Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Comments On the Upcoming EBOLA PANDEMIC

Luke 21:11- 

"And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines and pestilences, and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."~Jesus Christ
Many Americans have been caught off guard by the emerging threat of an ebola pandemic to strike America. 

But not me. For years I have been investigating and reporting on the NWO agenda for America, and how to take this nation and her people down, to force them to comply and cooperate with the planned police state.

One of my guests on my former radio broadcast "Defenders of Liberty,"was Larry Wayne Harris. Larry was a former microbiologist working for the NWO agenda of the CIA. "I was PAID to develop deadly microorganisms that would someday be DELIBERATELY RELEASED against the American people..." Larry warned.

When I asked why, he replied that it all tied in to the coming MARTIAL LAW AGENDA. It would be used as an excuse to declare martial law and to forcibly quarantine the American people in the FEMA/DHS camps. It would also be used as a form of world population reduction. And it would be used to break the will of the American people to fight back against the NWO martial law agenda. Sick people fighting for their lives do not pose any threat to the aggressor.

All of this and much more was revealed to me OVER TEN YEARS AGO, in the late 1990's. regarding the carefully PLANNED PANDEMICS that were designed to be released against the unsuspecting and vulnerable American population for dark NWO agendas. I wrote many articles then based upon Larry's revelations and that of others as well.
Will EBOLA cause Americans to be quarantined in FEMA camps?

At this time in America's uncertain destiny, nothing would surprise me. And many more enlightened Americans are saying the same thing all the time. "Nothing would surprise me!" Whenever you have corrupt people in power, who have cast off the restraint of the commandments and guidance of the holy Word of God, ANYTHING can and does happen to a nation and her people.

Mankind is desperately wicked without faith in God and obedience to His holy word. That is why God finally had to send His precious Son, Jesus Christ, to this sin ravaged world to reach out and save mankind from themselves. Wherever the world of God is honored and His commandments are upheld and enforced, you have peace in the world and in people's lives.

But wherever the Word of God is rejected, and man chooses to go his own wicked way, you will always have the tragic consequences that SIN brings forth. And ultimately, SIN always brings forth death, both physical and spiritual. This is the word of God.

Today in America, we have both in the White House and throughout the "shadow government" people who have cast off the restraint and guidance of the Word of God, and His admonition to repent of their sins, receive salvation through Jesus Christ,  and obey His word and uphold His commandments.

Instead, wickedness and vice of every sordid kind reigns in the highest levels of government (including throughout the satanic shadow government) in Washington DC. Wicked people lusting for the power to control this nation and establish dictatorial rule over America are literally hell-bent on their NWO agenda, and determined that nothing shall stop them in their insane quest for more power and world government.

The value of precious human life means nothing to these madmen. They would gladly sacrifice their own grandmother if necessary, to achieve their despotic goals. They do not care if millions of Americans suffer and die in a terrible ebola ( or any other) pandemic. They do not care if Americas are forcibly quarantined in the FEMA camps, many to ultimately be eliminated as a threat to their NWO agenda for America.

The NWO is truthfully composed of those who spiritual father is Lucifer, or Satan. Former satanists I have interviewed fully confessed that the NWO stands for Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. "Satan is the father of it, and we satanists are the backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER."

The Bible declares that Satan is both a liar and a murderer, and that those who follow and serve him become just like him. People always become like that which they worship and admire, whether for good or for evil. Those who worship and serve the Living God and emulate His glorious Son Jesus Christ, are destined to become like Him.
Satan only brings sin and destruction 
to those who follow him

But those who foolishly choose to follow and emulate Satan will not only become wicked like him, they will also perish eternally just as Satan will someday.

In light of this, why should it come as any surprise to Bible believers, when these insane NWO madmen, under Satan's influence, spend millions of our taxpayer dollars to plot and scheme how to bring forth massive deadly pandemics intended to sweep across our nation, bringing death and destruction to millions of innocent people?

