Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"I DIED On the Operating Table...And Saw Jesus in Heaven!"

"...Jesus told me about FIVE EVENTS that would happen in the world BEFORE HE RETURNED FOR HIS CHILDREN..."

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

These are the words and testimony of my Christian friend, Celeste, of Mount Vernon area in Northern Virginia. She spoke them to me and my mother personally, outside Mount Vernon Hospital near Alexandria, Virginia, near where I used to live so long ago.

Mount Vernon Hospital INOVA in Northern VA where we met Celeste

My mother and I had come to pray for the sick in the Mount Vernon hospital that day. We met Celeste in the parking lot of that hospital. She shared a most amazing testimony with us in the parking lot that day!

"I was being operated on that day with open heart surgery being performed.  However,
I DIED ON THE OPERATING TABLE! and INSTANTLY, I found myself in Heaven with Jesus my Savior!"

"I was amazed beyond words at first. But then, Jesus said He was taking me to see His Father and mine!"

"Being a single mother with two children, however, I did not want to DIE! I pleaded with Jesus to send me back. As I stood before God's  throne, I also pleaded to be sent back and healed so I could raise my children. "

"Jesus told me He would restore me and send me back, BUT  He wanted to show HEAVEN to me, and to tell me FIVE THINGS that would happen on Earth FIRST, IMMEDIATELY BEFORE He returned for His children to take them home."

Celeste paused to think. She then continued,  "I forget the first four events He told me were to come to the world, BUT I REMEMBER THE FIFTH. Jesus told me that MAJOR WAR WOULD COME TO THE MIDDLE EAST, and THEN He would RETURN TO TAKE HIS CHILDREN HOME!" 

I thanked Celeste and never forgot her true and living  testimony of divine healing and her death experience as well.

Well,  Christian friends and readers,  look what is now unfolding in the Middle East! America is finally going from IRAQ to IRAN with war plans! WAR has just been declared against IRAN by President OBAMA! And the UK is also planning to go to war against Iran. And already IRAN'S ALLIES are warning America "NO!" They are threatening consequences.

And now Germany is threatening ISRAEL, who also plans to move against Iran. China is a major friend of Iran due to CHINA'S OIL dependency on Iran. WAR would reduce Iran's oil fields and production to shambles. So China now poses a threat to America at this time.

Is this all leading to Armageddon and WW III? I believe that the answer is obvious. Israel is behind America's plans to come against Iran due to powerful Jewish dual-citizenship lobbyists exerting great power and control of such decisions, and Iran and her allies knows this.

Is all HELL about to break loose? IS Jesus Christ in fact planning to COME SOON for His children to save them from the horror of WW III?


It is time for Christians around the world to put on "sackcloth and ashes" and to fast and pray about this unfolding crisis in the Middle East and it's terrible consequences to millions.

The Bible tells us that we cannot know THE DAY OR HOUR of His return, but we CAN know times and seasons.

"WATCH AND PRAY, for you know NOT the hour of  your Lord's return." - Jesus Christ

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

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