Sunday, November 18, 2012

To America's NWO Communists, With Love

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

My Christian heart of compassion  breaks for the Communists of the world, and the Communists of North America as well. For years I have worked among Russians and Slavic peoples who were raised under communism. I trained in the Slavic Gospel Association's former Institute of Slavic Studies in Wheaton, Illinois,  in how to minister the Gospel to Russian atheists and Communists. I learned the actual history of Communism and how it operates, and about it's tragic and dismal failures throughout the world to deliver what it promises.

Russian Christians and political dissidents oppressed under Communism were effectively able to reveal to me the true ugly face of life under a communist government system, and take away the blinders of news media bias/blackout and the myth of A WORKER'S PARADISE through Communism.

Through my years of research on this subject, and interviewing former victims of Communism, I have concluded that the most tragic and wretched people on the face of the earth, are that group of THE DECEIVED who call themselves COMMUNISTS. Such people who have embraced the lies of Marxism and Communism that declare that GOD IS DEAD and "religion is the opiate of the people," can never know the peace of God in their lives. 

Communists have been robbed of the joys of knowing the true and Living God who created all that we see and cannot see. They have been robbed of the priceless riches of eternal salvation and forgiveness of their sins through Jesus Christ,  and a wondrous relationship with the Living God as a result.

So many active Communists today are simply "USEFUL IDIOTS" of the Communist elites who are pulling the strings behind the scenes. They are promised many wonderful things by Communist elite under a future Communist UTOPIA, that sadly cannot deliver those vain promises to them in the end.

Many Communists labor throughout their lifetime for Communist goals  in the hopes of achieving their "WORKERS' PARADISE" and utopia on earth. But  many people have also abandoned Communism, when they discovered that it CANNOT bring forth the promises it makes to people.
COMMUNISM always must use the brutal tools of oppression and repression of the people of any nation it seeks to take over. Freedoms are abolished, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and religious freedoms as well. Outspoken religious and political opponents of Communism are frequently arrested and imprisoned, and even tortured and killed.

In every nation wherein Communism takes over, horrific and extensive prison/detention camps systems are set up across that nation, to detain, punish, brainwash and even terminate those who refuse to abandon their person religious and other beliefs, and  instead embrace the Communist goals and belief system.

While many Americans slept, the Communists of this nation, aided and funded by Communists abroad, have labored ceaselessly to undermine the Constitutional Republic and Christian Heritage of this nation in many and diverse ways.

The modern term used for a globalist communist world agenda is THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

The belief system of the NEW WORLD ORDER is utterly godless and corrupt, void of any restraint by the commandments of God as recorded in the Bible. They will use any tactics they deem necessary to bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER. Murder, genocide, deception, brutality, cruelty....ALL is permitted under the belief system of the NWO Communists. For they reason that, if God does NOT exist, then heaven and hell are an illusion, there is no future punishment for sins nor eternal rewards for obedience to God, therefore all is permitted.
But what is so sad for these Communists, is that God DOES exist! His Word as recorded in the Bible IS truth! There really IS a HEAVEN to be gained, and a HELL to be feared and shunned. And God is carefully watching and keeping an account of every atrocity and crime against humanity that these murderous Communists commit against their victims under communism. And someday these very Communists will have to stand before Almighty God to give an account of their lives. Without forgiveness of their many sins, through faith in Jesus Christ, ALL Communists face an eternity of torment and damnation and separation from a holy God and His glorious Kingdom of Heaven.

They do not realize that all they are sacrificing and laboring for, is utterly in vain, as they seek to eradicate the memory of the Living God from the face of the earth, and attempt to commit genocide against His adherents worldwide.

Both men and angels will always lose the battle when they seek to fight against their Creator, Almighty God!

In every nation, Communists always seek to have Christians especially arrested and eradicated completely, because they realize that a Christian worldview is utterly incompatible with a godless and satanic Communist worldview and system and goals. Churches are frequently seized and burned or turned over to the government to be used for secular purposes.Outspoken religious leaders are frequently arrested and imprisoned, even killed, for their Christian witness. Christians in general in fact are all targeted for persecution and elimination under Communism.

But what these Communists do not realize, is that God Himself will judge them someday! They will give an account for every drop of innocent blood of God's people under Communist oppression! In fact, Jesus Christ Himself declared that it would be better for a millstone to be hung about the necks of those who offend His children, and that they be drowned in the deepest depths of the seas, than to offend even ONE of these little ones who believe in Him!

You cannot imagine how great the condemnation and damnation and eternal torment of each and every Communist will be someday in eternity, as Jesus declares to them, "Depart from me, you sinners, into the place of torment and judgment prepared for the devil and his angels..." 

