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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from   Biblical Christian perspective-


This is a very important postscript I must  add to the previous article I have just posted. In the second half of that article, I wrote about how God is able to protect us from Satan's attacks through using spiritual tools His Word provides for all Christians. 

It is important that I write this new article addressing this subject, because Halloween is a time of dark occult activity, often centered on rituals that involved kidnappings and human sacrifice. Satanists "celebrate" 3 nights of rituals and human sacrifice, October 30, 31, and November 1st as well for "Samhain" or Halloween. 
NWO satanists have especially increased their abductions (or breeding through baby-breeders) of sacrifice victims, because of their twisted beliefs. They are taught and actually believe that satan will give them more and more power to bring forth his NWO, with every act of human sacrifice. The satanists and Illuminati are rabid and united in their passion to BRING FORTH THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER LUCIFER! 

Shouldn't Christians be even more passionate about CRUSHING THIS WICKED REVOLT against the Living God, and bringing for the Kingdom of the Living God, and saving the intended victims of their rituals??? Spiritual warfare is essential in this hour in which we live!

To perform spiritual warfare effectively, Christians MUST understand what happens at this occultic time of the year, and then deploy the word of God and His mighty spiritual weapons against such wickedness and depravity occurring nationwide and worldwide around Halloween. 

Jesus declares to us that He GIVES us power and authority to tread on serpents and scorpions! The Bible declares that we OVERCOME by "...the BLOOD OF THE LAMB" and by the Word of God. We live in a wicked world wherein attack against God's people can and DOES come, and we must be READY to face such attacks, using His timeless and eternal weapons that really WORK.
"Behold, I give you POWER to tread on serpents and scorpions..."-Jesus Christ

I neglected to mention in my previous article, what happened during the Halloween season of that year, during the period my friend was being stalked for abduction and sacrifice by a coven in Asheville, NC. 

Several weeks before Halloween, the attempts to entrap and abduct my friend near Asheville, NC, increased dramatically. High speed chases down lone country roads often took place. A poisoned needle was planted in her car seat overnight, resulting in a trip to the emergency room and three weeks of painful recovery.
Asheville, NC, and surrounding mountains

One night she received a threatening phone call from "them" stating that if they did NOT get her for Halloween, they would sacrifice a baby in her place instead...all to put a guilt trip on her.

Our response was, "ARE YOU KIDDING??? We will pray that YOU GET NEITHER for Halloween sacrifice!" We continued to pray together and I would plead, or beseech, the power of THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST upon my friend K____. 

Finally, her circumstances simply became too dangerous to remain at home during Halloween, and she was compelled to relocate to a secret safe-house for battered women during that time. I stayed out of Asheville as well during that Halloween season, remaining at home several hours away to fast and pray.

Once the Halloween season was over, she returned to her home, and I returned to Asheville to visit her. She then told me something amazing, that can only CONFIRM the mighty power of THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

" won't believe what happened at the safe house. A woman I had never met before came up to me, and started talking to me. She was holding a baby. She said, 'do you know who I am?' I told her I did not. She told me, 'I am now the ex-girlfriend of the satanist after you! I had to come here for shelter too from him and the satanists he leads...'"

This woman told my friend that it was HER newborn baby their coven was going to sacrifice, in place of my friend, IF they did not succeed in getting her for Halloween sacrifice! This strange woman continued.
"I told him 'NO WAY! You are NOT going to have my baby for sacrifice!' In fact, he had even fathered my baby! So that's why I had to run away from him and take my child with me and come here for safety this Halloween..."

Amazing. In this safe house for women, the pursuer meets the pursued!  For this woman had been part of the coven pursuing my friend for sacrifice.

The woman admitted many things to my friend about this satanist coven leader. "There is nothing too evil for him to do...he is the most wicked man I have ever known...."

And then, she finally made the following amazing admission:

"Honey, JUST KEEP PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER YOUR LIFE! He would come home night after night, SO angry, cursing and saying, 'I JUST COULDN'T GET THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS!

