Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Support is URGENTLY NEEDED! And WHY...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Already it has become difficult on the road for me. Due to rising gas costs and cost of food and the essentials for survival living on the road, I have actually been forced to visit local pawn shops  in the area just to get emergency funds to survive! In fact, this is how I lost almost everything in the past years of performing this work.

Due to my making all my reporting free to readers in past years, and receiving very little support, I was forced to sell  or pawn everything to remain on the road in this important work. I remain stripped to bare basics, in fact, because of this. My treasured musical instruments, my laptop, and MANY other items were parted with throughout the years  to make this work possible for YOU to read!

Friends and long term readers, this should never be. While the NWO pours BILLIONS of dollars in support into it's dark agenda, Christian journalists like myself are left to suffer as we bear this burden on behalf of many in our nation. It is a shame that people like myself who are laying down our lives for this nation's freedom and liberties and performing valuable services to the American people should EVER be forced to live as I have, and for me to go without support while people enjoy my difficult journalism without offering support. I actually remain living in my vehicle on the road to be able to perform this work.

Are YOU willing to make such a sacrifice for your nation and her liberties and religious freedoms to continue? If not, please consider financially supporting THOSE WHO ARE SACRIFICING IN THIS HOUR on your behalf. We MUST all stand together in this hour.

This is why I must now charge for special reports. My work is not free: it comes at great personal cost. For freedom loving Americans, we should ALL be sharing in this burden for our nation in this hour. And Christians especially.

Please, pray about this and as God leads you, send your urgently needed support to: Pamela Rae Schuffert, PO Box 494, Montreat, NC, 29757

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