Sunday, April 21, 2013

"So, Pam...DO YOU Own a Gun???"

-MY ANSWER..from my heart-
First of all, I want to make a few things abundantly clear before I answer this sensitive question. 

Number ONE- I am asking NO one to agree with my conclusions, nor to necessarily follow my example. My decision is deeply personal, and I don't believe that it may be the right decision for everyone. But after years of deliberation and prayer and heart-searching, it has become MY decision based on deeply personal conclusions. It all depends upon how God has called you.

Always remember: there are many different ways to fight-and to win- the same battle. And everyone has the right to choose their own methods and weapons of battle they feel is appropriate for them, including me.

DO I own or carry a gun?

The simple answer is "no."

I know by now that many of you are incredulous and saying, "But WHY, Pam! You know martial law is write about this all the time!"

This is true. And it is also true that I have owned guns and ammunition several times in  my life. Several GLOCK 9mm's, a Ruger mini-M-14 rifle with several 40 bullet banana clips. And more recently, a GLOCK 17 with ammunition that a friend had given me for personal protection.

And every time I purchased or was given a gun, feeling that I needed one, I instinctively knew it was only a matter of time before I would begin to experience deep conviction in my heart, and would finally feel compelled to get rid of them. 

I would actually argue with God about this, saying, "But God, you KNOW martial law is coming to America! I NEED to be armed and have a gun!" (Because, yes I DO believe in gun rights for Americans and the Second Amendment right to bear arms and defend one's self and one's family. My readers all know this.)

However, as for my personal life,  God was simply not allowing this to be an option for me. And the gentle convicting of the Holy Spirit would finally win every single time: the guns would go. 

Again, you may ask, WHY???

The answer comes from deep within, out of my personal convictions and relationship with Jesus Christ. All my life, I have had the call of an evangelist and to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. And I have done so, even among those that can be classified as deadly enemies in my life.

My consuming passion is to win the lost for Jesus Christ. To battle for God's kingdom to be established in the hearts of mankind. To bring deliverance and God's mercy and love to the most wretched and lost among men.

To have this kind of passion, one must experience the Divine love of God working in your heart, to love those that society often cannot love and forgive. And such was my very own sinful father. God used my wicked father to give birth in my heart to His divine love and ability to forgive the most wretched of sinners.

I had to battle hatred arising in my heart for many years against my father. Why? Daddy was A SATANIST. He was also a recruit into the NWO agenda for our nation while in the US military. He brought the satanic NWO hate home from the Pentagon every single day. I lived in mortal terror of my father coming home from the Pentagon every single day. So did my brother. My saintly mother would see his car pulling into the driveway, and say, "quick, children, RUN TO YOUR ROOMS...because DADDY'S HOME!"

I would flee to my bedroom and breathlessly shut the door and lock it, my heart pounding for fear that he would grab the handle and force open my door and begin to terrorize me, as he had done night after night before finally retiring to the basement to draw his military cartoons for the USAF. I even had to invent an escape route out the window and down a ladder at one time, to flee as he pounded on my locked door.

My brother would flee to his bedroom also, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the attacks on me would end and my father would then come down to his bedroom to attack and berate him as well.

After such episodes, the hurt and the anger we felt would simmer for hours within us. My brother admitted to me, years later, that he would lie on his bed plotting revenge. One tactic he thought of was booby-trapping his bedroom door, balancing heavy objects above the closed door, so my father would be seriously injured or killed after opening it!

My thoughts of personal revenge were no better. I had actually contemplated burning down the house after everyone was gone in the morning, because he loved that house so much. I knew it would hurt him..and how I wanted to! And to this very day, I thank God that He restrained both my brother and I from ever carrying out such foolish acts of revenge against our father! Our ways are not God's higher ways!
Instead, what God DID do was to begin to work in my heart, using His word to convict me that no matter how deeply hurt or offended or betrayed I felt, I must choose to forgive and love this man, just as Jesus commands us to. God's goal is to make each one of us LIKE JESUS.

Tall order, God, I remember thinking. You want ME to actually LOVE and FORGIVE THIS MAN, God??? It's easy for You to do, God! You cannot be hurt by wicked men! He's hurting ME, not YOU!

Oh, how wrong I was! This man WAS hurting the very heart of God by his sins against so many in his thirty years as an actual satanist. He also deeply hurt his family. However, the Holy Spirit relentlessly convicted me that my response must be Christ-like, and that I must forgive. And do anything it took to help bring this lost man to Jesus Christ.

