Thursday, September 20, 2012

Praising God When "...ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!"


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Alarming reports too numerous to count keep coming in swiftly from across the country. 
Photographs of armed troops walking down the streets of America...HOMELAND SECURITY armored vehicles  appearing everywhere...flotillas of American and other warships now amassing close to IRAN...warnings of dire financial and economic crisis to come soon from insiders...DHS buying up millions of rounds of sniper bullets to use against shortages predicted because of summer drought and crop failure...reports from across the nation of the presence of foreign troops being sighted....and so much more.

All of this confirms the fact that AMERICA IS RAPIDLY HEADING TOWARDS MARTIAL LAW! 

All my readers throughout these many years know that I have faithfully informed them that all this was indeed coming. Although prayer and the mercy of God has held this all back for a season, I informed my readers that it would not be held back forever. 

And it won't.

I am receiving more and more disturbing reports every single day. But do you want to know what MY CHRISTIAN RESPONSE IS to all of this??? 

I am choosing to respond with FAITH and not FEAR!

ALL Christians MUST decide to respond with FAITH in times of crisis and tragedy. Responding with fear and anxiety and dread is only COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. God works through the FAITH of His people, never unbelief. "But without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God..." declares His word.

Furthermore, God dwells in the praises of His people! People of this world may be cursing the hour in which  we live and what we face...but we as Christians MUST be praising God in the midst of all things! There IS POWER IN PRAISE!

I am consciously choosing to spend time praising God that He has allowed me to live this long, so that I can help others and pray throughout this crisis that my nation now faces. I am praising Him that IN ALL THESE THINGS we are more than conquerors. 

I am choosing to take the time to MINISTER TO OTHERS. Just yesterday I made an appointment with the nursing home here in Kotzebue, to come and bring my famous homemade brownies and play music for the elderly on the piano and autoharp, and to pray with them. They loved it!

Satan desperately wants to destroy your faith in God through engineering crises and tragedy (and he and his followers do a very good job at this!) But always remember: "MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!" The Eternal and Everlasting Father forever remains ALMIGHTY GOD ON HIS THRONE! His Kingdom, His will and His plans are not shaken by world events! 
My faith in Jesus Christ and God's eternal promises remain steadfast, even as I see these things begin to come to pass, because I BELIEVE GOD'S WORD. I do not live for this world and it's fading rewards. My treasures have never been laid up in this world. I have been laying up rich and eternal treasures in heaven for forty years now as a born again Christian serving God and others these many years.

I refuse to live in morbid fear of death and how it may come. I have been translated from death unto LIFE through Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ has already gotten the victory over those satanic NWO madmen who "make war with the Lamb!"

"These shall make war with the Lamb,and the Lamb shall overcome them, for He is Lord of Lords, and King of kings, and they that are with Him are called, and faithful!"
Revelation 17:14

How many of you are lamenting the fact that you simply do not have enough money to store up survival supplies or emergency food, etc.? Be encouraged: neither do I! While I absolutely believe in Christians being wise and storing up provision as God enables against difficult times, and preparing practically, there are times in our lives when we simply to not have the finances to do so.

BUT I have something better: the eternal promises of God that HE WILL SUPPLY MY NEEDS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! We are NEVER told to put our trust in filthy Illuminati currency that is not even worth the paper it is printed upon! There is NO gold in Fort Knox to back up our currency!  We are operating on fiat currency! We have become a huge DEBTOR NATION!

I am so thankful that my trust is not in corrupt currency, but rather in Him Who IS the source of all things!

Jesus promises that when we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, ALL THESE THINGS shall be added to us! I have never known Almighty God or His Son Jesus Christ to lie or fail in their promises to us!


Only a few days ago I was praying deeply for God to come through with the food supplies we so desperately need to feed the children, Adam and Solomon. God provided some miracles! Our neighbor  had just been hunting and had gotten a moose, and asked us if we wanted SOME MOOSE! He gave us a whole HUGE quarter, and it took me hours to skin and cut this up and freeze it for the winter.
Also, a concerned reader ordered 4 cases of organic beans for us, that just arrived today! In both cases, I never solicited for these things: God simply laid it on their hearts to offer. This is just one small example of how God's faithfulness works in the lives of those who fear, trust and obey Him.

Another amazing miracle occurred recently as well.

One very precious reader became persistent in wanting to know more about my personal needs. She even asked if I had a bed, pillows, etc. Finally, I reluctantly admitted to her that I slept on a bare mattress just covered with a blanket, and had no pillows, just an old seat cushion from the living room furniture here. 
Because what I am doing has been unpaid volunteer work in Alaska up to this point in time, I did not have the money to spend on such luxuries, but only on basic bare necessities. I would frequently wake up with severe headaches due to this substitute "pillow." This is how I have slept for the past ten months.

I never initially mentioned my needs, nor asked her to do anything. But God moved upon her heart to ask the questions and to donate sheets, pillows and pillow cases to me...even flannel because of the cold and long Arctic winter nights here! How precious of her...and how wonderfully God operates in our lives through His body when we walk with Him! (Thank you dear Kelli!)

Jesus said, how hard it is for those who trust in earthly riches to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Well, frankly I have no earthly riches laid up....but I have something FAR BETTER! And for you, my fellow Christians who are also financially destitute and concerned about your needs, as you see these events unfold in our nation, BE ENCOURAGED!

God's promises remain unchanging. Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. He has promised to supply all our riches through His faithfulness and infinite power and grace. Our task is to remain faithful to Him and to keep His commandments to the end. We are to continue to do His works,  and TO BE LIKE JESUS.

It is this kind of enduring faith that will bring you and I through the times to come. Food supplies can be seized by FEMA. They may have to even be abandoned as people are forced at times to flee their homes and leave all their possessions behind. 

But God's eternal promises to us through Jesus Christ CAN NEVER FAIL! What greater words of encouragement can I possibly give to you, my beloved readers, than the words of our Savior Jesus Christ?

~Jesus Christ~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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    This man, with olive skin and dark hair, spoke with great eloquence and charisma.

    ~ I Saw The Tribulation. - Prophecy / Dream given to Ken Peters, August 1981.