Saturday, August 15, 2009



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

GREETINGS to all my wonderful Canadian readers in all the provinces! I often receive emails from Canadians, and my information network reaches not only across AMERICA but also into CANADA. Many concerned Canadians have contacted me throughout the past 13 years of my investigating, to warn me of signs they see of impending NWO takeover in Canada as well.

I have lectured in ABBOTTSFORD BC at one time, and gone on radio in TORONTO, Ontario, with Lenny Bloom and CLOAK AND DAGGER BROADCAST. People in Canada have contacted me, including Jason Hills of Kelowna, BC, who came down to interview and film me regarding the FEMA detention camps in Idaho and Montana.

Information sources throughout Canada have told me of seeing Russian military officers in full uniform in TORONTO, and whole apartments with with RUSSIAN SPETZNAZ troops. WHAT ARE THEY HERE IN NORTH AMERICA/CANADA FOR???

Previous sources of information including a MILITARY VETERANS WATCHDOG GROUP warned me of GERMAN BUNDESWEHR (military) coming into the country of CANADA. German and Russian tanks also coming in with them. Some landed at first on PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND and then proceeded into Canada. Many of the foreign troops in AMERICA came in through CANADA and ALASKA also.

Richard Dubeau of Toronto, Ontario, told me of a horrifying situation. Richard warns people of coming MARTIAL LAW/NWO takeover in CANADA and sells emergency food supplies to help people survive. Richard told me of a special visit from an RCMP one day. Introducing himself, the RCMP came into Richard's home. He revealed the following information: "I am here to tell you, that UNDER MARTIAL LAW in Canada, I have been assigned to TERMINATE YOU! But because you are an innocent man, and I am a good man, I have resigned from this assignment. Simply know that YOU ARE MARKED FOR TERMINATION under martial law in Canada!" He then left a very shocked Richard's home.

Interestingly, when I lectured in a church in Abbottsford, BC, I talked to the pastor afterwards. He told me of what his daughter told him at that time. She works for the RCMP.

"My daughter told me, 'Dad, I can't tell you everything, but just KNOW that the RCMP is monitoring Canadian citizens and collecting a list of NAMES OF PEOPLE IN CANADA and putting it together for the future....'" He presumed that they were people profiled to be arrested and terminated, just like in AMERICA, under a similar state of MARTIAL LAW coming also to CANADA in the future.

Now, follow this scenario and line of thought. I later go live on radio in TORONTO on "CLOAK AND DAGGER" broadcast. As I am being interviewed by Sherman Skolnick and Lenny Bloom, I began to state, " When martial law is triggered in CANADA, I exhort the RCMP to exercise restraint towards the Canadians they are going to apprehend, arrest and....."

RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS STATEMENT THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT INTERRUPTS THIS BROADCAST AND CUTS ME OFF THE AIR! I certainly made them very nervous that night as I was about to reveal what the RCMP was going to do to Canadian citizens under martial law...just like RICHARD'S EXPERIENCE with the RCMP!

I have received numerous reports from Canadians of RUSSIAN TROOPS arriving a major airports in Canada, including ABBOTTSFORD, BC, and LETHBRIDGE, Alberta, CA.

Canadians have told me also of sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES, including those evidently from GUNDERSON STEEL OF PORTLAND OREGON, painted UN WHITE and heading far north into BC from Portland, OR. Previously, photographs of these boxcars were sighted on the Internet, but later they could not be found. They were allegedly taken far north, to a FORT RICHARDSON (or RICHARDS?) in BC.

Indeed, Canada will experience the same kind of martial law transition as AMERICA. WHY? because already, the borders have been erased between CANADA, America and Mexico in military maps and secret brochures of the government and military. CANADA, AMERICA AND MEXICO will all be merged into REGION ONE of the coming TEN WORLD REGION of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Military sources I have talked to told me that it is already a "done deal, " including BRIAN JOHNSON of OK City, OK. He told me that while working as a USAF security guard in CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN, CO (NORAD) in the 1970's, he was shown a classified military brochure outlining the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for North America. He was shown a map in which ALL BORDERS WERE ERASED BETWEEN CANADA, AMERICA AND MEXICO TO FORM REGION ONE OF THE COMING NWO AGENDA FOR OUR CONTINENT.

My dear Canadian friends, understand that without YOUR knowledge or consent, this has already been determined for YOUR CANADA and is about to be revealed and enforced. This IS what the NAU is all about! You have the SAME KINDS OF DETENTION CAMPS in Canada and Alaska as in AMERICA. You have the same kinds of prisoner boxcars with shackles in place in Canada as in America. You have the same foreign troops in place for Canada as for America's future. SAME NWO/NAU agenda for CANADA as for America.

My many prayers for America include prayers for CANADA as well, and so should YOUR prayers in this hour.

And you can be certain that just as PERSECUTION IS COMING TO THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA, so it shall come to Christians in CANADA as well. Same NWO/ANTICHRIST agenda for both countries!