Mountains of Asheville NC in which these battles took place

Yes, I still remember those many nights I stayed in their trailer,
with these satanists coming out of the woods, cutting off the electricity and phone lines and trying to break in...or literally making life hell for this poor family. LIke the night they climbed up on the roof of the trailer, dragging chains for added sound effects...

How well I remember, as her mother sat in one corner of that darkened trailer praying, and as her father lay slowly dying of a wasting disease in another bedroom, and my friend standing in a corner, crying and shaking and holding a loaded handgun with both hands should they succeed in breaking in...

Oh, how my heart broke to watch such real-life tragedies unfold before my eyes! It made me so angry, and determined to do something about it as a Christian. But what CAN you do when you are OUTNUMBERED, you can't call police and have no electricity, and they are heavily armed, and YOU ARE TRAPPED??? 
Jesus Christ was the ONLY One standing between US...and them. But through this experience we learned: MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU!

I remember taking my Bible and walking from one end of that trailer to the other, praying at the top of my voice, and pleading the BLOOD OF JESUS nonstop, hour after hour. And I was quite certain they would hear EVERY WORD through those fragile trailer walls and roof! And now, according to the words of this ex- of the coven leader, THEY DID HEAR EVERY WORD! More importantly, so did ALMIGHTY GOD!

And the results? Although they had vowed to shoot me to kill, and then abduct my friend to sacrifice, BOTH of us are alive to this very day. And the baby they vowed to sacrifice in her place that Halloween, is also alive. This is the power of the Living God through Jesus Christ His Son, working on behalf of His people to save them from destruction.


Christian friends and readers, I have published true life accounts such as this, to help YOU grow in faith and spiritual warfare. As you can clearly, see, they are published FREE OF CHARGE to all readers, because no one should be deprived of important truths and testimonies, simply because they can't afford to buy a book or CD. 

Christians are facing very difficult times in North America, and throughout the world as well. Persecution of the saints is increasing in many parts of the world. The satanists/Illuminati of the NWO are becoming more bold, as they believe their hour of world takeover is growing ever closer. For such satanists, the HOUR OF MARTIAL LAW BEING DECLARED IN AMERICA is when they believe they will finally take over America! And they have told me so.

How many former satanists, including ones working with the CIA, have told me to my face that my reporting is accurate, and that "...MARTIAL LAW IS IT!!!" One former NWO satanist, now Christian, CISCO WHEELER, told me that before she became a Christian at the age of 16, she sat with other satanists in Oregon discussing what they would do to Christians who would be arrested under martial law. 

"We decided we would torture them for 13 days, and THEN sacrifice them to satan..."

My father's former satanic high priest admitted to me that the prisoner boxcars with shackles in Asheville, NC, not ONLY had shackles and guillotines, but SATANIC ALTARS installed in some as well. I looked at him when he said this and commented, " that every Christian killed under martial law would count as one more sacrifice to satan to get power to bring down their NWO, eh?" He admitted that this was indeed their purpose. 

Train, Asheville, NC

Oh, how angry I become as I write truth articles like this! I love God's people so deeply! I know what these satanist murderers are capable of doing even to innocent Christians, and I do NOT want to see my fellow Christians hurt by them under martial law...or at ANY time.

These NWO satanists/Illuminati believe it will be their time to finally get their hands on the much hated Christians in America, arrest them and shackle them into prisoner boxcars to be beheaded or tortured and killed, (before they even get taken to the FEMA camps)..and then to count each murdered Christian as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to get power from him to bring forth their NWO. 

As twisted and macabre as all this sounds, this is what satanists/Illuminati actually believe! And they will ACT OUT their beliefs under martial law...UNLESS CHRISTIANS THROUGHOUT AMERICA BEGIN TO TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THESE NWO MADMEN AND USE THEIR SPIRITUAL GIFTS TO COME AGAINST WHAT SATAN HAS PLANNED, NOW.

