Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The SILENT EXODUS-People Who Are LEAVING North America And WHY

Many Americans and Canadians are leaving their countries, most for good. They know what is coming to their nations and very soon. They have done their homework (Internet and alternate news radio broadcasts, etc.). They wisely have perceived that a CRISIS IS COMING TO NORTH AMERICA and are preparing for the ominous things to come. Many have relocated to COSTA RICA and South America. Other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and others are being chosen as well.

THE SILENT EXODUS of informed people, fearing for their safety and future in North America and being educated as to what is to come, has been going on now for many years. People in the government and military who discover what is coming through insider information, etc., have been quietly relocating to other countries. People who are a part of the grass-roots movement of informed Americans through the Internet and alternate radio/shortwave/Internet broadcasts have been quietly leaving.

The controlled American news media will not tell you about this silent exodus out of the nation.They would then have to reveal the truth about coming MARTIAL LAW as well! Furthermore, they will never tell you the truth about the coming nuclear strikes anticipated by our military on American soil, and many other horrors to come. IT WOULD BE "BAD FOR THE ECONOMY!"

Wise Americans have learned to look to alternate news sources, trustworthy and reliable and time-proven, to get the "NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS." Translated, "THE TRUTH!" In fact, many newspapers across the nation are folding up, due to people now getting news on the Internet! People I interview and encounter across this nation as I travel, tell me they are disgusted with obvious news media lies and cover-up and blackout /bias as well. They tell me they KNOW THEY ARE BEING LIED TO on a continual basis!

THIS is why God called me finally to full-time investigative reporting, traveling nationwide and worldwide at times to gather information, investigate, interview and encounter people from many backgrounds to obtain THE TRUTH.
My fellow Christians and fellow Americans deserve to know the truth in this desperate hour in our nation.

Disturbed Americans are indeed leaving North America, and many going to central and South America. I know, because I have personally traveled to and reported from COSTA RICA and lectured there to EX-PATRIOTS.They told me that they KNEW these things were coming to North America, they had done their research well, and had prayed as Christians to know WHAT TO DO. Many there told me that God impressed upon them by His Holy Spirit following prayer and fasting in America, "TAKE YOUR CHILDREN AND LEAVE THE COUNTRY WHILE YOU CAN!"

You see, ONCE MARTIAL LAW IS TRIGGERED NATIONWIDE, you cannot leave this country freely ever again! FBI sources tipped us off that, they will seize the airports so that American cannot flee out when it all comes down. Americans will not be able to flee into Canada as well. Most hapless citizens will be trapped like rats in a giant and deadly cage when martial law is declared in North America.

I have encountered AMISH who are uncovering the truth and are leaving this continent and going to Central/South America. I have encountered Russian Christians who know the truth and are being led to South America as well.MANY people from many different backgrounds are leaving this nation quietly to forge a new life filled with hope, to escape the coming PLANNED disasters and POLICE STATE/MARTIAL LAW horrors soon to fill this North American continent. Christians are leaving due to knowing about PLANNED PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH THROUGHOUT NORTH AMERICA. And I testify through years of my research, it WILL be severe.

You can visit websites that help Americans to relocate into central and South America. You must learn how to transfer banking accounts, import your vehicles into the country (or buy new ones there.) Also how to find a buy/rent a home, etc. If you have been wondering and praying about making this type of move, I will give you links from other EX-PATS who are now there, and their websites that may be of great interest and helpful to you.

Consideration of moving out of this nation is a realistic approach to dealing effectively with the coming of MARTIAL LAW to North America. Your children and spouse (concern for safety of family) is one good and major reason.

While it is true that we KNOW it will someday be a worldwide brutal antichrist government, that day is far off due to the fact that it takes a LONG TIME to seize control of the entire WORLD and it's regions effectively to enforce such a world globalist agenda. The NEW WORLD ORDER is going to focus on one targeted region at a time...their finances, their military, their labors, their strategies and efforts.

I know as an investigative journalist pursuing this information for many years, that their NEXT juicy target to swallow up in their NWO jaws, is NORTH AMERICA! They have worked for decades, behind the scenes, to achieve this goal, and their time to finally strike this continent is ALMOST HERE.

South and Central America are vast. There are many regions that are remote, where one can find relatively safe havens of refuge FOR A SEASON there.

Be prayerful and seek helpful information and use wisdom in deciding which country you may relocate to. Relocation/readjustment is a major event, and you don't want to have to do it again very soon!Some nations will NOT provide safe havens of refuge. For example, Australia will not provide safe refuge, nor New Zealand. They are already in the jaws of the NWO beast, and they are fully programmed to go down under it's agenda completely. And Australians I have interviewed and are my personal friends have told me so!

Some people have told me they will flee to Israel and make "aliyah." This is like going from the FRYING PAN to the FIRE in these volatile end times! ONLY go to ISRAEL in a permanent move, IF YOU KNOW GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO GO!

EUROPE is fully sewn up in the NWO agenda under the EU as well. Christians there are getting informed and preparing to suffer for their faith as their refuse the "MARK OF THE BEAST" due to be manifested through the GERMAN BANK and the ROTHSCHILD'S BANKING ILLUMINATI PLANNERS. Ominously, 666 is appearing on billboards and signs all over GERMANY! I witnessed this personally in 6 months of research in Germany in 2001, and so have missionaries, travelers, etc. as well. The GUILLOTINES, and termination camps for resisters(etc.) are also in Europe, in the UK and Berlin, etc.

However, this IS a vast world of God's creation, and there are many places known to God that he will provide for them as safe places of refuge in the times to come. And HE knows how to lead HIS PEOPLE safely out of danger and into safe places of refuge for HIS glory and love of HIS people, His elect.

Therefore, take the time to FAST AND PRAY and read God's Word, and seek HIS wisdom and provision for this kind of serious, far-reaching decision and move. There is truly coming a time to the citizens of this continent, when MANY people will curse the very day they DID NOT TAKE THE TIME to pray and seek God regarding such a decision, and leave while they could!

GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE provides an excellent research tool to help you research various nations considered for relocation, and groups,organizations and agencies that will help you relocate, etc.

Please do not put off this kind of serious consideration, especially if you have younger children. We have been informed that they will seize the children from the Christian/NWO resistant parents, eliminate the parents and re-educate the children into the NWO agenda, godlessness and mindset. Take this as FACT. It comes from many insider sources. The NWO will also terminate the elderly, mentally and physically handicapped, political and religious opponents/resisters as well.

For my Christian readers, seek God's face diligently about this and SOON. Their plans of severe persecution of ALL Christians in this North American continent are very evident.

HELPFUL LINKS- (I am sure you can find your own as well easily!)
-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC


  1. I agree with you 100& on every topic mention here.

    I have a handycap child and I'm very afraid of the agenda of these powerfull elites. I currently live in new Jersey I'm a American citizen but I was born in S.A Colombia. I'm thinking to move back with my son and parents to our roots. my question would be what information do you have on Colombia? is it safe from NWO in colombia? I did some research but didn't find anything yet. Well here there's no chemtrails the food is less contaminated people here are more fit and healthy.

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  3. What countries are safe to go to ?

  4. Every country has their own problems and many of them are in NWO's pocket. Soon, no country will be save for us Christians. But, keep our faith, hope, and love.

    But if you want to come (or even settle down), in Asian country such as my country (Indonesia), we will gladly welcomed you.