Monday, January 3, 2011


My brother is presently located in Pisgah Manor Nursing Home in Candler, NC. He is the youngest person there, I believe.

While John is very blessed to be in a Christian nursing home, John wants to be able to bless the people with his wonderful music talents in guitar. John plays incredible GOSPEL!

However, John no longer has an electric guitar nor amplifier. Two guitars were stolen in the previous nursing home John had to be rescued from in Tulsa, OK.

One old wooden guitar donated to him previously does not work well, has one tuner broken as well. John feels very sad about this.

I am not in any position to help John with a guitar at this time, and in fact could only afford to give him love and prayer and a few food items for Christmas this year, due to no job at this time. Every cent of your kind support went for my essentials of food, gas, car insurance due, etc.

Playing the guitar is one of the few things John can still do in his handicapped physical condition and wheelchair all day long.

Can any of you, my readers, help John with this important need?

Perhaps you have an old electric guitar or small amplifier gathering dust you are no longer using that you would like to donate to John?

John's mailing address is: John J. Schuffert, Pisgah Manor Nursing home, Room 132, 95 Holcombe Cove Road ,Candler, NC 28715-9450 (828) 667-9851)

Thanks for your generosity and kindness to "the least of these My Brethren" at this time!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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