Monday, November 26, 2012

Ringing Bells for Salvation Army!

Your prayers are needed! I will be standing outside a local grocery establishment, starting today, ringing bells for Salvation Army kettles. Salvation Army DOES perform a multitude of good deeds and charity for millions of Americans and their families who find themselves in crisis, at time unexpectedly. 

For example, many people found themselves devastated by HURRICANE SANDY on the east coast recently. And some will turn to Salvation Army for emergency shelter, warm food and clothing, and comfort at such a time of loss. And Salvation Army WILL be there for them. 

Here in the Flathead Valley and Kalispell, Montana, they have a wonderful church and establishment, that serves free meals every day, provides a warm shower for those in need, and distributes free food daily as well. I have helped others in need in this region by coming to the Salvation Army center to obtain free food to give to them.

Remember: only OUR compassionate giving can make a difference! 

Please remember the poor and needy at this time, and GIVE compassionately as you pass by SALVATION ARMY bell ringers this Christmas season. With what is happening to our economy in America, and martial law not far off, remember that YOU may be the NEXT person in need of compassion and free food, clothing and shelter in your region.

The Bible reminds us that the love and compassion we SOW, is that which we shall also REAP  someday. Give richly this time of the year...and always, for "...the poor ye have with you always." Pray for me to stay warm and to spread His love also as I ring bells for SALVATION ARMY!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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