Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For the Benefit of My Readers Who Want to Know

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

Only recently, it came to my attention that once again, CIA COINTELPRO is up to their same old antics with Barbara Hartwell. Hartwell recently posted more slander/libel on her blog regarding me. I have joined with many other investigators exposing government corruption, who have then become the targets of her CIA COINTELPRO operations. Many websites are beginning to come to the defense of the innocent people that HARTWELL and others have been falsely accusing.

And only because readers do not KNOW the facts, I feel compelled to briefly address the recent lies she has posted.

Because it is the purpose of COINTELPRO to attack and defame/slander the victim they are attacking, in this case to prevent the American people from knowing and believing the truth about their NWO agenda through my reporting, Hartwell is being paid to fabricate any lies she can regarding attacking my background and character. In her latest rant, she accused me of being "a drifter" and "homeless" and "unemployed".

FOR THE RECORD, I have been working hard for many months as a child-care provider/home health care provider with a family in Montana I have been helping, in order to support my investigative journalism in that region. I have been living in a home in this region for many months in fact. However, there are times when I must travel and live on the road to investigate, go on television or radio, interview and document.

I have never been unemployed over the past 13 years of my traveling to perform investigative journalism. And prior to going on the road to perform investigative journalism, I have always enjoyed several wonderful homes and quality professional employment. Readers must understand that investigative journalism IS full-time work, demanding far more time and energy consuming than most normal 8-5 jobs.

When not on the road performing investigative journalism, research, lecturing or going on television and radio (as in Missoula, MT and Kalispell, MT) I often live in a home provided by supporters of my ministry on the grounds of my church's retreat at prestigious Montreat Presbyterian Church and Assembly in Montreat, NC. I enjoy the prayers and encouragement of my church with whom I have been in contact with for 20 years now.

For the record, therefore, I am neither "a drifter" nor "homeless" nor "unemployed."Living on the road to perform investigative journalism,to lecture, go on radio and television periodically as many journalists do worldwide, is quite normal for this field and profession.Christian evangelism and outreach always accompanies my work wherever I go, as well.

It is indicative of how effective my solid and in-depth reporting exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda
really is, when one considers the many efforts put forth by Hartwell's COINTELPRO in the vain attempt to silence and discredit me. And in fact, all she has done is to create more attention given to my reports and research by her efforts. NOW many more people WANT to know who I am and about my reporting, and this is how COINTELPRO often backfires in the face of the US government. Thankyou JESUS.

-Pamela Schuffert

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