Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good News: "Thank You" Cards Recovered!

Finally! My box of "THANK YOU" cards and your letters sent to me have been recovered. A receptionist at the  place where I frequently come to go online and blog questioned me about my satchel with the box of cards and your letters. 

Yes, I eagerly replied!!!!!!! They are MINE! I was so excited to find them again. 

I then sat down and finished writing them, and put the last one of them in the mail yesterday. And so, many of you should be receiving "THANK YOU" cards in the mail soon.

I am also searching for other readers' letters I may have put in another location, to make sure I don't miss anyone. Drop me a note if you feel left out, and I will send you a lovely Montana "THANK YOU" card immediately. Living on the road, it is easy to misplace letters and envelopes. Life takes on an entirely different dimension!

Thank you ALL so much! I pray for my readers...and the REST of America...daily. And I covet your prayers as well.

God bless and protect each one of you throughout the challenging times we all face together in our nation...America.
His love is forever!
And His promises can never fail.

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~

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