Satan's will is not God's holy will! It is God's will to bless, to uplift, to heal and to be merciful to His beloved people! On the other hand, satan comes only to "...steal, kill and destroy," even as Jesus declared. The Bible tells us that "Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil." The NWO and the people behind it are utterly the products of satan.

Let me get bold and state the following: I am not called by God to merely sit back and let these NWO murderers and madmen have their way unchallenged. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that we are to merely sit back and let wicked men triumph by default, as God's people sit back and DO NOTHING in response to their insanity!

Therefore, I have spent these past 18  years as an investigative researcher,  fasting and praying against this wicked NWO agenda for my nation. I have traveled thousands of miles back and forth across America to PRAY FOR MY NATION, at times following the very railroad tracks that eye-witnesses have told me they have sighted the prisoner boxcars with shackles pre-positioned upon. Yes, they are all over America now.

I have been to one steel fabrication company  on the west coast, confirmed to manufacture these accursed prisoner boxcars with shackles under secret government contract, GUNDERSON INC, designed to haul to the FEMA camps my fellow American arrested simply for being patriotic Americans or Christians under martial law. Together with other Christians who actually worked there, we prayed against the notorious purposes of these prisoner boxcars with shackles.

Burlington Northern train, Montana

 I can never forget what one Christian woman told me at a DEREK PRINCE prophecy conference one day. She was from MONTANA. I told her that my research had uncovered the fact that Montana was filled with prisoner boxcars with shackles for the hour of martial law. 

She looked surprised and replied, "That explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME! I have had visions of Christians being arrested and herded like cattle into train boxcars, and TAKEN TO DETENTION CAMPS TO BE KILLED!" I informed her that she had received a true vision and revelation from God, and that she must fast and pray for her state and region and the Christians therein. (Jesus declared that the Holy Spirit will show us THINGS TO COME.) Is God speaking to His beloved people? YES!

Christians all across America, PLEASE WAKE UP to the hour we face of coming MARTIAL LAW and satan's planned attack against the Christians nationwide. Many Christians sadly remain unaware, and many do not yet know how to walk in the power of spiritual warfare.

Begin to study about SPIRITUAL WARFARE and how to effectively USE the spiritual weapons that Jesus Christ has already given His Church. 

At times of increased satanic activity like Halloween, or Summer and Winter Solstice, or May first (Beltaine) and other UNholy days on satanic calendars, USE your spiritual weapons to tear down satan's kingdom, and to help rescue intended victims during these dark seasons.

And remember the power of the precious Blood of the Lamb! Thank God and His Son Jesus Christ for the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!
"And they overcame him [satan] by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, by the word of their testimony and because they loved not their lives unto the death."
Revelation 12:11

-Pamela Rae Schuffert
Postscript-This dangerous satanist remains at large. I did much followup research in this man, spanning many years and thousands of miles. Because he remains at large, and  remains a satanist, and remains dangerous, I am posting his name. His name is Tony Richards, Lakota Sioux from Pine Ridge Reservation, with many of his family members also involved, as actual Lakota  people I interviewed in Rapid City, SD,  told me.
He has a home in RAPID CITY, SD; TAMPA, FLORIDA; AND ASHEVILLE, NC. I was even contacted recently by a reader of my website, who admitted they had a very negative recent encounter with Tony Richards and became very suspicious regarding him. His aunt admitted to me a few years ago in Denver that he had even been to prison several years, following the attack on my friend as I just described in this and the previous report.
A Chippewa medicine man I interviewed, Tony Crow Eagle, confirmed Tony Richard’s  satanist status to me one day, and told me how he stopped Tony from setting up a ritual in North Dakota at one time.
I have personally encountered him face to face, and called him to repent of his lifestyle and receive Jesus Christ as his Savior. He especially spends time in Rapid City, SD. There are at least three major covens and satanist churches in the Rapid City area, as I found out when living there for several years. Be advised. -PRS

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