Thursday, December 23, 2010

So You THINK the World Doesn't Need JESUS...???

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

As Christians throughout the world take time from their busy schedules to observe celebrations honoring the coming of the Light of the World, Jesus the Christ, to this dark planet, it becomes a time of deep reflection for all of us.

As I pondered the true meaning of God sending the Savior to this sad world, I began to think about the consequences of the world rejecting it's only Hope, and turning to it's own evil devices instead.

Throughout this nation during recession, many people are facing a bleak holiday season with no job, no income, and much crisis as a result. Young people are telling me that they wonder if they will even be able to find a job once they finish college. Many are losing their homes now. Homelessness is increasing nationwide. Americans face many problems in today's world.

Tragedy is occurring throughout different parts of the world even as you read this. Wars and revolutions are raging in distant nations. Disasters of many kinds are taking place worldwide. Famines and plagues are sweeping throughout various regions of the world. We frequently hear of earthquakes in different places as well, ending the lives of countless victims in their dread wake. Tsunamis and hurricanes and tornadoes frequently take their deadly toll on human lives as well.

Our 21st century world is perched on the precarious brink of WWIII, with various nations amassing weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, biological, chemical and now exotic futuristic weapons as well. America is doing the same thing. It seems as if the whole world is marching towards Armageddon!

Planned persecution and actual genocide plans against the end-time Church worldwide is in the making, and North America is not exempt from the coming sufferings of the end-time Church.

I can only shake my head in disbelief as I discuss world events with people I encounter every day. There are those in the secular world who reject Jesus Christ as the answer, and say with contempt that "...the world doesn't need Jesus!"

Oh, really? CONVINCE ME!

IF the people of today's world would give heed and obey the Word of God and His Son...

-There could be no more wars.

-There would be no more murders or abortions.

-There could be no more drug dealers or manufacturers.

-Adultery, fornication, rape, pedophilia, pornography and all sexual offenses would stop.

-There would be no more organized crime.

-There would be no more spousal or child abuse.

-Satanism and it's crimes against humanity would utterly end.

-Terrorism would cease to exist in all it's forms.

-Corruption in leadership worldwide would end.

-Deadly cults would cease to exist, and with it their terrorism and oppression of the people of God.

Think about it.

God's answer to ALL the world's present problems is SO SIMPLE!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."-John 3:16

God's simplicity is the answer to the world's complexity of problems: He gave HIS SON!

Therefore take the time to pray with me for this sin-darkened world we live in today.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will enlightened every lost soul regarding the glorious truth of Jesus Christ, the Light of the world.

Pray for God to restrain the madness of world leaders walking in darkness, intent on their world conquests and corrupt godless agendas.

Pray for God to raise up a true and faithful end-time people to be glorified in throughout the world, and to reach the lost of this generation for His glory.

Pray for those without churches or Bibles, to encounter His word regardless, and for God to send forth laborers to bring the precious word of life to the lost throughout the world. And to America as well: America is filled with unsaved souls!

May God use all of us to reach out in love and compassion to the sick, to the poor, to the lost and perishing at this time of the years, and all others as well.

In Jesus' precious Name!

Much love to you all this time of the year, and thank you for your prayers as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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