Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NEVER SURRENDER Your Valuable Emergency Food Supplies Under Martial Law...and WHY

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many of my readers have already performed research on the planned coming NWO takeover of our nation. Some of you have read the PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS already signed by previous Presidents, with NO consent or approval from the American people.

These EXECUTIVE ORDERS pertaining to MARTIAL LAW make it clear that we are going to become prisoners of a dictatorial police state in the future, as these executive orders become the law of the land.

FEMA will be used to brazenly attempt to seize any land they want, any buildings they desire, any people they want as well, even separating family units.

FEMA also plans to arrogantly break into you home to seize any surplus food supplies you may have stored up for your family in times of crisis. This, of course, is ridiculous and borders on the insane.


In 1999, I had my own radio broadcast entitled "Defenders of Liberty" broadcast through WWCR radio out of Nashville, TN. After one particular broadcast, a man called me personally. He informed me that he was a specialized construction worker, and had just finished an assignment that was fascinating and disturbing.

"I and my work buddy were hired to perform construction on top secret underground military facilities that seemed like huge refrigerated food storage units...the size of FOOTBALL FIELDS!Everything we did was highly monitored. Military men in white HAZMAT outfits supervised our every move. If we even dropped a nut or bolt, we were instructed to pick it up again. Security was tight when we went in and when we came out."

"I remember seeing one food storage location where there was nothing piled in it from top to bottom but cheese, for example..." I was fascinated as I listened to him explain this strange job he had recently performed.

Several years later, I heard from one investigative source that anonymous USAF from Kirtland AFB in NM had admitted that "..we are now storing up to ten years of EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLIES in the deep underground military bases across America, in full anticipation of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE. Because of America's policies in the Middle East, it is NOT a matter of IF, but WHEN: there WILL BE NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICAN SOIL."

Now isn't this outrageous???
While the US military is storing up emergency food supplies to last at LEAST ten years during an anticipated time of nuclear war with our enemies, we the American public have been told that emergency food storage is considered "hoarding" and is therefore is subject to seizure by FEMA under martial law emergencies!

Wait a minute! I thought our US government and military were here to protect the American people! And just what kind of "class system" is this?

While the ruling and military elite can anticipate safety in their deep underground base/cities, complete with many years of food supplies for THEM, "WE THE PEOPLE" have NO nationwide fallout shelter systems in place throughout America to preserve the lives of millions of American citizens under the anticipated coming nuclear holocaust, NOR are we even allowed by our own government to store food intended to PRESERVE AMERICAN LIVES in times of crisis???

WHAT US GOVERNMENT/MILITARY HYPOCRISY IS THIS! Is there a caste system operating here, or what???

For those of my readers questioning whether FEMA really means to seize our emergency food supplies under martial law, just read the following true account:
While performing my research in western Montana, I encountered a true American Patriot in Libby, MT, known to locals as the "honeybee man." He had set up his stand in Eureka, MT, to sell his product during their annual fair. The "honeybee man" was a part of those courageous Montana patriots who have done their homework, understand perfectly wheat is planned for our nation, and has responded as any red-blooded Patriotic American man should to protect his family and children. He possessed firearms (legally) and ammunition, and had emergency survival supplies including food.

But one day, a stranger moved in next door to him. He finally admitted the truth to honeybee man. This man had the audacity one day to inform honeybee man, "I'm here with FEMA, and under martial law I'm authorized to seize your food supplies and ..."

Honeybee man simply smiled at this man's Federal government agent's arrogance, and told me his reply to the Fed was, "Oh NO YOU WON'T! NOT with my buddies 'SMITH AND WESSON' helping me!" Of course he was referring to his firearms.

Federal fools.... do they really think that Americans will surrender their Constitutional and God-given rights and Biblical mandates as well, to allow these thieves to steal their hard earned emergency food supplies in time of crisis?

Never surrender your right to bear arms or to defend and feed your family. This has always been a part of the true American legacy. NEVER surrender! It is a Biblical mandate to provide for your own family. Man's laws can never supersede the higher laws of ALMIGHTY GOD.

"One nation UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all...." Amen to that!

-Pamela Schuffert

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