Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pray for the Jews of the "New World Order" Agenda

They are "God's Chosen People," who BEHAVE as God's chosen people. It's that simple.-

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

As I have researched the plans to force America under a communist type brutal police state under martial law, many truths have slowly emerged that have broken my heart. Having enjoyed working among people in the Jewish communities in America for man years, I have many friends and acquaintances therein, people that I love. It therefore grieved my heart deeply, to comprehend how many Jews of various political and other positions are relentlessly pushing for a NWO takeover of this nation.

I understand perfectly that NOT ALL JEWS are supportive of this repressive globalist agenda, and it is wrong and dangerous to stereotype ALL Jews as all being supportive of this. There are actually those who oppose the NWO, and oppose many of Israel's policies as well. But admittedly, there are many Jews, especially in high positions of political and financial power in America, who have been working hard for this NWO agenda to become tragic reality in our nation.

Many of these NWO-supporting Jews are also the hidden masterminds behind the horrors of planned persecution of the Christians throughout America when it all comes down, much as communism originating from the Jews sought to brutally repress all Christian religious expression, first in Russia, and then wherever they could persuade other nations to join in.

The pattern of "arrest all political and religious opponents of communism and ship them off to the gulags for elimination from society" that the Jewish Bolshevik communists originated under their Bolshevik takeover of Russia, is the same identical pattern that NWO supporters will attempt to deploy here in America.

The Bolshevik communists used trains extensively to transport religious and political opponents to their assigned gulags and detention camps. Most of these brutal communist detention camp systems were far away from major cities, "out of sight, out of mind" of the common people.

This same identical pattern is being followed by NWO planners and detention camp builders such as Halliburton, Homeland Security and FEMA detention camps prepared for martial law. Through much research, I have uncovered detention camps being established in remote locations such as the deserts of NM and NV, the bleak plains of Wyoming, and remote mountains in northwestern Montana stretching up into Canada. Because of remoteness, many camps are also being established up in northern Canada and Alaska as well.

To haul prisoners to detention camps by rail, you have to have appropriate boxcars to use. GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION of Portland, OR, is one company known to be under secret contract by the US government, to produce prisoner boxcars with shackles. I have previously reported on them extensively, and on their ubiquitous nature of being sighted all across America.

What I deliberately did NOT emphasize previously about Gunderson Inc, is that this is a Jewish owned/operated company. I was informed of this reality in Israel while researching in Jerusalem and lecturing on coming martial law in America. Gunderson Inc knows precisely how these boxcars will be used someday under martial law, and what they are for. And they gladly accepted the money from the government to produce these infamous boxcars of carnage and death for the Christian elements in America, as well as other opponent of the NWO takeover.

What does this mean? It means that these Jews operating Gunderson Inc are fully joining in with the communist agenda for our nation, to bring Christians to a brutal end in the American gulag system, just as their Jewish Bolshevik forefathers did in Russia and eastern Europe. (America is filled with Russian/Eastern European Jews: I have personally spent much time among them in social work and assistance and outreach in NYC and Chicago.)

Are communist/globalist Jews in America joining with their communist/NWO counterparts in other countries, to help bring this nation down, at the expense of the American Patriot and the American Christian?

These are sobering and saddening thoughts to contemplate, especially for those of us Christians in America who really do love and care about the Jews. I have manifested my love among people in Jewish communities for most of my life.Nothing, including my investigative journalism and what it uncovers, can take away that love. It was planted in my heart by the God of Israel and His Son,t heir Messiah, Yahshua (Jesus) Himself.

But God's love for the Jews is never a compromised love with tolerance for their sins. Read the Old Testament to discover God's wrath for the Jews when they turned against His word, committed sins and abominations, worshiping even idols and offering human sacrifice to other gods! The Jews who rebelled against His word were eventually conquered by enemy nations and banished from their own land, even as the prophets had warned would happen IF they turned from the Living God to serve idols and and commit abominations. God's love for them called them to repent, again and again.

And today, thousands of years later,nothing is different in the Jewish communities worldwide and nationwide. There is the remnant of righteous Jews in every generation who seek to follow the Word of God and who have accepted their Messiah at last. And then there are many who call themselves "Jews" but in fact are reprobate, their actions and works denying this completely. They do not know the God of Israel, nor His Messiah. And many of these are actual Satan/Lucifer-worshipers, by their own admission. (Read the admissions of Jew Harold Rosenthal in a shocking interview exposing all this.)

And these are the major element of Jews who are supportive of the NWO agenda and pushing for it's establishment in America. They often call themselves Illuminati (such as the Rothschilds), or Sabbateans. When researching for my book "Satanism in America Today", it has deeply saddened my heart to discover how many in the Jewish communities are now involved in hard- core satanism, both in America and in Israel. And as former satanists admitted to me, the Illuminati and the Satanists are the backbone of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER. It is satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Revelation 13 confirms this completely.

Jews have openly bragged to me as they commented on my reports, admitting my information was correct. One man boasted, "The antichrist you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to bring us Jews to victory and world control under our new messiah! And to get RID of you Christians!"

Jews believe that Christians are idolaters and blasphemers. They have prepared the Noahide laws to facilitate the executions of millions of Christians who will not deny their faith in Jesus the Messiah. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled as Christians are decapitated by Jews, as they refuse to deny Jesus and abide by the Jewish Noahide laws. (Revelation 20:4)The modern guillotines are here in many US military bases, our soldiers being trained to operate them, ready to be deployed against the Christians under martial law as the Noahide laws legislation becomes activated. Only the Constitution still being enforced, holds back the Noahide laws from being enforced on Americans NOW.

It therefore breaks my heart when I go to Christian fellowships or Messianic synagogues, seeing precious and sincere people "praying for the peace of Jerusalem" and praying for the Jews and Israel. Their love is very real for the Jews. But their love for these Jews is about to be mocked, scorned and trampled upon very soon when martial law is declared...and by the very Jews they are praying for! Much as the love of Jesus for His fellow Jews was sadly betrayed, mocked and nailed to a brutal cross so many years ago...

"If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you..." declared Jesus to His disciples.

Pray therefore that God will touch the hearts of such Jews so tragically involved in this NWO deception and darkness. God longs to bring them into His kingdom through His Son their Messiah, Yahshua. Jesus their messiah died for such Jews of today, so tragically deceived and lost.Our prayers and continuing forgiveness and love can make the difference. Don't be afraid to compassionately share Jesus the Messiah with the Jews in your world. I do so every time I encounter them. And it is done with love and sensitivity and respect.

The end of such deceived NWO Jews is eternal damnation as they embrace the "man of perdition" as their "NEW MESSIAH," and reject the salvation that comes from Yahshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus) alone. How needless and how tragic.

And also remember, a modern revived "FINAL SOLUTION" by the emerging Nazis in Europe and elsewhere, who also seek to counter the NWO agenda, is NEVER God's solution to the sins of His people! Nazis are also of Satan's kingdom and the occult.

God has a better plan!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

Pamela Schuffert

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  1. It was refreshing to learn that at least one Christian finally understands the truth behind the Jewish NWO agenda. However, in your studies you should have also delved into the Jews' relationship to Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler is in fact called the "Father of Israel," and there was NO "final solution" to exterminate the Jews of Germany. That was a contrived invention by the Jews in Hollywood to proliferate the victim status of all Jews.