And once they are cast into hell for eternity, ONLY THEN  will they finally realize THEY WERE DECEIVED by the false promises of COMMUNISM! And deceived by the devil himself, who is behind the Communist movement and lies and agendas.

Historically, it was Illuminati satanists(many who were also Jewish bankers such as the Rothschilds and Schiffs) who conceived Communism from the very beginning, to establish Lucifer's manifest kingdom on earth. And it was these Illuminati who devised Communism as a means to eradicate ALL Christians from the face of the earth as well. 

The Illuminati worship Lucifer in place of the true and Living God. They take their orders directly from him. And Lucifer hates CHRISTIANS more than any other people group on the earth. Why? Because they have been set free from his wicked control through FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, Savior of the World and mankind! Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil from the world, and how Satan/Lucifer hates this reality! And so do his followers, deceived Jew and deceived Gentile alike.
Communists can never truly be happy. Communists are always suspicious of one another, spying upon and reporting on one another, never trusting anyone. They are quick to betray one another and to even terminate one another as well. Their future is always uncertain. They have no peace whatsoever. Without the peace of knowing their sins are forgiven and that they have eternal life through Jesus Christ, they live in their own secret world of torment and unhappiness.

Furthermore, Communism can never deliver what it promises. For example, read all about North Korea and the sad state it is in today, because of a Communist government and leadership. There is intense poverty, famine and starvation and grief in North Korea. So many of their people suffer and languish in labor camps.I was horrified as I read accounts of modern day North Korea and what the people suffer under Communism there.

Christians emerging from 80 years of Communism in the former Soviet Union told me countless horror stories of oppression and tyranny and persecution and martyrdom under Communism. War, famine, oppression, terror, persecution and cruelty are all the trademarks of a Communist government.
How strange that any person would ever be so foolish and deceived as to labor ceaselessly to bring about such an oppressive form of government in any nation! And yet, that is the mental state of Communist "useful idiots" who labor to bring forth such a tragic form of government. And all they will ever get for their efforts in the end, is lack of fulfillment and disillusionment and eternal damnation and torment that never ends in hell as they finally realize THEY HAVE BEEN DECEIVED.

But then, doesn't the Bible (that Communists love to confiscate and burn and destroy,) teach that THE DEVIL IS THE GREAT DECEIVER? Jesus declared that Lucifer was a LIAR and a MURDERER and the father of lies!

And doesn't the Bible teach, regarding hell and eternal damnation, that IT IS THE DEVIL WHO DECEIVED THEM INTO HELL??? Indeed it does. "...And the DEVIL WHO DECEIVED THEM was cast into the lake of fire...."
Throughout the many years I have been in ministry, I have shared the wonderful truth about Jesus Christ and salvation from Satan's power to many former communists, who came to Jesus Christ and the truth as a result.

Even little children who were raised under Communism in Russia and the former Soviet Union have come to faith in God and Jesus Christ through my previous ministering among them for years. God Himself revealed His power and reality to little Russian children who attended our Russian Christian summer camping program in New England.Visions of Jesus dying for them on the cross, and healing miracles, actually happened among these children!

I have been privileged to take the hands of Russian communist soldiers and to pray with them as they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and came to realize that there really IS a God after all! I have prayed with children of Russian spies in America (KGB/FSB) and watched their lives transform under the power and influence of the Word of God, as God softened their hearts from Communism influence and brought them into eternal life through Jesus Christ.

How happy their lives became, and how fulfilled they found themselves, as they discovered the reality and joys of walking with the Living God of Creation, through their new-found faith in Jesus Christ their wonderful Savior! I have personally witnessed such transitions throughout my many years of ministry that included outreach among the Russians and Slavic peoples. It was always my joy to pass Russian Bibles to these people, and to share my faith and testimony with them and their precious children.
America's Communists could learn much from the little Russian children, formerly raised under Communism in Russia, who came to Jesus Christ through our outreach.These very children would often tell us of oppression and the harsh life they experienced under Communism. They told us how happy they now were, to discover that there really IS a God Who loves them and cares about them. Russian children who experienced visions of Jesus dying on the cross for their sins, and who were healed completely as we prayed for them when they were sick or in pain, knew beyond any doubt that GOD EXISTS! And that Jesus Christ really IS the Son of God!

Perhaps little Anastasia Kovaleva expressed it best one day at the Russian children's summer camp. I remember the day this little six year old child of Russian dissident parents beckoned me to come over to her. She looked around carefully to make sure no one else was listening (something she was taught to do while living under communism in Russia) and then whispered to me with a smile, 

"LENIN...DUROK "[Russian for "idiot"]! "BREZHNEV...DUROK[idiot]!" And then her face lit up as she smiled and laughed over her joke reflecting a distinctly  Russian mindset and culture. 

