Monday, October 22, 2012

All Across America, Informed Christians Are Praying Against Martial Law


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I receive emails from readers across this nation, expressing to me their fears, observances, and concerns regarding America's future. I also receive emails indicating that MORE AND MORE AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP TO THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES...and they are preparing and praying more and more!

It is becoming apparent through recent numerous articles appearing on many credible alternative news websites and blogs, that SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO COME DOWN IN OUR NATION ON A MAJOR SCALE, REMINISCENT OF “9/11”.

Or could it be SOME THINGS plural???

As election time 2012 looms ever closer, many journalist watchdogs are sitting on the edge of their seats, screening numerous news articles carefully for evidence to emerge indicating major black ops/false flags are about to take place, designed to trigger a MARTIAL LAW SCENARIO, perhaps to halt the elections and lock OBAMA INTO POWER.

And such articles are increasingly appearing in abundance, all over the Internet and alternate broadcasts. Some articles are indicating that shattering events could happen AFTER THE ELECTIONS as well, IF elections are even "allowed" to take place.
Alaska HAARP Base
I personally read an article today indicating that PROJECT HAARP bases are cranking out HUGE amounts of ELF frequencies targeting the region of THE NEW MADRID FAULT and the EAST COAST! One article stated that the HAARP BASE IN ALASKA is pouring out huge amounts of ELF's at this time, literally off the charts! And I LIVE here in ALASKA!

I am going to admit something to my readers I have not really shared previously, but I feel now is the right time. Recently, my whole body has been going through strange pains that absolutely have felt like they are being artificially created. It has not just been my hands in pain (as I have previously reported), but my whole nervous system has been affected as well.

I know my body and it's health. I know when something is natural occurring, and when something is being ARTIFICIALLY stimulated from the OUTSIDE. From the time I was a child, I have always been super-sensitive to military frequencies. I and my family discovered this while living on numerous military bases while growing up. It has always been a problem.

For the past week now, my body has also been “going off the charts,” registering strange pains and tingling that are definitely coming from something OUTSIDE. 6 Ibuprofen tablets, taken at a time, cannot even get rid of this pain that it generates periodically. And because constant use of larger doses of painkillers is unhealthy, I am simply trusting God to protect and heal me completely of this situation.

When I read about the HAARP output of the Alaska HAARP base going OFF THE CHARTS, I began to finally put two and two together. I have been forced finally to conclude that am picking up SOMETHING that is artificially created outside my body, that is sending pains similar to being exposed to electrical circuits and at times even reminding me of microwaving (heat) as well.

I have never forgotten that my friend, ED PACK, super-patriot who gave his life to warn America of coming martial law, was finally microwaved to death by a military invention called “THE MICRO-DISH, created by my own military neighbor in the Washington DC area, Brigadier General Benton Partin.
Murrah Building, OKC Bombing
Ben Partin, top military explosives expert, actually testified in the OKC bombing hearings that no nitrogen fertilizer bomb could have ever done the damage to the Murrah building that it sustained.

In the privacy of his home, he showed me photos of the damaged Murrah building before they could tear it down (to destroy evidence of government foul play) and pointed to structural INTERNAL damage, and said, “Pam, LOOK at that damage inside the building! NO nitrogen fertilizer bomb could have ever HOPED to do the internal damage to this building that was done! It HAD to be AN INSIDE MILITARY OPERATION!”

When I told Ben about my friend Ed Pack being microwaved to death with a microdish unit installed on a black government van parked in front of his home one night in 1995, Ben got excited. “I designed that weapon! But I never intended for it to be used on innocent civilians in this way....”

But regardless, poor Ed knew too much, talked too much, and got fatally microwaved internally by the microdish in January of 1995, and died a year and a half later from internal injuries and a tumor spawned by this exposure to microwave radiation. And two days before he died, he put his hands on my shoulders and made me promise that I would tell America everything he had ever told me about coming martial law.

Pam, they may have gotten ME, but they haven't gotten YOU. Tell them.. tell America everything I have told you about martial law...tell them....” With tears in my eyes, I promised Ed. 

Two days later, he was dead in Spartanburg, SC. I attended his funeral, and as they were preparing to lower his casket into the grave, I looked up with tears into the heavens and asked God to give me the grace to keep my promise and to tell America everything he ever uncovered and shared with me. And now, 17 years later, I am still reporting on the NEW WORLD ORDER  and their martial law agenda for America.

Right now, with the levels of what distinctly seems to be artificially stimulated pain and symptoms from the outside, I have finally concluded I may be targeted for attack in this manner. I have personally interviewed others, such as Veral and Judy Smith of Idaho, who have experienced such attacks.

But...does it really matter? My whole nation is targeted for attack by these evil people of darkness, and all my fellow Christians are targeted with me. We are ALL under attack in varying degrees from what these New World Order madmen have been planning.

I am frankly much more concerned for my nation and my fellow Christians, than I am for myself. When I look at the families with little children all around me...when I look at the elderly and the helpless people sick in the hospitals, I feel very small and realize that I am not in this world primarily for my OWN wellbeing, but for that of many MANY others in need and crisis.

I have therefore prayed to endure whatever God permits in order to keep on loving and caring and serving and giving. And I will strive to overcome to the end, and to finish what God has called me to do on your behalf (and His). Just continue to pray for me. I continue to pray for YOU!

I thank God for the many other committed independent journalists in this nation, besides myself, who are also not afraid to tell America the truth in this hour.

But it is not just the journalists watching carefully the unfolding events. More and more American Christians are becoming informed through various websites or alternative journalism broadcasts, and they are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
I receive emails frequently from my readers, letting me know they have finally awakened to the truth about where America is going, and they are spending more time IN PRAYER for our nation, and for God's people to be protected and preserved as well.

Many Christians in America are also taking the time to BECOME PREPARED in practical ways as well, realizing that “FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD.” What about YOU, my friend? Are YOU taking the time to PRAY and PREPARE???

How can the New World Order minions from hell NOT be nervous, as millions of Christians across our nation become more informed, and begin to lift their voices in prayer with tears for America and their endangered future in this hour???


There is no security force strong enough in this world, to be able to shut out the power of an Omniscient God from their secret meetings plotting their New World Order agenda for America! God SEES their wickedness, and their hatred for Him and His people. He sees their blasphemous satanic rituals held in secret throughout the world. 
And God HEARS the prayers of His saints in the earth, crying unto Him to STOP THESE MURDERERS and to PROTECT HIS OWN from their wicked plans!

My fellow American Christians, KEEP ON PRAYING and KEEP ON PREPARING! Prayer has the power to shape the destiny of a nation! FAITH can DEFEAT the power of tyrants and despots, and lift God's people out of catastrophes and INTO VICTORY!

NATIONAL REPENTANCE from America's many sins can also move the heart and hands of God to show mercy in this hour.

May God give you grace, mercy, strength and faith to face the coming times, and may He bring you through the fires of testing to VICTORY AT LAST, through Jesus Christ Who has declared to us, “But BE OF GOOD CHEER, for I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!” And, “Because I live, YOU shall live also!”

Who is he that overcomes the world, but he that believes that JESUS IS THE CHRIST?”-John the Apostle

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  1. Tonight, the first wave of high powered microwave attacks have started. They are the Reptillians. Sounds crazy, but the are here...