Friday, November 20, 2009

Deadly Pentagon Spraying Over MONTANA: An UPDATE:AMISH TARGETED

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have previously written a report outlining the deadly military Pentagon program of testing their chemical warfare agents on unsuspecting Americans, being practiced in Montana (and I suspect overlapping into IDAHO and other states as well.)

Having been personally affected severely in my health while being present at a time when they were spraying one region (Libby, MT) several years ago, I understand first hand what deadly effects such chemicals can have on the physical body. The toll they take, not only on one's health, BUT also on the victims' finances as they seeks relief by various means (health food/holistic recovery or doctors and hospitals, etc.) is immeasurable.

Before leaving Montana in early summer of this year, I stopped by to visit my friend Lloyd Miller, head of an Amish community in Libby, Montana. Brother Lloyd and his industrious community produce some of the finest log cabins you will find across America. My purpose in visiting his community several years ago, was to present my book to him, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST outlining the coming MARTIAL LAW scenario and it's future impact against Christians across this nation. It was also to pray for the safety of Lloyd and his entire community.

Lloyd's progressive Amish community is located in one of the most volatile regions in America (NW Montana), pertaining to the coming MARTIAL LAW showdown between the American Patriot, and the forces of the NWO that will seek to seize and subjugate this nation under martial law. Having spent much time in various regions of Montana, during my thirteen years of ongoing research nationwide uncovering the plan and preparations being made for martial law, I know of what I speak.

The US government/military fully realize that MANY American Patriots, who are aware of the coming showdown, have chosen this beautiful and often remote wilderness region to build a home, build up survival supplies, and to prepare to battle the forces of NWO encroachment on our liberties to the very end. For this reason, Federal agents and military intelligence have made it a point to infiltrate every city and town, every militia, Constitutionalist and Patriotic organization throughout NW Montana.

Extremely important to their NWO agenda there, is Highway 2, or what is popularly called "THE HIGHLINE." Stretching across Northern Montana from east to west, the HIGHLINE will prove to be invaluable to the military forces who will patrol this state and region under martial law. It is a major artery of traffic for Montana, and close to the Canadian border as well. Locals I have interviewed have repeatedly informed me of sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES on the railroad tracks that follow Highway 2. My research uncovered that near Highway 2, they are new and hidden detention camps being built to hold anticipated future NWO resistance in that region.

Federal agents have been approaching local people, residences and businesses, in some cases encouraging them to sell their homes or businesses along Highway 2 to them, and to vacate that part of Montana. One can notice the "FOR SALE" signs on many homes or businesses along highway, especially near Glacier Park. these locals are not stupid. The Patriots in Montana have quite an information network across the state. In fact, I have received much information via this network of concerned citizens, such as the building of another detention camp, underground, near Libby, MT, which is utilizing a former underground military radar station.

Such people as I have privately interviewed, have confirmed to me the presence of a secret, hidden UN MILITARY TRAINING BASE above Troy (near Libby) in the Yaak River valley in the beautiful and often mysterious Kootenai National Forest. Eye-witnesses told me of observing foreign troops with dark skin, riding on horses and practicing shooting with rifles at a full gallop. Yet others (hunters) have told me of foreign troops crossing in front of them in full military gear, never saying one word and then disappearing into the dense woods.

For years I have prayed for the safety of the ANABAPTISTS (Amish/Mennonites/Hutterites) across America, and in Montana/Idaho as well. I learned early in my research, that such people groups are considered special threats to the NWO agenda in our nation, because they are able to live OFF THE GRID and independent of "the system" to be imposed by force. They produce their own food, crops, herds, build their own homes, often live without electricity and many things most Americans could not survive without.

Anyone who can "LIVE OFF THE GRID" independently, and not be controlled by the NWO through their coming PLANNED FAMINES and deliberate deprivation of gasoline, electricity (etc.) that they will use to force the American people to "COMPLY OR DIE" (NO hand-outs without complying with NWO demands) remains a distinct threat in the minds of the NWO. I have interviewed people, in fact, who told me that the FBI was carefully monitoring Amish and related communities nationwide.

In one extreme case, HOMELAND SECURITY even labeled the Amish YODER POPCORN FARM in Indiana as a site for potential TERRORISTS and acts of terrorism. How ludicrous! But it shows you clearly the mentality of the NWO mindset and illustrates their agenda.

During the spring several years ago, I came to visit, to inform and to pray for the Amish community headed by Lloyd Miller for one week. Although they were not fully aware of it at that time, I knew what dangerous waters they were treading in and how volatile their region will become under future MARTIAL LAW SHOWDOWN.

It was while spending time there, that I came to realize that THEIR COMMUNITY HAD BEEN TARGETED BY THE DEADLY PENTAGON SPRAYING. It was there I experienced the horrific effects of the powerful chemicals they were spraying. However, I DID NOT REALIZE until this past spring, that THEY ALSO HAD EXPERIENCED THE SAME TYPES OF SYMPTOMS I HAD! No one told me. They did not even realize what had happened.

But as Lloyd's wife told me this past spring (2009), the week I was there visiting their community several years ago, many also came down with the identical symptoms I experienced. The way she explained it to me was as if "death" had visited their community. Periods of extreme weakness. A feeling as if one wanted to collapse on the ground. Inability to fully coordinate motor skills at times. One's mind was affected as well.

In fact, having read in the past about the CIA's experiment with MIND CONTROL drugs, and their ability to make people unable to independently think for themselves or become extremely docile and easy to control, I felt I was at times experiencing the same kinds of symptoms that survivors had described in various reports.

