Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Thanks Mr. Obama for leading America

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-



And martial law is the TRIGGER WORD to bring down
the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda to North America!

And MARTIAL LAW spells COMING PERSECUTION AND MARTYRDOM for the Christians throughout North America.
                                  FEMA  prisoner shackles

I am now getting emails from across the nation indicating that our time IS very short! In fact, it looks like there may be no time at all BEFORE IT COMES DOWN! HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN WARNING YOU READERS THAT THIS WOULD ALL SOMEDAY COME TO PASS??? My millions of readers throughout the past 15 years, know this is true.

We now face PRE-EMPTIVE NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICA SOIL from Iran's allies. CHINA is a major ally, relying on IRAN for much of her oil. CHINA has big bad missiles that can easily hit the USA. If we bomb IRAN, there go her oil fields and machinery and refineries, etc., that CHINA and other countries rely on. Hmmm. China, you were looking for an excuse to go to war with America, weren't you???  It looks like you now can provide a good reason to the world for what you have long planned to do anyhow!

The NEW WORLD ORDER has certainly planned all this out well beforehand in detail! They needed an excuse to declare martial law, an excuse to suspend the Constitution. They needed an excuse and legislation recently passed allowing the military to arrest civilians and indefinitely detain them and take them to the camps. Here is what's coming!

Hello, military round-ups of people on FEMA'S red and blue list and every other list! (What is that black helicopter doing over MY home,eh?)

     Even  THOMAS THE TRAIN knows these things are true!

Hello, prisoner boxcars and shackles to take people rounded up as NEW WORLD ORDER resisters TO THE FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY CAMPS  for torture and termination!

Hello, modern military guillotines to behead NWO resistance, specifically CHRISTIANS who will not renounce their faith to join the satanic NWO! Thank you, Lubavitch Chabad, authors of the Noahide Laws that spell mass genocide BY  GUILLOTINE for millions of Christians nationwide and worldwide.And thank you Bush senior for signing the Noahide Laws into an Executive Order, paving the way for this...But then, what ELSE  can we expect from an Illuminati family who loves the NWO and hates Christianity,eh?(Uh, what's THAT I see rolling down the street...could it be A HEAD?)READ all my previous well researched reports on the MODERN  MILITARY GUILLOTINES AND THE NOAHIDE LAWS! 

Sorry if some of this is too heavy for you to deal with...but the truth is the truth. Sorry, fearful and fainthearted!

It looks like OBAMA is using WAR WITH IRAN to do just that...get  the NEW WORLD ORDER  ball (and heads) rolling!

DO you really know what a state of NATIONAL EMERGENCY NATIONWIDE really MEANS? It means MARTIAL LAW and our Constitution soon being suspended.

And if this be the case, here comes the military troops to arrest people on the list...AND everything I have been reporting on over the last 15 years will truly come to pass. I and other whistle blowers have given our lives to give YOU the warning for many years now. What have you done with the information we gave you faithfully at no charge??????????????????????
                          "But I DON'T wanna HEAR it!"

Christians, are YOU listening? So many of you have acted foolishly, refusing to receive this truth, telling me I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! Well, honey, you are not only going to hear it, but  VERY soon you will see it with your EYES WIDE OPEN! So you didn't PREPARE because you didn't want to receive the truth? Fools and blind! HOW could you miss end time events? Christian readers who have read my reports and others for many years, BUT DID NOTHING TO PREPARE, your blood will not be on MY HANDS! I gave the past fifteen years of my very life, to obey God's leading and tell America, and her Christians the truth. You will never know the sufferings and hardships it involved to this day. But obedience to God is well worth  it.
                           Your blood will never be on MY hands!

And what is the inevitable fate of Christian reporters like MYSELF who obvious LOVE Jesus Christ and therefore HATE the NWO and everything it could ever stand for?  Well, heh-heh...you can  read the writing on the wall! Hello, guillotines and boxcars and shackles and camps and worse...but then Christian martyrdom is a worthy goal.............(sigh...HOME FREE AT LAST! Hello, JESUS! Good-bye cruel world!)

No, I am not afraid, not as a disciple of Jesus Christ for forty years now. I know the cost of true discipleship and following Jesus Christ to the end, and martyrdom is often the end for those who stand up steadfastly for Jesus Christ and THE TRUTH. Nothing of what I will suffer for Him in the future can really come as any surprise. I simply pray every day for Him to give me the grace to maintain His testimony to the end and to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. My dear fellow Christians, please pray for this as well: what the NWO wants to do to ME, they also want to do to YOU.

NOW, MY FRIENDS, you can expect NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICAN SOIL, as  military sources from Kirkland AFB warned years ago would come because of our foreign policies in the Middle East. And so MUCH more!

Golly gee whiz, THANKS Mr. Obama, for being such a great toady of the NEW WORLD ORDER! Can you and your colleagues sleep at night or live with your consciences as you see where all of this will inevitably take us and the world??? It is time for you to truly turn to Jesus Christ for salvation and REPENT, President Obama. Who knows if pre-emptive strikes from Iran's allies may hit without warning in DC? And what if there is not enough time for the ELITE to get to their underground bunkers and safety before Washington DC sizzles?   Out of genuine Christian love and concern, dear, I beseech you and your NWO cronies, Jew and Gentile alike, to come to Jesus Christ TODAY...while there is still time.

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And there are many more articles as well. Go to GOOGLE or other search engines and do your homework!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from AMERIKA'S FUTURE NWO GULAG, ALASKA


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  1. Frankly, War with China and North Korea is an eventuality, and yes, it may be coming soon. Bravo to Corporate America for funding China's War Machine. This is a war that has been foretold and unfortunately, is in our destiny. Live Free or die!