And so through all this, God began to teach me how to love the sinner, and to pray for their salvation, so matter how great their sin. God gave birth to love and compassion for the lost, using my sinful father. Intercessory prayer for the lost and perishing also began to grow in my life through such experiences.

All of this goes against the natural self-protective instincts of the flesh. We want to hate and push away that which hurts and offends us. Our flesh does not want to love that which has grievously wounded us. We do not naturally want to forgive! It is human nature to want to extract revenge and to "get even." Even little children display this trait in human nature early in life!

But Jesus Christ teaches us to do otherwise, if we are truly His.

Throughout my life, God has been able to use this God-birthed compassion and grace, birthed out of years of pain and heartache, to forgive others and to use me to pray for people that many Christians cannot bring themselves to forgive or pray for easily. God has also used me to minister to lost people that many Christians do not feel comfortable with or witnessing to. 

This included actual Mafia sinners. CIA sinners. Satanist sinners. Drug-dealing sinners. And many others as well. Even recently.

I can remember taking the trembling hands of sinners who were often begging for prayer and asking if Jesus could ever forgive them for the terrible things they did as satanists..hands that in fact had murdered many an innocent victim on their satanic altars. 

I can never forget such experiences such as these, with real-life people seeking God's love and forgiveness and mercy. And God choosing to use me to minister His love to them. And experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit coming down upon me and the person I was praying for, and manifesting the very love of God and His forgiveness to such as these.

Through all this, I learned the value in the sight of God of an eternal soul. It doesn't matter how lost and sinful that person is. Jesus Christ DIED FOR ALL.

So deeply did God convict me about this, that I finally began to question whether I should even continue to carry a gun for self-defense purposes. 

During my years of ministering to victims of satanic attack in North Carolina and elsewhere, my life became endangered by the opposition, and I was advised to purchase and carry a gun. And I did so. I purchased a GLOCK 9mm with hydro-shock bullets for maximum stopping power, as I was being stalked for abduction at that time.

Yes, I was being stalked by satanists who lusted for revenge against me due to my standing with the people and families in the mountains of North Carolina. Former satanists had given me lists of names of prominent citizens who by night were raping, torturing and murdering innocent infants and children on their altars by night. And I had no problem turning them in to local law enforcement and intelligence. And how they hated me for this!

Police warned me that my life was in danger, and advised me to get armed. I did so. I trained in how to use my GLOCK 19 9mm properly, in a local firing range. I carried it everywhere with me. And at that time, I was prepared to use it if necessary.

But one day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me personally. I was very surprised by what He told me. I was not expecting to hear these words. "Put that gun away. For every bullet you could fire, they can fire many more. Unless I am your defense and protector in whom you place your total trust, they will kill you."

And He was right. The satanists of those mountains were highly trained, heavily armed and very deadly. I decided finally to obey God. I went to a friend, sold him my gun for half price, along with the ammunition, and spent much more time in intercessory prayer for myself and for the families that were under attack from the satanists as well.

Interestingly, I got a call from the NC SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) after I sold that gun. Officer Brian called me from Asheville, NC. He said, "Ma'am, our records show us that you purchased a gun only a month ago, and now you just sold it. Can I ask you WHY you sold your gun so soon?" 

Officer Brian was in fact a man of integrity with the SBI. I am also sure he had been following my ongoing saga of the battles with the satanists in the mountains of NC for a while, behind the scenes as various news trickled in to law enforcement and the SBI.

"Sure, Brian...I will be happy to tell you the truth. God told me to put it away." 

Silence on the other end. Brian was listening intently.

"And there is something more. All my life, God has used me to reach the lost for Him. God has given me His divine love for these sinners stalking me, and I have been praying for their salvation and witnessing to them whenever I can. I finally decided that I could not minister the love of God to these people down the barrel of a 9mm. The bottom line is, if I die...I go to heaven. If THEY die, even in an act of self defense on my part, THEY GO TO HELL."

"I decided that I cannot have their blood on my hands. I cannot be responsible for dispatching a lost soul into hell, without a second chance. Jesus did not call me to send sinners to hell, but to reach them for heaven. This, Brian, is the main reason I decided to finally give up the gun and do exactly what God told me to do. I put my complete trust in Him."

Officer Brian was silent for a while, and finally spoke. " I hear you...I hear your Christian testimony....Thank you for sharing." Click. And that was the end of our conversation.

