Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-
This video shows photographic evidence 
of how a certain "Craft" a.k.a. Blackwater 
agent was caught on film prior to the Boston
explosions wearing a black backpack with a 
distinctive white label, not seen on the 
numerous other black backpacks that were 
photographed at the scene - this same label 
detail was found on the exploded backpack 
which had contained an IED and matches 
perfectly with the one this agent had been 

Furthermore, this same agent was photographed 

by another camera running from the scene *without* 

the backpack he'd been previously photographed 


Meanwhile, 19-year-old, Dzhokhar Tsaraev, 

excoriated by the mainstream media as the surviving 

mastermind of the Boston Bombings left the scene 

of the massacre still wearing his backpack. His 
family maintains that he and his brother were 
framed for this bloody attack.

Video (about 6 mins): 

One blogger, whose name I'll withhold has 
suggested that these weren't primitive molotov
cocktails but a test of micro neutron fusion bombs.
Otherwise, why would Israeli Police Chief Danino
be rushing to the US to advise the FBI and why 
would several members of our "Craft" a.k.a. 
Navy Seals 3 & 5 & Blackwater/Xe - (or whatever 
they're calling themselves these days) agents 
appearing to be testing for radiation at the 
Finish Line?
Furthermore, there are now YOUTUBE videos being posted of a news report showing conclusively bombing suspect TAMERLAN being stripped naked and handcuffed and forced into a police car at the site. In other words, TAMERLAN WAS ARRESTED ALIVE and taken to the police department! So this means that the terrible destruction done to his body as shown in later photographs, had to have been committed by the people involved in his arrest and incarceration. No other way. Folks, "we the people" have been lied to by BIG BROTHER big time...once again. But then, EVERY government/military black op is always covered up with lies!


FBI Boston Bombing Video Altered To Hide Fact Bomber Was Black Ops Mercenary?

And if this indeed is another government sponsored "act of terror" for their many hidden agendas, does not that make these two brother tragic victims, pawns used and tossed in their deadly agendas? And if they are in fact innocent of the bombing, then what has happened to their rights?As their mother admitted, the FBI had been in contact with them for a long time, and had even coached them all the way. Even as the FBI does to deliberately lead people into temptation to commit acts of violence and "terrorism," and then claims victory when they finally move to arrest them...after coaching them into the act!


My heart was very sad today as I posted the above information. Once again, more victims of  false flag government sponsored "terrorism." This latest incident only proves that the greatest terrorists in America today, come from directly within our very own Federal government, military and intelligence community and foreign operatives working with them, whenever they stage a "false flag" black op to effect changes in our nation through brutal and violent means.

But then, these are the same kinds of people as those behind the coming martial law holocaust, complete with prisoner boxcars with shackles and FEMA camps to someday kill us all in. 

These are the same kinds of people who covertly authorized our tax dollars to be used to build or import the modern MILITARY GUILLOTINES, and to then train our own military in how to operate them someday upon millions of innocent Americans under the coming NWO tyranny.

And the same kind of people as those behind the WACO tragedy, the OKC Bombing, "9/11" and more besides.

When are "WE THE PEOPLE" finally going to  realize who the REAL terrorists are in our nation, and decide to identify these murderers and round them up and isolate them from the rest of society  BEFORE they ultimately move to DESTROY THE REST OF US???

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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