHOUT repentance and turning to the ONLY ONE Who can forgive your sins and save your souls...Jesus/Yahshua the messiah/mashiach. God's love in my heart will not let me stop praying for you, ever. God is calling you all to repent of this agenda.

However, that being said, I am bound by the eternal word of God to continue to do what I am doing, and to say and write what I have been writing. And because all I do is based on His eternal word and commandments, I cannot cease, not even to save my life or all I hold dear.

And collectively, we as Christians cannot compromise the truth AND THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE LIVING GOD, to cooperate in that which is unBiblical and forbidden by God's word (NWO). We cannot renounce our faith to join your NWO agenda.

And therefore we will not. I certainly know that this is what the NWO agenda is all going to come to: deny your faith in Jesus Christ and join our NWO agenda...or suffer the consequences. Let the consequences from unsaved and wicked men be what they might be, we cannot renounce our faith in the Living God or deny JESUS CHRIST Our Lord and Savior.

It is not that I hate any of you. I simply know God's eternal Word and commandments, and cannot "cease and desist" from doing His will and His righteousness. Therefore my reports stand, and I renounce none of what I have said for many years now.

May God bless and forgive and convict and touch each and every one of your hearts in Homeland Security AND the many other agencies/organizations determined to bring this nation down in chaos and destruction leading to your NWO agenda.

None of any of this comes as any great surprise to those of us who know BIBLE PROPHECY of this antichrist NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. (Read REVELATION 13 and beyond.) Small wonder that HOMELAND SECURITY does NOT APPRECIATE Bible prophecy at all! Amazing how this BIBLE tells us all about the nature of "THE BEAST" of the NWO agenda! And that we as Christians are FORBIDDEN TO PARTICIPATE in it completely.

And so, you have made provisions to arrest and terminate us in the UN boxcars/shackles and HOMELAND SECURITY camps as RESISTERS OF THE NWO. And provisions have been made to even BEHEAD Christians under NOAHIDE LAWS who will not renounce our faith to join your NWO agenda. The Bible told us this was coming also in Revelation 20:4. You know this is coming, and so do I. IN fact, more and more of us know all this.

This present generation of Christians on the earth ARE the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus, who will NOT join in your NWO agenda. And certainly you know as I know, the GUILLOTINES ARE HERE.

This present generation of Christians on the earth ARE the ones the NWO will seek to put to death, and WILL put to death, for refusing to accept this NWO agenda and the force behind it.

Our Bible has forewarned us, and HOMELAND SECURITY is certainly part of "THE FINAL SOLUTION" to rid the world of the Christians who stand in the way or your NWO agenda.

I am simply stating what you and I both know is fact, to let you know that although I understand perfectly the kinds of consequences I may face for my uncompromised Christian faith and actions, I cannot compromise anything I have said or done, in order to comply with the demands of the unbelieving forces of the NWO agenda.

Simply stated, Jesus Christ and HIS ETERNAL PROMISES are worth everything I know I face factually in the future for my faith. NO, I do not relish facing such persecutions and human flesh really does.

But my Bible has commanded me to "love not my life in this world" and to always be prepared to lose it for Jesus my Savior and His sake. And so, as a good soldier of the CROSS, I prepare. But He is worth it. And so is the destiny of my eternal soul, friends at HOMELAND SECURITY.

May God the Father of my Savior Jesus Christ bless you all, forgive you, open your hearts and eyes to eternal truths even now. And may THE BLOOD OF THE FUTURE CHRISTIAN MARTYRS OF AMERICA indeed become the seed of God's kingdom, to convict the hearts of many of you someday, EVEN as the bodies of Christians (and the heads also)begin to pile up under martial law.

Knowing what I face for my Christian stand, I say together with My Messiah, nailed to the cross,"Father, forgive them, for they know NOT what they do."

And shalom, to my beloved Jews that I have always loved through the years and will love until I die, many now working in Homeland Security for this agenda. Oh, how MUCH I love you! And how much YOUR MESSIAH YAHSHUA loves you! Come to Him today, and experience the genuine love and the power you have been searching for all your life.

Being no fool, I certainly can perceive my time may be short......and so I have written this to you in great love and sadness...while I can.

Also to the Jews my friends...the Jews my persecutors...the Jews my terminators. I love you all. I forgive you.

With God's love and mercy, Pamela Schuffert

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