Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Proof! Gov "Black Ops" in Boston Marathon Explosions!

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Total media blackout now under 

way on most likely suspects in 

Boston marathon 


Friday, April 19, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)
(NaturalNews) In a story that's almost as explosive as the actual 
bombing itself, the mainstream media is waging a total media 
blackout on the photos of "The Craft" private military operatives 
who were present at the Boston marathon bombing. and have published a multitude 
of photos which absolutely prove that numerous members of 
"The Craft" private military contractors were actively engaged 
in operations at the finish line of the marathon.

This is photographic proof. In real police work, it's called 
"evidence." But astonishingly, there is not a single mention of 
"The Craft" in any mainstream media outlet: not NYT, not 
Washington Post, not LA Times, etc. Not a single word.

This is quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up 
of all time.

FBI now pushing a false script rather 

than pursuing real evidence

The FBI is also deeply engaged in the cover-up, selectively 
choosing the publicize photos of the patsies who are scripted 
to take the fall.

As part of its cover-up, the FBI has announced "other photos 
will not be deemed credible."

Huh? The only photos that count are the ones you say count? 
How is that an "investigation?"

So even though we have a multitude of photos now showing at 
least ten men wearing combat uniforms, black backpacks and 
tactical gear, the FBI has no interest in these people! Even 
though we have already proven through photographic 
evidence that one of them is carrying a radiation detector
and that nearly all of them are carrying black backpacks.

Reporter censored at press 


Dan Bidondi, an reporter based on the East Coast, 
attempted to show photos of "The Craft" operatives during a
public press conference and was immediately censored by
government agents holding up clipboards to block his photos.

Incredible! No photos from the event that are not selected by the 
FBI are allowed to be shown!

Click here to watch the video report.

It begs the question: What is so dangerous about these 
photos of "The Craft" that a nationwide media blackout 
is being waged?

If there's a simple, innocent explanation for all this, why would 
it be a problem to show the photos? Beware of any media 
outlet or government department that tells you "You can't see 
THESE photos. That's not allowed!"

These photos are BANNED 

by the media

The fact that these photos are banned by the media is 
nothing less than cowardly, in-your-face censorship. It's 
one more good reason to turn off CNN and tune in to 
Natural News and other alternative 
media outlets on the web.

Remember: You are being told that all these photos 
(see below) don't exist! And this gross omission by 
the mainstream media massively discredits themselves. 
To any person getting their news from CNN, MSNBC, 
Fox or any mainstream source, you are being played by 
a mind-control media that's trying to sell 
you a scripted narrative.

Speaking of scripted narrative, see this image from two 
days ago for a startling warning from an "insider" who openly 
warned the world about how the Boston marathon bombing 
was all being scripted.

According to the script, a raid on the suspects' home will 
be conducted on Friday, and officials will "find" black powder 
and an NRA book. This will be used to attack gun owners and 
shut down all civilian sales of black powder.

Watch Lieutenant Colonel Potter's public plea video to learn more:

Here are some of the photos you're 

not supposed to see:

Learn more:

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