Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LAST NIGHT...They Tried To Silence Me Permanently

And I am not given to imagination...I know when the attack is REAL.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective:

My stomach is still faintly nauseated and a small lingering dizziness remains. And ONLY because of the power and love of God, because I was fasting and praying last night (And have been for many days now) have I been strong enough to actually exit my cabin and get things done today...even come out alive. I know when I have been under an actual attack.

Last night, as I was praying and in a fasted state, I distinctly heard, in the many dried leaves lying thick surrounding my mountain cabin, human and NOT animal footsteps. They were distinct and clear. I froze. It was around one in the morning. I wondered what it meant, especially after my most recent post. I was to find out soon.

Soon, my sinuses went absolutely crazy and began to weep uncontrollably. SOMETHING VERY POTENT and powerfully caustic had been sprayed in my immediate area. It penetrated inside my cabin. The next thing I knew, my heart began to race more and more uncontrollably. I thought I was going to lose my mind completely under the terrible influence of whatever had been deliberately released immediately outside my cabin.

And then, after racing uncontrollably, my heart came close to stopping altogether. I am in home health care. I know about such symptoms and their dangers. I know when something is real, and dangerous.

I felt immediately the PRESENCE OF WHAT FELT LIKE THE HANDS ON AN ANGEL directly on my heart...and lay still for a long LONG time until the terrible symptoms began to slowly subside. God's love and Divine power began to fill my body with HIS presence and HIS love, saturating it.

I was SO weak as I struggled to get out of my bed once the sun began to rise, where I had been laying recovering from the terrible substance released. Weak, nauseated and dizzy....until I took steps of faith to slowly get dressed and to struggle to exit my cabin.

I forced myself to get dressed and to finally gather the Divine strength to stagger down the stairs to my car. I told no one, until I could take all day to evaluate what had happened. Slowly my strength returned this day.

But I realized after thinking about it again, that it was REAL, it was DELIBERATE...and may have been a mocking response to my most recent post. "They" frequently use covert tactics of assassination when they want it to appear as "an accident."

This happened to me previously more than once, in Yellowstone Park when I uncovered too much about the secret high level meth operations going on there and WHO was involved. It happened when I was going to meet cameramen to film secret locations of detention camps and other related information in Montana and Idaho.

Also, more than once, after I have distinctly locked my cabin to attend to my activities, returned to find my door unlocked and my cat out that I had left locked in.

Can things happen even in a Christian Retreat? Yes. There is no security guardhouse stopping each person who enters here. One security guard friend told me one day that he had noted a car with about 6 men and guns strapped to their sides get out and enter one house here.

I am praying that God will now accelerate my exiting this region where they most certainly know that I am living. I have been praying this for 2 years now anyhow, knowing I do not belong in this region, long term, ever.

Pray for me for God's eternal mercy and grace and provision to prevail! I have lots more to do for God and His Kingdom before I ever get "taken out" permanently.

-Pamela Schuffert

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