And as you can see, the satanists of those mountains NEVER DID get me! Because this all happened way back in 1992, 21 long years ago. And since then, there have been death threats against my life, and actual attempts to kill me as well. 

But God has kept His faithful promise to me: trust in Him completely, and He would protect me. And He has!

And today, many years later, I remain alive and in freedom to continue to minister the Gospel. I have realized that the greatest battle of all, is for the hearts and minds of sinful mankind to be saved. And such battles are not fought and won with carnal weapons that destroy a person's life and give them no second chance to repent and be saved.

The weapons that Jesus Christ has given me are the weapons of His Divine love for the lost, His mercy and forgiveness, His eternal word of promise, His Divine blood for protection and to bring forgiveness of sin to all who repent and turn to Him for mercy and salvation.

For this is my true battlefield, and we must all remain in the battlefields that God has called us to. My hands have been used throughout the years to bring love, and mercy and healing to so many. These hands have played songs of praise and worship to Almighty God. These hands have been used to take the hands of sinners and pray with them for salvation and healing.

I cannot in good conscience before Almighty God, use these same hands to destroy life and to dispatch an eternal soul into hell, even in an act of self defense.

These people today who may be my enemies, are the very ones for whom Jesus Christ died, to forgive and bring to everlasting salvation.

I look at the major players in the NWO agenda in our nation today, and my heart breaks for them and where they will spend eternity someday, unless they repent and receive salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Though the mainstream media works hard to hide their many sins from the American people, their sins are never hidden from the eyes of Almighty God! I have spent countless hours throughout the years praying not only for my fellow Christians and American Patriots endangered by their deadly NWO agenda. 

But I have also been in constant prayer for THEIR SALVATION as well. Did not Jesus command us to forgive and to pray for our enemies"? Did He not die for them as well? And weren't we ALL once enemies of God and alienated from Him because of sin? 

The Bible tells us that while we were all yet sinners, JESUS LOVED US and died for us on the cross to redeem us from our sins and to bring us eternal life.

Yes, I realize what they want to do to all NWO resisters. I have reported on this for many years now. But I also recognize from the word of God that Jesus died for them to be forgiven and saved as well. And IF they were saved, they simply could never commit the planned atrocities we know are to come someday.

As I held the gun I was given recently, I thought, "...yes, I finally have a gun for protection under martial law....and who am I going to feel released in my heart to fire upon? That FEMA officer for whom Jesus died? That police officer for whom Christ died? That military man for whom Jesus hung upon the cross? That DHS for whom Christ died....? And who may perish in hell without a second chance as a result...?"

And simply realized I could not do it...not even to save my life.

With the compassionate heart of evangelism that God has given, I simply cannot see these lost souls as "the enemy." I see only men and women for whom Christ died.

So after years of struggling in this area of decision, I have ultimately concluded that God will simply have to be my defense completely in the times to come. And if He is somehow not able to defend and protect me, then I don't belong in this world any longer and it is finally time for Him to take me home. It is as simple as that.

I cannot allow my heart of love for the lost and the perishing to be turned into hatred and revenge. Killing a person can do that...even in an act of self defense. My desire is to die with a pure heart, right in the sight of Almighty God. And to have brought as many souls to heaven with me as possible through my testimony .

So there you have it...why I remain unarmed to this very day and why I do not carry a gun. God has not called me to become judge, jury and executioner of any man. 

This is also why I do not believe in shooting abortionists and assassinating Presidents to resolve the world's problems. because Jesus died to save them, also.

He alone is the final judge.
I have placed my life, my future and my destiny into the hands of Almighty God through Jesus Christ His Son, and I can do no more. He knows how to rescue His people, and has been doing it for 2000 years now!

And as I stated previously, no one has to agree with my deeply person conclusions, nor follow my example. My conclusion and personal stand is not for everyone. And yes, there IS absolutely a time for the use of reasonable and justifiable use of force to stop the lawbreakers and those who would harm the innocent.

I am simply obeying God's personalized guidelines for my life, that's all. And as you can clearly see, I remain alive to this very day in spite of the many dangers I have faced throughout the years. And many people have come to know Jesus Christ through my personal witness coupled with intercessory prayer throughout the years.

I remain a warrior in the battlefield God has called me to be in, and His weapons work just fine. My battles are not won with guns and bullets and bombs and violence and bloodshed. My weapons remain the precious blood of Jesus Christ and His weapons of mercy  that bring men to repentance and salvation. (So much for the DHS description of American Christian patriots as "terrorists." You tell me who the true terrorist really are!)