Christians prayer warriors in Canada, please fast and pray for YOUR country in this hour.

Intense NWO/martial law preparations along the US/Canadian border have been sighted in the following regions: Where IDAHO, MONTANA and CANADA come together, including following highway 95 running up from Idaho, past Bonner's Ferry and right into Port Hill, Canada, and also where Montana and Canada come together above EUREKA, Western Montana (near Glacier/Waterton International Peace Park region.)

Many sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES and reports of new covert detention camps building facilities throughout these region have been reported to me. I have received much confirmation while researching up there.

Right past Bonner's Ferry as you go up into Canada on highway 95 through IDAHO, locals have told me of sighting an obvious prisoner detention facility immediately visible as you are going into Canada. Locals in SAND POINT, IDAHO, have told me of huge trucks carrying concertina barbed wire and things for building detention camps, heading NORTH ON 95 towards Bonners Ferry and Canada.

NEAR THE BORDER OF CANADA, in Western Montana, in the YAAK RIVER VALLEY above TROY, there are consistent reports/sightings of a hidden UN MILITARY TRAINING BASE FACILITY. (In the CABINET MOUNTAINS.)Two people who witnessed foreign troops being trained there, including on horseback, died later of mysterious causes, according to reliable sources I interviewed while there.

I personally traveled into the YAAK in the KOOTENAI National Forest, to investigate and interview. I met one man who told me of his experience of hunting with several friends, of how A PLATOON OF FOREIGN TROOPS appeared seemingly out of NOWHERE, and crossed in front of them, They said NOT ONE WORD. They soon disappeared into the woods. Many hunters have had this experience in fact in that region.

I discovered while staying with a couple in IDAHO near the Canadian Border, that the governments of both nations are using ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY to patrol the border. They are using what appears to be unmanned FLYING SPACECRAFT resembling DISCS, which are remote powered with obvious cameras to spy on all activity below them. They often have bright lights they can direct on suspicious activities beneath the unmanned drone craft. THESE ARE NOT "ALIEN CRAFT!" They are merely advanced military spy technology, or BIG BROTHER activities to patrol the border more effectively. I have personally witnessed pictures of such unmanned spy craft of the US ARMY in one Army publication I discovered, boasting of their advanced technology they would use to patrol and control the 21st Century and life under the NWO.

This couple, under government attack for the husband producing superior quality bullet molds, is frequently targeted by visitation of these unmanned drone type spy craft discs, which harass them, shine bright lights on them, all to further intimidate them. They live in MOYIE SPRINGS, Idaho, near the Canadian border.

It would only make sense to expect that, just as there are many prisoner boxcars with shackles, foreign troops, and hidden detention camps are in that region on the AMERICAN SIDE, there surely must be the SAME on the CANADIAN SIDE as well.

DO not think you can escape by crossing the border into the USA. It will be terrible here in the USA as well under martial law/NWO takeover. Furthermore, advanced technology for the border patrols will make it very difficult for you, should you try to sneak over the border. There are sensors in the ground, remote cameras, the drone flying discs now patrolling the border, etc.

Be prepared, My friends in CANADA!-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Where in the world will be safe? and who do we vote for so all this crap doesn't happen there has to be one good politician out there or are they all crooks and another question is where do the Freemasons factor in to all of this?

    1. Tbh Idont even think there's any place nearby that you can get to on time that'll be safe...and unfortunately, there isn't not ONE GOOD politician out there. They're all snakes..whether you choose Republican or Democrat or Conservative, Liberal or NDP. They're all a aprt of this chaos. There is no voting either. No matter how many votes are on one side, they already have everything planned out as to who's gonna be the president etc. And the freemasons are a part of this because the person who made the illuminati (Adam Weishaupt) was a freemason and he's the one who started this whole NWO nonsense in 1776. And they're also controlling the music industry..and everything. Its just all wrong. There's nothing right in this world. Its all celebrities, top fashion, gossip when really it should be about chem trails, GMO and Martial Law. But we're all being side tracked. We're being detoured and brainwashed so that we can't think for ourselves. So that we can't stop and say hey this isn't making any sense. Any questions we should be asking either aren't being asked or are being ignored because if answered, then it will expose them. Just some extra info..I'm 14.

  2. We must have peace on earth! Everyone should care and love eachother

  3. A place with more resources and a good community. Low profile and self sufficiency seems like a good start. Ron Paul is the only hope, and a possible sacrifice if elected, but he's been the only one that's intentionally spoken honestly about the Unconstitutional changes to our rights in the recent past. This could be the most critical election of our lifetimes. "Wisdom has one advantage: she is immortal. If this is not her century many others will be." Let this not be a century without her!

    1. We the people are the only hope!!

  4. its true martial law and total controll-they are doiung it soon

  5. I might have a theory as to where the prisoner box cars could be going here in canada. One place is possibly Ft. Nelson B.C, and another detention location could be Ft. Providence, in the North West Territories.