Monday, August 2, 2010

"The Hiding Place" Revisted

Or, what to do when..."the vacuum cleaner cometh!"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Thank GOD for creating cute little kitty cats!

Life can become very lonely for those of us disciples of Jesus Christ in ministry who understand we have been called to celibacy. We were made to love and to interact with others. I am no different. But life can become lonely and even depressing, when you watch your friends as they get married, have children, and later enjoy their grandchildren.

Churches often focus more attention and programs around married couples and their children, than they do on single people.

I finally decided that I needed SOMETHING cute and cuddly to hug and enjoy, and so I searched for the right little companion kitty. And LO, at a tailgate farmer's market, sitting right in the middle of it, was a little girl with a box ...filled with darling KITTIES! Free!

I rushed over to peer into the box, and noted the cutest little black kitten looking up at me with wistful eyes. Reaching into the box, I tenderly picked up kitty, and it was love at first sight. She was MINE!

I took kitty home, and have enjoyed her precious antics and love ever since.

Kitty's name is AMADEUS, a Latin form of "God's Love." And THIS kitty is all love...mixed with the right amount of precocious mischief and trouble making as well.

I have also been learning many things through little Amadeus. This feline definitely does NOT like my vacuum cleaner. In fact, kitty is terrified, even as I begin to pull out the vacuum cleaner from it's corner. Her eyes become wide as I drag this monster out onto the carpet, and immediately kitty is heading for higher ground!

Sometimes that higher ground in high in my clothing closet. Other times, it is in a safe niche under my pillows, where there is a space between my mattress, bed board, with the pillows overhead providing some soundproofing and sense of security.

And then all I may see is a cute little black tail hanging out, as I vacuum my tiny cabin. But kitty feels safe: kitty has found her Hiding Place! And finally, as the monster machine that kitty dreads is turned off and put away, kitty makes sure that all is well, and then gingerly comes out of her little hiding place to purr and gather close to me once again.

AS I watched this behavior with little kitty day after day, and witnessed kitty finding her hiding place from this vacuum cleaner terror, God reminded me that HE REMAINS OUR HIDING PLACE from all that we fear or do not understand.

And if God can provide a hiding place for even little kittens, He surely can provide a safe hiding place of refuge for us, His children when the coming storms of life descend all around us.

Thank you, God, for reminding me of this great truth, even through a little kitty cat, Amadeus!

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