Wednesday, February 9, 2011


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following is the most important report I have ever written in my 15 years of investigative journalism uncovering the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and the NWO agenda for our nation and how it impacts Christians. This article is especially written FOR CHRISTIANS.

I will soon be going off the Internet on reporting about this subject of the NEW WORLD ORDER.


God has deeply convicted me of something that many other well -intentioned Christians investigating the future of America and the NWO agenda are also guilty of, and not even really aware of.

We are called to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST and BE HIS DISCIPLES. We are NOT called by the Word of God to follow "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" and the darkness of this world and all it's intrigue. Yes, this kind of information I have faithfully reported on is indeed all TRUE. Yes, what I have reported on will impact our lives and our futures. Yes, it DOES involve Bible prophecy. Yes, it is important that Christians understand in general what this is all about. And that is why I dedicated my life to this work for the past 15 years. However...

The world will ever BE THE WORLD. However, God's kingdom and purposes are NOT the world's.

There is no end to the darkness of this world and it's intrigue, mysteries, plots and scandals, ever.

Many well-meaning Christians can become sidetracked and so caught up in trying to understand the NEW WORLD ORDER and it's intricacies and agendas, and how they will impact all of us eventually, that they can actually MISS the MOST IMPORTANT THING:keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ and following HIM completely!

While I have performed this journalistic work as a Christian, walking in discipleship principles and His teachings, God has deeply convicted me of getting sidetracked from many of HIS purposes that He also desires to use me in ministry for.

My heart and mind are not to be focused or consumed on the darkness of this present world and age, but rather on the light of Jesus Christ instead! The world will pass away and all that is therein. It's works of darkness will pass away...but God's kingdom is eternal!

If YOU have fallen into this trap of following this kind of information on website after website, or alternate news radio broadcasts on this kind of subject, beware lest you become more of a follower of the dark intrigue of this age, and are failing to wholeheartedly follow the light of the world, Jesus Christ! Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ for cleansing from the dark knowledge of this world, and follow Jesus Christ completely.

While the truths I and others have covered on this subject in journalism are of importance and relevance for many reasons, this is not what WE AS CHRISTIANS are to primarily focus on or follow eternally.

ONLY YOUR STEADFAST WALK WITH JESUS CHRIST can save you from what is to come, anyhow! Only HIS GRACE can save you from falling away under persecution to come that I have outlined repeatedly in my years of reporting.

Many Christians have actually become so engrossed with this NWO subject, that they have become more like "CONSPIRACY THEORY GROUPIES" instead of disciples of Jesus Christ, and run from one lecturer to another, purchasing one book after another on this subject, listening to one broadcast after another...and in the process are being led AWAY from the only light of the world and the ONLY eternal truth, JESUS CHRIST in the process!!!

Do not focus on the darkness of this present age!

Fellow Christians, follow Jesus Christ and seek Him and His kingdom! The rest of this world, and even your life in this world, shall pass away all too soon. We are heading to an everlasting kingdom and world to come that shall never pass away.

From my heart, Pamela Schuffert

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