Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greetings from Glacier National Park Montana!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

 Finally, I am back in the most beautiful region in north America, Western Montana and Glacier-Waterton Peace Park. This region is filled with much preparation for coming martial law, for many reasons. I spend much time here praying and interceding for America. I also spend much time investigating preparations for a military takeover of this region in the future under martial law.

Glacier National Park is a comfort to my heart, which is why I visit it when I come to this region. The magnificent scenery helps me to forget the terrible things I research for a season. And helps me to pray for our nation as well.

In the village of WEST GLACIER, immediately before the West Glacier Park entrance, there are delightful stores and restaurants. One is called the West Glacier Restaurant. I rarely visit restaurants because they are too expensive, the food is not organic or vegetarian in most restaurants, and I simply do not normally have the funds for such things. But in this case, I made ONE special exception!

I love this restaurant in West Glacier. This delightful restaurant has a homey atmosphere, great employees and wonderful food and drink reasonably priced. They also have Huckleberry products for sale here. Huckleberry products are a Montana specialty, and they are wonderful! (And healthy too.)

I recently came in for something cold to drink after riding my bike for health and exercise while visiting here.  I scraped my change together and made a huge sacrifice to get something special. I met a wonderful waitress, Candice, and told her I wanted a HUCKLEBERRY SHAKE! I don't often digress from my vegetarian/organic food program, but once in a rare moment I take a break and enjoy something special.

Candice understood perfectly and made a wonderful shake for me with REAL huckleberries and real huckleberry ice cream. It was wonderful!

Other special waitresses I have met and enjoyed are Tori, Bambi and many others there.

The manager of West Glacier Restaurant, Lisa, is awesome! She strives to make everyone who visits feel at home, treats her staff remarkably (they all love her) and makes sure the food quality  in her restaurant is NUMBER ONE!

COME AND VISIT AND ENJOY Glacier National Park this summer...WHILE YOU CAN! And don't forget to come to WEST GLACIER RESTAURANT for wonderful food and the best of everything to eat here! And don't forget to order a wonderful HUCKLEBERRY SHAKE from  CANDICE!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from western Montana

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