Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Those Amazing RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS in America!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Returning to the Russian Church once again.......
Russian Church in Ashford, Connecticut
where I ministered for many summers

Every time my heart becomes overwhelmed with what I research, I return to the Russian Churches in America for solace and fellowship. 

Because these precious Christians understand the meaning of suffering for Jesus and His testimony. Also, because of their many decades of suffering, I find their hearts so tender and full of love and compassion. They understand suffering for Jesus' sake, and always have a tender heart when they are with me.
Russian Christians suffering for Christ for many decades

I often feel so very alone in this work. It is difficult to have no home to go home to. It is challenging to have no husband to pray with or cry on his shoulder when crisis comes. And no children to love and to be loved by. 

Because I am living in my vehicle to perform this work, I cannot even own a friendly furry friend to enjoy, because of temperature extremes living in a vehicle. How I miss having a little kitty to hug!

And so, this means that  the beloved Body of Christ is the only source I have of real love and compassion and mercy and support.
Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

So many Russian Christians understand the importance of the united BODY OF CHRIST. They had to stand united together against a common enemy that was poised to destroy them continually.

Therefore, the Slavic Christians are typically very serious about their faith. While suffering under Communism, they knew nothing about frivolous "prosperity Gospel" revolving around filthy Illuminati currency and materialism, so prevalent in America. 
Christians who died in the Soviet gulags

For them, Christianity was never a quick trip down "prosperity avenue!" Rather, it was a quick trip to THE GULAGS and persecution...and even martyrdom. Millions were brutally martyred under Communism throughout the decades.

These enduring Slavic Christians maintained their faith throughout great tribulations they suffered under Communist rule. How deeply I admire their history of perseverance and suffering for His sake. 

Every time I feel overwhelmed about what I research and the challenging situations I face,  I remember their sufferings and how they overcame, and receive great comfort and inspiration to go on with Jesus Christ through their testimonies.
Russian Evangelical Christians

This local Russian Pentecostal congregation I attended last Sunday received me warmly. The actually asked me to come to the front and "bring greetings" to the Church and share my testimony and more about my research.

I shared my Christian testimony of salvation and a miracle of healing that changed my life forever. But then, I also shared my research about what is coming to America under martial law with them as well. I was not prepared for what was to follow. 

I returned to the pew and sat down. Another man came up to the pulpit. He immediately began to bear witness to everything I had shared about coming persecution to the Church in North America. He affirmed that these things were to come.
Russian Christians

And then, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon him. He began to speak as the Holy Spirit impressed the words upon him. The clear message of the Holy Spirit was, it is TIME for the Church in North America to WAKE UP to the dangerous and challenging times we soon face. He spoke for a while under the anointing of God's Holy Spirit, confirming the kind of information I had just shared with them.

I sat there as I listened, marveling at what God was doing there that day. I contrasted the response of this Russian congregation, with many of the 501-C-3 churches of America today. There are hirelings in many of their pulpits, who often are too terrified to bring such a message to their congregations. I know, because I encountered such pastors who privately admitted this to me behind closed doors as I traveled across America with my book.

Christians in America so often push away the truth and those who tell it. I have been pushed away many times by those in denial of the truth. And they also refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to tell them the truth as well. They have been spoiled by almost 400 years of Christian liberty in America. They cannot accept the truth of what is coming to our nation.

But Russian Christians as a whole have no problem receiving this kind of truth. For them, it is all too real.

I feel very sorry for so many Christians in North America today, who will not allow God's Holy Spirit to enlighten them regarding our future in this nation. They have chosen to retreat into denial. They refuse to prepare adequately. And they will not be prepared therefore when the times of testing and the hour of temptation finally comes to our nation.

And the end result? It has already been prophesied by more than one credible ministry in America, that many "Christians" will fall away when the persecution comes.
And that ONLY A REMNANT will overcome and remain faithful unto the end.

Personally, I would like to change this! It is God's will that NONE should perish! That is one of the major reasons WHY I publish these warnings in my reports. I want to see God's people preparing to ENDURE AND OVERCOME when the NWO tempts Christians to deny Jesus and join Satan's NWO of Revelation 13. 

And that hour is coming.
We must heed the warnings of the Word of God

But IF a person chooses to deny Jesus and fall away, that person will indeed perish eternally. This is WHY the Bible states, "Whosoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny before my Father who is in Heaven." Matthew 10:33

"If we deny Him, He will deny us."II Timothy 2:12

To maintain our salvation, we are required to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. 

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life."  Revelation 2:10

Please, therefore, heed what the Holy Spirit confirmed in this Russian congregation here in Montana. God spoke clearly to them that these difficult times of testing are coming to North America, and that He wants His people alert and awake, and not  sleeping when these things come to pass.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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