Monday, March 2, 2009

Exposing MORE Lies of Hartwell, CIA COINTELPRO-Roy Stewart

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

Recent investigation by others disturbed by the dark COINTELPRO activities and deceptions of Barbara Hartwell, have uncovered the revealing truth about who she has been intimately involved with for many years. ENTER ROY STEWART. One visit to his site, and it is clear that he is involved with New Age Paganism, occult, mysticism, masonic teachings, and what the Bible calls spiritual darkness.

NONE of this has anything thing to do with Biblical CHRISTIANITY. In fact, it falls in line with what the Bible describes instead as MYSTERY BABYLON, mother of spiritual harlotry and the abominations of the earth.

The Bible commands Christians to not be "unequally yoked" together with UNBELIEVERS. The Bible also states the question "what fellowship has light with darkness?"

It becomes very evident from the content that Roy Stewart, while embracing many other alternate religions and myths and views, is NOT a born again Christian adhering to JESUS CHRIST BEING THE ONLY WAY TO GOD. But instead, a host of alternate pagan and occult world views and beliefs outside Christianity are presented on his site.

Enter Barbara Hartwell, involved in a very long term relationship with Roy Stewart. While Hartwell passionately tries to persuade her blog followers that she is somehow a "CHRISTIAN, " the hard facts based upon clear Bible definition prove she is not. Her very own previous webmaster, Ron Garon of Tulsa, OK, told me personally that Hartwell told him on the phone one day >"I am NOT a Christian and will never BE a Christian!"

Due to the satanic nature of CIA mind control and the clear evidence that Hartwell was involved in satanic rituals and abuse while being programmed in the CIA, according to her sister Irene Adrian with whom I spent a long time interviewing personally, Hartwell needs to be delivered from satan and the occult she was involved with in the CIA. And the ONLY One Who is capable of delivering ANYONE from the power of satan, is Jesus Christ, Who died on the cross to defeat satan's power and to set mankind free.But Hartwell by her own previous admission to my webmaster and her sister's confirmation, is NOT A CHRISTIAN! SO HOW can she truly be delivered from CIA mind programming and satanism with it? How can she be delivered from the CIA continuing to use her?

And yet, to gain acceptance with her reading audience, Hartwell is now claiming "I am a Christian" on her blog. Yet,IF Hartwell "is a Christian," then WHY would her sister admit to me that she is NOT? And IF Hartwell "is a Christian, " then WHY is she UNEQUALLY YOKED with ROY STEWART, AN UNBELIEVER involved in New Age occultism, masonic ties, paganism and spiritual darkness void of SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST ALONE??? The Bible furthermore tells us that living together unmarried is called SIN and fornication. Background research reveals she has lived with him.

The following is a very revealing link.Here is Roy Stewart's website.

His email address is also
Knights templar are quite occultic based, in fact.

"He that is spiritual judgeth all things, " declared the Apostle Paul. Judging from clear Bible definition of "A CHRISTIAN" and Biblical definition of Christian behavior and standards from God's Word, Hartwell is NOT a Christian and does not KNOW Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And if this is the case, she therefore cannot be set free in the Biblical sense from the ravages of satanism and mind control experienced in the CIA.

And therefore, she continues in the darkness learned from years of CIA mind programming, and learned while exposed to satanism, and continues to serve their purposes by writing COINTELPRO (deliberate government defamatory libel/slander articles attacking their perceived enemies, which includes honest investigators exposing government corruption like myself and MANY others.)

Jesus Christ describes satan as being "a LIAR and the father of it." CIA COINTELPRO libel/slander ARE lies. As Hartwell continues to publish many lies against numerous victims, she only proves just WHOSE control she remains under, in fact. And WHO her spiritual father and mentor really is. And it is not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is also called THE GOD OF ALL TRUTH!

Only a genuine salvation experience can set Hartwell and all other CIA mind control victims totally free. Pray for her to repent and genuinely come to Jesus Christ for full salvation and deliverance, and for Roy Stewart's deliverance and salvation as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

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