"Out of the mouths of babes..." emerged a Biblical truth. The Bible says, "THE FOOL [or idiot] has said in his heart, 'THERE IS NO GOD.'" Russian communism taught that "GOD IS NOT" continually. In Russian, this is "BOGA NYET."

Even this six year old little Russian child Anastasia knew in fact that Lenin was an idiot...and the Russian Soviet leader of her day (Brezhnev) was also an idiot, for being foolish enough to believe the lie that God does not exist, and that they were fools to support godless Communism!!!

These little children were sent to camp with "ice cream money" for the summer. But I was amazed to watch as many of them purchased BIBLES INSTEAD! How they loved to pray at night after I tucked them into bed in our cabin! Or hear stories about Jesus and His love. How wise these little children were. I wish every Communist could learn timeless truths from them........

If you are a Communist and believe in the vision and goals of the NEW WORLD ORDER, I beseech you in love to take the time to reconsider your decision. Such decisions have eternal consequences, in fact. 

To choose to support and follow the goals and teachings of the NEW WORLD ORDER or world globalist communism, is in fact to choose to be deceived, and led into eternal damnation and separation from the Living God.

To choose Communism and it's unattainable goals, is to choose a life of unfulfilment and futility and many sorrows. As many former satanists and Illuminati admitted to me, the NWO is simply Satan's manifest kingdom on earth, and it's supporters are satanists or Illuminati. Satan however is a LOSER from the beginning, and so are ALL of his deceived followers. Though he makes many glowing promises, they are all lies and Satan never delivers on his false promises! Satan remains a LIAR and a MURDERER. That is why all Communist world goals are built on the foundations of LIES and MURDER.

However, the true and Living God of the Bible ALWAYS delivers what He has promised! He is a God of His eternal Word! God has promised us ETERNAL LIFE when we repent of our sins and come to Him through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. God has promised many other wonderful things besides to those who believe in Him and walk in obedience to His commandments.

My life was miserable for 18 years, until I finally came out of desperation to the God of the Bible and to His wonderful Son Jesus Christ for forgiveness of my many sins, and for salvation. In fact, I was dying a slow and prolonged death. Both of my doctors had given up any hope for me after five years of treatment.

But when I came to Jesus Christ that wonderful day in 1971, I experienced a change in my life that began immediately! The dark cloud of depression that constantly hung over my life, coupled with many fears, dissolved under the blanket of His love that came over me that very day.

Previously I had been searching futilely for God in the horrible world of the occult and New Age teachings. I had over sixty books on the occult. I owned a crystal ball purchased at the very magic shop in Washington DC that  new Age witch Jeanne Dixon had formerly purchased HERS at. I had a Ouija Board. And much more. But in that instant that I received Jesus Christ into my life, and the Holy Spirit filled my life, I KNEW from divine revelation within that all of these tools of the occult were EMPTY and of Satan's kingdom and HAD TO GO!

I rushed home and gathered up all my occult books and renounced each one and cast them into our fireplace. I lit the fire, and within minutes they were reduced to ashes as their smoke ascended up the chimney. I smashed my crystal ball into countless pieces, and burned my Ouija board as well. I prayed and commanded Satan to depart from our home and from my life forevermore.Oh, what peace and joy filled my heart at that time! Peace at last! And soon thereafter, I was miraculously healed on November 18, 1971, doctor-verified in fact, of many illnesses that five years of former treatment under two doctors could not cure.

This then is the true power of the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ, that Communists foolishly battle continually...and in vain.
If you are living in the world of deception and futility of Communism and New Age/NWO teachings, and under the tragic illusion that "Lucifer is god, " I beseech you to repent and come to something FAR BETTER! Come to the true and Living God who loves you with an everlasting love. Come to His wonderful Son Jesus Christ to discover a life full of fulfillment and joy and miracles and mercies. Come to this wondrous God for ETERNAL SALVATION and life changes that will set you free and make your life worth living!

Let me furthermore state that I am not like the majority of uninformed Christians in North America today. I KNOW the NWO plans for America...the detention/termination/re-education camps, the prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern military guillotines, the plans of persecution and martyrdom of North America's Christians under martial law, and more. 

Has any of this NWO threat moved me away from my Christian faith and convictions? 

NO! In fact, it has only served to move me CLOSER to Almighty God and Jesus Christ for the strength and help that I will need in times to come. Kill this body, and you have won NO victory over me! My eternal and redeemed spirit will then be released to enter into the glorious Kingdom of Heaven that never ends! For the true Born- Again CHRISTIAN, death never holds any fears. 

