Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Most DEADLY Jewish Lie of All Ages

"Jesus Christ is NOT THE MESSIAH Nor the Son of God!"
-The Most Deadly Lie Of All-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

The most deadly lie taught throughout the Jewish community for two thousand years, that has brought death and suffering to tens of millions of people throughout the world and does so to this very day, is the JEWISH LIE that "NO, JESUS CHRIST is NOT the Messiah and Son of God!"

Believing this lie has also caused countless souls to perish in their sins, to spend eternity in hell and separation from a Holy God, Who sent His Son the Messiah, to atone for the sins of the Jewish people and the entire world.

And based on that LIE, the persecution of the Early Church by the Jews began, beginning with nailing the Savior of the world to the cross under the Roman Empire. The Bible is filled with true accounts of Jewish inspired/led persecution and martyrdom of the early saints of Jesus Christ. Simply read, for example, the sufferings of the Apostle Paul under persecution always led and instigated BY THE JEWS.

In the twentieth century, based once again on the lie that "JESUS CHRIST IS NOT THE MESSIAH AND THE SON OF GOD," the horror of JEWISH BOLSHEVIK COMMUNISM was birthed.

Karl MARX, father of Marxism, was an actual Jewish Illuminati satanist. COMMUNISM was raised up and funded initially by Jewish founders assisted by the ROTHSCHILDS Illuminati bloodline and their many Jewish accomplices, such as the SCHIFFS out of NYC.

It's ENTIRE MESSAGE for decades is that "JESUS IS NOT THE MESSIAH NOR THE SON OF GOD," hence ROUND UP, PERSECUTE, AND KILL OFF THE CHRISTIANS who believe this and who perpetuate this "lie."

With the deadly result of tens of millions of Christians being rounded up and murdered under communism, beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution and continuing on to this day, throughout whatever country communism raises it's ugly head, as they relentlessly push for the realization of their ONE WORLD GLOBALIST GOVERNMENT, and the ruthless elimination of ALL who stand in their way.And sadly, CHRISTIANS rank as their number foe to be eliminated in their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Through years of my personal ministering to refugees of communism among the Russian Christians, the full horror of brutal arrest, cruel trials, tortures, interrogation, and being exiled to the gulags unfolded.

Under Jewish Bolshevik communism, CHURCHES WERE SEIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT and used for secular offices instead. Often they were burned down or bulldozed into the ground. Under MARTIAL LAW/NWO TAKEOVER IN AMERICA, FEMA will also seize many churches from Christians and turn them into their offices of operations...even as FEMA officials are already arrogantly boasting they PLAN TO DO to concerned pastors.

UNDER COMMUNISM, laws were written prohibiting Christians to freely worship or teach their children under the age of 18 anything about GOD AND THE BIBLE.

COMMUNISM TAUGHT THAT the CHILDREN BELONG TO THE STATE and not the parents. And parents in Russian who persisted in teaching their children about God, often were arrested, their children seized and place in godless orphanages, and "re-educated" against God and Jesus Christ.

Laws were passed prohibiting the publishing or distributing of Christian New Testament Bibles. Missionary work was outlawed. EVEN FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to Christians whose families were being persecuted and in gulags, was outlawed by these Jewish Bolshevik communists.

Provision for much of the above to happen in America under the future martial law/NWO agenda, has already been written into legislation including PATRIOT ACTS I, II and other NWO supporting legislation.

I used to write letters of encouragement to Christians in the gulags for their faith. We knew through various relief agencies that some of these letters did get through.The pictures of their health deteriorating in the gulags, published in Russian Christians newletters, were disturbing.

One young hero of the faith, Sergei Bublik,imprisoned in the gulags for secretly helping print Christian New Testaments, was beaten and thrust into solitary confinement in an unheated cell in winter, for daring to have a small portion of Christian Scriptures in his possession.

And the accounts go endlessly on and on of Jewish Bolshevik communist atrocities against the Christians in Russia, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe under communism, and more recently the Christians suffering and dying in China, N. Korea and many other nations under the deadly scourge of COMMUNISM.

COMMUNIST ATROCITIES ALL BIRTHED out of the blasphemous "mother of ALL lies," that JESUS CHRIST IS NOT THE MESSIAH AND SON OF GOD. Which lie sadly began with the very people He was initially sent to, THE JEWS.

And AMERICA IS THE NEXT VICTIM they plan to cause to fall to their NEW WORLD ORDER, or world globalist communist/antichrist agenda. are all in place. The FEMA/Homeland Security detention/termination camps, UN Prisoner Boxcars with shackles await the arrests of Christians and all other resisters (political/religious)of their communist NWO agenda under martial law, to haul them off to America's version of "the gulags." Bolshevik communist style, of course.

The modern military guillotines are documented and confirmed to be here by the millions, to behead Christians WORLDWIDE who dare to persist in their beliefs that "JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD AND THE MESSIAH" thanks to the militant Jewish organization Lubavitch Chabad and the NOAHIDE LAWS they got signed into legislation under Bush SR.


Their Jewish communist antichrist world globalist agenda has destroyed tens of millions of innocent victims and numerous Christians in nation after nation that has fallen to their NWO agenda.

Who SAYS "Jews don't need Jesus Christ?" Bloody world history recounting what JEWS WITHOUT JESUS do to the rest of the world as they combat Christianity in many ways, bears mute testimony that in fact,THEY DO NEED JESUS. And this is precisely WHY He was sent to them FIRST, to redeem them from their sins, JUST AS THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE THEY LOVE TO BURN UNDER COMMUNISM DECLARES.

My fellow American Christians, don't let what happened in many other nations under their NWO agenda of world globalist communism, happen here in America. It can't happen if YOU DON'T LET IT.

-Pamela Schuffert

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