Sunday, September 23, 2012

One More Critical Need....A COAT FOR THE ARCTIC!

By Pamerla Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
I looked at my only coat the other day (below) as I thought about the brutally cold winter we soon face here in the Arctic Circle. It was an old five dollar coat at a thrift store back in NC. It was fine for the mild NC winter. But I marveled that I actually made it through last winter in the Arctic with it...but only narrowly.
I could not even go out in the cold weather and wind for over two months, when the temperatures were up to -70 below zero, day after day, with howling winds accompanying the frigid temps. I had to remain shut in our apartment here in Kotzebue, for lack of adequate outdoor winter clothing.

I am totally used to living on a missionary shoestring budget, sacrificially and on very little. But I finally realized that if I am going to get out of the home to go and minister to local people this winter, I MUST have more adequate protection from the cold and the wind in the Arctic Circle. Already our temps are dipping into the 20's at night.

The inupiaq Eskimos here are smart! They have lived here for thousands of years and known how to survive the cruel Arctic winters. They are the world's greatest PARKA MAKERS! I would watch out the window as the local people would cruise by on the snowmobiles in bitterly cold winter weather...NO PROBLEM! I remember envying them as I shivered internally...actually afraid to go out many days.
Whether purchasing a locally made parka, or purchasing the hides to make my own, or purchasing a specialty Arctic expedition down coat designed for this specific need,  I simply do not have the funds to invest in this urgently needed survival clothing item at this time without your help. I have special protective goggles for my eyes, special insulated boots, gloves that I made out of sheepskin, warm woolen socks...thanks to previous support from a few concerned readers.

But the great need for a special protective coat remains! Eskimo Parkas here cost about $1,000 or more, and the arctic specialty coat I located costs $750 or so online. Either way, it will require funds I simply do not have at this time without your support.

I prayed about this and...

I have decided to craft primitive Caribou horn and turquoise crosses on leather cords,  and to give one to everyone who sends me financial support to get my winter coat for this year. 

Brother Lance, the mighty hunter and evangelist to his people here in Kotzebue, sold me come caribou horn, and I obtained some turquoise for inlay. Long and cold winter months are an excellent time to spend indoors working on crafts and gifts here in Alaska.
I am hand crafting these turquoise caribou horn crosses now for my readers who want to support me in this urgent need for a coat. They are custom made for you per your order and gift of support. Of course, no two are exactly alike!

Contact me if God lays this need on your heart, and I will get your caribou horn/turquoise cross out to you in appreciation for your compassion and caring!

Custom orders and designs also available as long as supplies remain in stock. US Postal Money orders or personal checks ONLY, please~ (Suggested donation of $30.00 to cover cost of cross plus shipping.)

-Your "frozen chosen" sister in Christ up in the Arctic Circle,
~Pamela Rae Schuffert


Pamela R. Schuffert
PO Box 106
Kotzebue, AK 99752-0106


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