And when Jesus Christ returns to destroy Lucifer and his followers and their NWO kingdom of darkness from the earth forever, Jesus will also resurrect His followers to reign with Him on the earth in glorious new resurrection bodies that can NEVER DIE!

Whether in LIFE or DEATH, every Christian is VICTORIOUS!!!

Communists have no such promises and no such victories. Theirs is a tragic path of futility, many sorrows, emptiness and heartache and in the end, finally culminating in ETERNAL DAMNATION for their efforts. The Bible explains all this completely.

Please come to the true and Living God and His Son Jesus Christ today for deliverance from THE LIES OF COMMUNISM, and receive eternal life instead. Someday, you will be forever thankful that you did.

I am so glad I came to God through Jesus Christ forty years ago. And what he has done for me, He can also do for YOU.
My tools of battling Communism are not guns and bullets and violence and retaliation, but the far GREATER tools that reach into the hearts of men. They include PRAYER, the love and mercy and truth of the Living God, and sharing God's wonderful promises with those deceived by Communism. I pray continually for salvation for America's Communists, Jew and Gentile alike.

Barack Obama, Michelle and dear children, Jesus Christ loves you and died for YOUR sins. You can come to Him today and know His peace and mercy and forgiveness for your sins. Valerie Jarrett, Jesus Christ loves YOU and died for YOUR sins. ALL of you in the US government who believe in the NWO and the goals of world globalist communism, Jew and Gentile alike, can know true peace and forgiveness and fulfillment in your lives through coming to the true and Living God through Jesus Christ for salvation and deliverance from the brainwashing and lies of Communism.

How I wish you ALL could experience the wonderful joy and peace I am experiencing, even as I write to to YOU. Satan/Lucifer and his ways and NWO can never bring peace and fulfillment in your lives...and many of you already know this. You are playing the game of "pretend" but inside you are miserable, and you know it. My own father tragically got recruited into the NWO agenda for America, and seduced into Satanism, 

And for thirty long years he was a miserable and unhappy man, always openly playing the game of pretending he was happy and a "good man" but inwardly tormented by his dark secrets and things done in secret. 

I will never forget the many nights he emerged from our basement, eyes red and bloodshot over the guilt he experienced for crimes committed against the innocents during satanic rituals he participated in. He even admitted to me one day that he KNEW he would go to hell for the things he had done, if he did not repent and get right with God. My father never found any peace and fulfillment, until he finally renounced this darkness and accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior in 1998, six months before he died.

And many of you are just like him...miserable and unfulfilled NWO satanists/Communists, playing the game of pretend, but inwardly miserable and unfulfilled and sensing that someday you TOO will GO TO HELL! I never stop praying for you ALL to come to Jesus Christ and the TRUTH that will change your lives forever.

Yes, God really DOES love you, and so do I. I have worked among Communists for years. Please don't add to your sins, and move to arrest and murder innocent Christians across America under martial law, in the prisoner boxcars and shackles and detention camps! 

Many of these very Christians you NWO Communists plan to kill under martial law, are in fact praying for God to forgive and save your souls from eternal destruction...just like I have been doing for years. Christians are NOT your true enemies! Rather, the devil behind COMMUNISM and it's many lies is your TRUE enemy, out to deceive you and destroy you forever.

Don't remain in his deadly trap. Discover the truth about Communism, and come to God through Jesus Christ today. And THEN you will discover the true joy and peace and fulfillment that has evaded your life.

I came to Jesus, and I know it works. Praying for you all, 

Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. You know what? One of the weapons some monsters are using to start wars is mind control weaponry. WWIII is big business, and they are trying the best they can to start the crap.
    So, if you allow me to spread the antidote to those monsters that act to deactivate the greatest gift that God gave us, which is our free will, I would like to ask your assistance and publish this.
    I am really calling for God, and asking Him to give to all these monsters - mind-control weapons developers, black-ops military, vampiric corporations that look to nothing but their own filthy asses and their profits, dictators that aim to control people's minds and hearts, Illuminatti, New World Order, American blood-sucking groups, Bilderbergers, British psy-ops, Russian and Chinese mind-controllers, Satanists and Luciferian groups, white supremacists, gay, women and black groups activists with political motivation, New Age crappy gurus, Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists, and EVERYTHING ELSE that attempts agains the free will - I am asking God to give to all those EVERYTHING THAT THEY DESERVE TO HAVE. Multiplied by the number of cents of all the money they a making through their dirty means and by all the seconds of pain and suffering that they gave to each and every one of their victims.
    And I beg God to act immediately!

  2. I admire your way of words. Let the truth be spread throughout the world.