Saturday, November 29, 2014


Please pray for my precious brother 
My brother John last Christmas 2013

I just received a phone call from his nursing home in NC, at 3:54 PM MST today 11/29/2014.

The nurse told me that John was swollen on one side, with bloody urine, and he was unresponsive to attempts to communicate with him. They are now preparing to rush him to the nearby hospital for emergency procedures.

This is the phone call I dreaded. Every few weeks, the nursing home has contacted me to inform me of John's health issues and general condition.Every time they have called, John's condition seemed a little more deteriorated than the previous. I finally  realized that he was not recovering, but rather becoming worse with time.

How I love my brother John! What a powerful Christian testimony he has, of Jesus saving him from years of drugs and alcohol and living for the world. John became a transformed person, because of Jesus Christ Who saved him from such darkness. 

Sadly, however, over 40  years of abusing his body with drugs and alcohol, coupled with a lifestyle that did not glorify God, took a tragic toll on his body and his health.

It is not without reason that the Bible declares that "the wages of sin is death."

However, John had a reprieve from death last year, when I came to visit him. Discovering him close to death due to malpractice and neglect at GOLDEN LIVING NURSING HOME in Hendersonville, NC, I ordered them to call an ambulance immediately and transport him to the emergency room at Park Ridge Hospital in Fletcher, NC.

The wonderful staff there, including his operating surgeon Dr. Stover, literally saved his life! I thank God for these wonderful people and what they did to give my brother a little while longer on this side of heaven, to glorify God with his shining testimony of how Jesus saved "a wretch like John."

And now, John's health condition is very serious. I will keep you all informed of his condition as I receive word. Honestly, John may not make it through this situation at this time. 

Although I would love to go and minister to him, He is over 2,000 miles away from where I am presently living, and I do not have the necessary funds to travel there to see him. Taking care of  my friend Sylvia with her cancer condition and special health food and supplements requirements has all but depleted my basic funds at this time.

We are now experiencing the second arctic blast of this month, and it is all we can do to survive in an RV trailer as our pipes freeze up, leaving us without water or sewer at this time. We have been hit with two unexpected Arctic blasts, one after the other, requiring extra propane and emergency supplies.

Please pray for John Schuffert at this time. Pray for God's great hands of mercy to do what seems best in the Father's heart at this time. My brother's body is worn out, and he is weary of suffering in pain, bedridden and unable to walk or enjoy life, His true home is in Heaven, free from all pain and suffering at last, and able to begin the next exciting chapter of his life in GLORY WITH JESUS.

I commit my beloved brother 

into the hands 
of our Almighty Father in Heaven, 
and to the care of 
Jesus Christ his Savior and mine.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers at this time.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. So sorry about John. May Gods perfect will be done at this time in Johns life.

  2. We will pray for your brother's safe keeping, for you and your abundance this season. We hold a space for answered prayer for you and your brother. Peace and abundance to you as you open to receive God's great good.