Saturday, November 6, 2010


I can no longer ignore the numerous warning signals I have been steadily receiving this fall from numerous sources, including from Russia and Europe as well. One of the most blatant signs that something of a MAJOR CATASTROPHE LEADING TO MARTIAL LAW BEING DECLARED AND ENFORCED, is the strange departure of Obama and some 3000 comrades, military warships, and much more.

READ this article from another website:

Obama leaving US on 11/5 with family & 3k others...Is something up?

Submitted by Steve MT on Tue, 11/02/2010 - 17:54
in Current Events

Obama is leaving the country just after the election. He is taking his wife and kids as well as 3,000 other people for this India trip. They are taking 40 planes, armored cars, helicopters, security forces, a blank check book, and now 34 warships and a 1 km long air-conditioned bomb-proof tunnel to be assembled in one hour. They are planning on spending $200 million per day. At least that is what they are admitting to.

Tunnel for Obama near Mani Bhavan
Published: Thursday, Nov 4, 2010, 1:59 IST
By Pandurang Mhaske Place: Mumbai Agency: DNA

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit
November 04, 2010 22:42 IST

Are you suspicious that something is about to happen?
"What" is the question. Is Obama preparing to outsource the Presidency?! Will there be a bank holiday or martial law declared?

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The following is another excellent article written about Obama's strange actions.

The question must be asked: Is this then the CONTINGENCY GOVERNMENT seeking safety before all hell is destined (by human planning) to break forth on America???

For example, Is America about to strike Iran in earnest, undoubtedly triggering nuclear retaliatory strikes from Iran's allies (Russia, etc.)on American soil?

A RUSSIAN PASTOR recently submitted a strong WORD OF PROPHECY FOR AMERICA, revealing that THIS FALL/WINTER, America was going to suffer terrible devastation in the fall of this year, and NEW YORK CITY would also be effected terribly by what is to come.

I received this warning through an email forwarded to me recently.

For those of you informed readers,who are intelligent enough to have followed the ongoing information trail about COMING MARTIAL LAW and the NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA, none of this sounds too strange to believe at this point.

Well, spoiled, pampered and coddled Church in North America, are YOU finally ready to face the coming persecution I have outlined is to come to our nation???

It is easy to "praise the Lord" when fullness and plenty remains in our land, and while religious freedom continues.But will you be able to praise God with all your heart, as our nation crumbles and falls, and as persecution rises, or as churches are seized by FEMA forces from hell, and Christians are arrested and hauled off to FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY CAMPS for sorting out and ultimately....termination for their faith???

Think about it: ARE YOU READY, SHOULD THESE EVENTS FINALLY COME TO OUR NATION...oh often slumbering and complacent church in North America?

America, your time is short.Christian, use this grace time for HIS GLORY AND PURPOSES alone. The darkness is soon coming when "no man can work..."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from NC

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