Tuesday, July 20, 2010


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Whew! It seems that when you sign on to labor for God and His kingdom, the work simply never ends. We live in a very spiritually poor and needy world today.

The earth is famished for the truth of the Living God. It cries out to be filled with men and women of integrity and faith who will help to change and mold this present world into what God intended from the very beginning of His creation.

Continual victims of the wickedness of mankind and their ignorance of God's truth fill this world from one end to the other. Only genuine men and women of God, walking in faith and truth and integrity, can be effectively used by God for His eternal and wonderful purposes in the world.

Are YOU one of those that God longs to use in an ever deeper way for HIS glory and purposes in this world today?

I am presently working among the elderly and the physically suffering through home health care. My clients have so many needs, most regarding the effects of old age deterioration. Yet I witness God working in each one of their lives, through loving care and prayer, to improve their circumstances.

One precious woman had terrible skin problems in her feet and legs due to diabetes complications. Every day I had to come twice a day and unbandage, clean and re-wrap her tender legs. She often was in great pain. But we prayed together each time. And now, her legs have so greatly improved that the treatments are no longer necessary! All praise be to the Living God Who heals the afflicted when they cry out to Him, through Jesus Christ His Son.

I also use my years of learning about vegetarian/organic food products and juicing, raw and whole foods, in helping patients improve their quality of life...and it works. Yes, we really ARE what we eat physically! Your body has nothing else to build with , except what you ingest every single day. And also, what you expose it to by means of body lotions, sun exposure, water quality, exercise, etc.

God intends for the body, the temple of His Holy Spirit, to be filled with good and nourishing things daily so that we may be in optimum health, to serve and glorify Him. It is hard to do anything, whether for God or for others, when we are feeling weary or ill or in chronic pain.

I have returned to the important field of providing care of patients, in preparation for taking care of my brother, who almost died Christmas time, BUT survived thanks to GOD and YOUR PRAYERS at that critical time!

But this work can often prove strenuous, emotional (for those of us who REALLY care about people) and very draining at times. PLEASE pray for all my clients, for their salvation, for their healing and well being. And please keep me in your prayers. I am often exhausted at times due to pressure and stress.

Plus, due to my many years of investigative research, I remain continually burdened for our nation and my fellow Christians and Americans, over all I have discovered. Truly, we live in perilous times in America today!

But, as the Bible tells us, THIS IS THE VICTORY that overcomes the world, EVEN OUR FAITH! But faith in what? In the world's banking system? In Wall Street? In society today? Faith in our leadership in America and corrupt politics?


Our faith rests in something much deeper and eternal and everlasting. Our faith is built on the unshakable word of the Living God, and HIS eternal promises that cannot change, because HE CHANGES NOT!

The Christian faith is built on the Solid Rock of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords, and Messenger of the everlasting covenant between God and man!

Frankly, it does not matter if America is shaken and judged and ultimately falls. Sadly, we know from the Word of God that judgment must come to EVERY nation, because of the sins of their inhabitants.

But HIS KINGDOM is an everlasting kingdom!

God will have a people that will STAND TRIUMPHANT IN HIS ETERNAL VICTORY when those judgments visit this world and this nation in which we live. Purpose with me to stand faith, unwavering in your faith, when the hour of judgment is visited upon this nation for the sins of her inhabitants. Through prayer and faith, place THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB upon YOUR home and family, so that when His angels of holy judgments pass through this land, you will be spared. And when He sees that Blood, indicating the forgiveness of sins and righteous standing with God, He WILL pass over you!

Thank you for your prayers. You are loved.

-Pamela Schuffert
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