Friday, October 19, 2012


TO all my wonderful friends and readers, I OFFER AN APOLOGY. I have not been writing articles daily (almost)as I usually do. Why? It's simple. OUCH! I recently overdid it with my hands!

Lisa's son Adam just celebrated his 16th birthday. He had never enjoyed a real Birthday party previously in his life! This was always due to Lisa's many health issues, financial struggles, and other problems facing them previously in the mountains of Appalachia. Life has changed wonderfully for them here in Alaska. God is doing great things here for all of us!

So I decided to host a wonderful Christian Birthday bash for him and his friends this time! How many of you mothers know that shopping and baking and hosting and cleaning up after a child's Birthday party is lots of good ol' fashioned HARD WORK!!!

We have no electric mixers here, so there was alot of hand work involved with mixing up the cakes and kneading pizza dough, etc.

To make a long story short, my arms and hands finally burned out after the whole affair. IT WAS LOTS OF FUN! But now, OW!

Ever find yourself lying in bed, you simply cannot sleep because your whole body is aching relentlessly...and now my hands are aching especially!

In fact, it hurts to even type this article...or to even type emails...and you get the picture. There are lots of important things I would like to write about (my mind never stops and I keep reading about current events) but I have been forced to let my arms and hands recover at this point.

The cold Arctic winter attempting to move in now does not help either. In fact, it is snowing outside even as I write this article!

Actually, it is good to take a brief break from research and reporting, and to stay focused on God's good things in life, and stay away from the negative and depressing. We all must do this. It is important to learn to focus on the ANSWER, and never on THE PROBLEM.

Jesus Christ remains the HOPE and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and the source of all the answers to life's many problems! I am looking to Him for total recovery, and for the HOPE and grace that I need to successfully face the future and OVERCOME.

Keep your eyes on Him! Focus on His eternal WORD  and promises. Bad news comes and goes, but His Word is eternal and will never pass away! And it is HIS Word we must put our total trust in throughout our lives and the times we all face now.

I will be fine. Just taking a brief break until my hands recover completely. Planning for more articles to come THIS WEEKEND!

God bless you all, and thanks for YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!

-Pamela bracing for another ARCTIC "WINTER WONDERLAND!"

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  1. God Bless you Pam
    I am a sourdough myself, I moved for the above reasons, worked on fishing boats 20 yrs, born on a Palmer farm. I wish I was there but the presence in Juneau is of the NWO and I ran for my life for exposing some anomalies. Again God give you strength. Joy comes in the morning