Sunday, August 2, 2015

Helping the Handicapped Using Horse Therapy Saturday

Helping Handicapped Adults Enjoy Horse Therapy,

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

LAST SATURDAY, I used my truck to haul 3 horses from CHANGING GAITS MINISTRY to a special event for the handicapped adults in North Branch, Minnesota. It was wonderful!

Guy's excellent and well trained staff rode with me as well. Several hundred participants enjoyed this special outing that included hayrides, great food, and dressing up like cowboys.

Sylvia was excited to come and join in the fun as well. 

The director of CHANGING GAITS, Guy Kaufman, loves to use his horse therapy ministry to touch countless lives throughout this region and beyond.

After the special event was over, we all headed out for PIZZA to celebrate a job well done and to PRAISE THE LORD for great responses from the participants!

Please pray for the wonderful outreaches that are a part of CHANGING GAITS and Guy's vision to reach the world around him for Jesus Christ.

This ministry also includes a home for women in crisis, a Christian rehab program for men struggling with substance abuse and spiritual crisis, and much more.

Praise God for Christians who follow the special visions that God gives them to fulfill in this world making it a far better place! Thank God for men of God like Guy, and for his wife who supports him through all this challenge.

Please pray for personal financial support to come in from readers of this blog. Sylvia and I are volunteering here in this ministry and receive no pay (nor do we expect any!) We are here to bless and serve.

Our services such as my truck being used to haul the horses to special events, are greatly needed and appreciated here already. Many are being reached for Christ in this great outreach. 

Thank you so much for helping to make our participation in CHANGING GAITS possible! God bless you ALL.

- "Hoss Wagon-Hauler Pamela" and loyal sidekick "Six-shooter Sylvia" ridin' alongside, reporting from MINNESOTA

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