During that very cold and damp, windless period that I was there, the fog and chill hugged the ground. An ideal time to spray! Anything sprayed would also hug the ground and refuse to disperse readily. I can never forget that episode in my life, and the five months it took me to fully recover.

But then to return to his Amish community recently and discover afterwards that they too experienced the same thing, was incredible. PRAY FOR THEIR SAFETY IN TIMES TO COME!


Part Two, Saturday, November 21, 2009-

Lloyd Miller and his wife, family and small Amish community of other families live in Libby, Montana. Their fine community boasts a fine general store that serves the area. Also, more importantly, they have a large log cabin home production on their property as well, called MEADOWLARK HOMES. If you go to their website, you can view the beautiful scenery of the Libby, Montana, area on their website.

I first became aware of this Amish and other Amish communities throughout Montana when I began the serious task of investigating the coming NWO/MARTIAL LAW agenda for our nation. Hearing through various sources of new detention camps being built in this region, plus numerous eye-witness sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles and foreign troops, etc., I became intrigued and finally came to Montana, first in in 1997, to perform first-hand research.

It soon became clear to me that Highway 2, or the HIGHLINE across northern Montana, would become a major military artery in the future for their agenda. Major railroad tracks also follow along Highway 2 as well, on which numerous people have sighted and reported seeing prisoner boxcars with shackles traveling along, or being stored on sidetracks, as in COLUMBIA FALLS, MT.

It was HERE in Columbia Falls, MT, that my missionary friend, Marie McCullough and her party of four other Christians traveling across America in a PRAYER JOURNEY, accidentally stumbled upon the black PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. And to their utter shock and horror, all five noted a modern guillotine bolted inside each one as well. Locals I interviewed after arriving here, that I interviewed, totally confirmed the presence of these boxcars at one time.

"But because of so many public sightings, " declared one man to me, "they have been relocated to higher elevations on more remote sidetracks." Hunters I interviewed confirmed this to me, stating how they stumble upon them accidentally, occasionally, while hunting in more remote regions of Montana.

It was while researching and investigating in their region , along Highway 2, that I discovered the Amish community in Libby, Montana. I immediately added them to my [prayer list for protection. What these precious Amish did not seem to realize, is that they are indeed in a future HOTSPOT for showdowns between the military forces of the NWO agenda versus the American freedom fighters prevalent throughout that region of America. These pacifist Amish will literally be caught up in the crossfire between two opposing forces when martial law is finally declared.

Furthermore, they are MAJOR TARGETS for coming persecution against the Church across America. Known for their Anabaptist history of resistance to corrupt government and refusal to conform to corrupt demands, they have learned to "live off the grid" and live independent of any governing system and society and it's controls and demands to CONFORM. This presents a clear threat to the NWO agenda for America.

With Christians already being a major target for persecution by a decidedly antichrist/satanic NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda, the Amish become even more so because of their history and their views on society.

I can remember literally shedding tears as I prayed for them with a heavy heart, while driving by their community. With their pacifist positions, they vulnerable families and children will become major targets of the NWO in the future. The railroad tracks on which prisoner boxcars with shackles have already been traveling to be prepositioned throughout that region, run right by their community.

It was out of deep concern for them, that I finally stopped by one day, in the spring a few years ago, and visited them for a week, presenting Lloyd with my book PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. (Some of my readers may still have the original copies I mailed out during my radio broadcasts in the past.)And tragically, this was the very week that the Pentagon decided to release their deadly chemicals of death over Libby and their community, making MANY sick and weak and afflicted with the same symptoms I suffered as well.

This, then should illustrate to the American people the utter ruthlessness of the US military, in their quest to bring forth the NWO agenda, and how they will spare NONE , innocent and pacifist as they may be, such as the Amish/Anabaptists. I also visited several other Amish communities, including Rexford, MT. I prayed while visiting each one, fearing for the fate of these Amish/Anabaptists in the times we face.

When I most recently visited Lloyd Miller in his Amish community in Libby, his words confirmed my deepest suspicions for their safety. He told me, "The FBI came here and tried to cut a deal with us. I refused. WE NOW FACE ANNIHILATION AND GENOCIDE!" My heart grieved deeply.

It was then that his wife admitted to me, in his home, that the week I had stayed there several years ago, was the time that they also experienced the same deadly symptoms that I had experienced and reported on in a following report, as well. I explained to them that this was the result of the deadly Pentagon Spraying going on over Montana, and their region as well.

Please pray for the safety of beloved Lloyd and his Amish community, and for all the other endangered Anabaptist pacifist communities throughout that region of Montana and Idaho. While many THINK they are safe in that beautiful wilderness, with heavy heart I tell them IN THE FUTURE THEY WILL NOT BE. Pray for them natinwide, in fact.

Many Amish in fact are preparing to leave this country and go to places like South America, as I found out while researching in Indiana.

Pray for Lloyd and his people to be shown clearly by God what to do in this hour.

(POPSTSCRIPT-If you ever visit Montana, take the time to pray over this beautiful yet endangered region. Stop at MONTANA COFFEE TRADERS in Columbia Falls near Glacier National Park, for wonderful food and drink, beautiful views of the Glacier area, and then to take the time to silently pray over this beautiful region. I did so, many times. Many wonderful Christians also work there as well. ALL of our prayers are needed for America at this time!

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Thank you Pamela for posting and writing about this. Montana is home to me as I lived there 27 years.

  2. We were planning on moving to Libby and having Meadowlark build our log home. Now, second thoughts! We're moving from So. California--but now it seems even THAT may be safer than MT