As beloved radio commentator Paul Harvey once said, "And know THE REST OF THE STORY."

God's richest blessings to you all, throughout the times we all face together. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert remaining in her battlefield for His glory-


I know the names of many people working for the goals of the satanic New World Order to become realized in our nation. And my heart breaks for them, their spouses and their children. For they are fighting an eternally losing battle: they are battling Almighty God Himself! And they are actually battling against their eternal souls as well.

And their end is eternal destruction in everlasting torment, with no second chance, if they continue to resist the mercy of grace of God calling them to repent.

The names of those laboring to destroy America and impose a NWO agenda on this nation are endless. Michael Chertoff and Meryl,  Janet Napolitano....Carl Levin...Chuck Shumer...Diane Feinstein...Eric Cantor...The Bush family and every other Illuminati bloodline family....George Soros...Rothchilds...Jay Cohen...DHS staff...various players throughout the CIA and the intelligence community and the government and the military...and foreign powers abroad like the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome and Tavistock...and OH so many, many more deceived Jews and Gentiles alike here in America, all  working furiously behind the scenes to convert America into their dream of a deadly NWO police state with Lucifer in the lead! Yes, I am praying for YOU ALL and your salvation. 

As many other discerning Americans, I too know the truth about "9/11" and related black ops, and the hidden agendas of the NWO and many of the people behind it.

I'm sorry...but all that any of you will ever receive in the end for your efforts is eternal damnation at the hands of a holy God who will judge you. He knows the hearts and the deeds of those who are secret satanists and Luciferians working hard for the NWO to come forth...He hears the cries of your many innocent victims on your satanic altars...He knows you hearts and what you have planned to do to millions more innocent victims under martial law in the camps and boxcars!

And He continues to call each and every one of YOU 
Please yield to the convicting of God within each one of your hearts, and repent. Receive true forgiveness and salvation through accepting Jesus Christ into your hearts and lives today. 

He remains THE ONLY MESSIAH God will ever send to the Jews. And He died to save ALL. Don't wait until it is too late.You will find no hope beyond the grave, if you die without Jesus Christ.
We are praying for you all.

And guess what! My evil satanist NWO agenda father finally DID get right with God! 30 years of endless love and prayer for his soul to be saved finally were answered. 

He repented of 30 years of satanism and supporting the NWO agenda, and received Jesus Christ and His mercy and salvation 6 months before he died in 1998! What peace came into his life at last! He finally admitted that satanism was empty, unfulfilling and never worked or could deliver what it promised.

The last time I ever saw him was in a vision after he died. I was caught up into heaven. I saw my father walking on those streets of glory. 
He was young again, and was the appearance of youth and innocence. He turned to look at me, and then gently smiled. 

And then...he turned to walk away from me and to ascend up brilliant white stairs to disappear in to the GLORY OF GOD. I could not see beyond THE GLORY. And he was gone. This is what the mercy and salvation of Jesus Christ can provide for every sinner...including YOU.

Please learn from my father's experience. If God can forgive HIM, He can also forgive YOU. Accept Jesus Christ today, and work for HIS eternal kingdom instead. 

Because satan's NWO kingdom of darkness is about to be burned with eternal flames of the wrath of God.
Don't burn forever with it!

"For God loved the world so much, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall never perish, but have everlasting life!"
-John 3:16-

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. WELL said ! May your life and your God-given words be a testimony that will lead to the salvation of many!

  2. Pamela: You Know about this good site?:

    They have too much information about the Illuminatis global plan.

    Sorry for my English, is not my first language.

    God Bless You!.

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  4. At least pack a taser. If some drugged up emotionally unstable animal wants to end your life for WHAT ever reason. Then tazer the prick and get the good cops to do their job. A week in a cell and some loving counselling may turn them around. Just thinking outloud. Don't shoot to kill just put them out of action.

  5. Great post. I appreciate your viewpoint very very much and appreciate your respect for those who think differently. As part of my stock up, for when all hell may break loose, I have purchased a can of pepper spray for each member of my family, and stun gun for each, as well. One is for close combat the other utilized from a distance. Most recently I purchased a shotgun to defend my family in the case that others, in their desperation, attempt means of force at getting my food stuffs for their own survival. I hope to be able to provide food & water to others while but if force is practiced then they will first be met with a "less than lethal" shotgun shell (or 2) with a verbal warning that the next will be lethal. I never knew that kind of ammo existed but I think there is a great market for it for those of us that may find worth in having a gun but at the same time despising the act of killing.