What would Jesus say to such people? "You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." 

These are the words that Jesus was compelled to speak one day to those who accused Him falsely, and  who plotted in secret to kill Him someday.

Jesus further speaks of the devil, or Satan/Lucifer, as a thief who only comes to steal, kill and destroy.

From these Bible passages, it becomes quite clear that the spiritual force behind the planned NWO and martial law agenda for America, complete with deadly planned pandemics, is none other than Satan the murderer and father of lies.

I can never forget what a beloved Christian friend shared with me one day, following a forty day fast. (He has since had many more forty day water only fasts, and the Holy Spirit speaks dramatically to him during such times.)

"I was lifted up by the Holy Spirit high into the heavens above the earth. The Holy Spirit showed me the world as He saw it. I saw that it was full of darkness and dark clouds everywhere. The Lord then spoke to me and said, 'What you are seeing is the spiritual darkness that fills the earth. This darkness is all Satan's fault. It is he who brought sin to this world and caused the fall of mankind.'"

Wherever you find wars, genocides, persecution of the righteous, oppressive tyrannical regimes and more, you will find the fingerprints of "Satan" all over it, and those under his influence as well.

Contrast this with the Word of  Jesus when He stated, "I have come that they might have LIFE and have it more abundantly!" Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and to bring abundant life to mankind instead.

What should the Christian response therefore be to this present threat of an ebola pandemic, or any other we may face? While it is good to have a healthy fear that motivates us to prepare in practical ways, FAITH is the only true response that will accomplish anything.

The Bible makes it clear that FAITH in the Almighty God through Jesus Christ His Son can move mountains. Jesus declared that if we have faith even the size of a tiny mustard seed, all things can become possible. "With GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!" 

God does not want His people to live in a state of craven fear over these crises, but instead to RISE UP IN FAITH to face every crisis by His grace and power.

This is the legacy of THE CHRISTIAN OVERCOMER throughout the ages. When persecution or trials and testing confront THE BELIEVER, faith rises up in their hearts to then enable them to boldly OVERCOME.

Of course, FAITH must be balanced with our works or efforts as well. As the Bible makes clear, "Faith without works is dead." God does His part, the divine that we cannot do. And we are called to do our part, the practical and the possible. 

The Bible exhorts us, "Having done ALL, stand." There is much we can do to prepare to face an anticipated pandemic of this nature. 

Excellent websites can be found on the Internet  that provide links to order protective body suits and masks necessary to survive such events. Food and survival supplies need to be purchased ahead of time should such pandemics lead to martial law and shortages of food and water supplies occur in your region.

Books are available that explain what to do to protect yourself and your loved ones during such crises, including e-books available immediately on the Internet.

I am posting some excellent links below to help you find the information you may need on this subject of preparing for pandemics in a practical way.

For the Christian however, successful preparations must BEGIN with coming into the presence of Almighty God with prayer and intercession and a heart that is right with Him. Only the divine wisdom of God can truly show His children what to pray and what to do to effectively counter such attacks.

His grace is able to thwart the darkest plans of the wicked. The blood of Jesus was shed to destroy the works of the devil who is behind all such planned pandemics. The power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us is mightier than the power of the wicked one and his hosts from hell.

This is a time for the true disciple of Jesus Christ to apply the power of His word and promises to their lives NOW. FAITH must rise up in our hearts to replace fear and anxiety. Jesus promises us a divine PEACE in our lives. "You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon You."

For every true Christian, the greatest truth as we face such life-threatening crises is that we have already been given ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! For such, death can hold no sting and no true fears. Our sins are forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. By faith in God's Son, we have passed from death unto LIFE!

As the Apostle Paul stated, "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" The Bible further declares that in ALL these things, we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH HIM WHO LOVED US....Jesus our Savior!

The Christian victory is not measured as the world defines "victory." For the Christian, that person who dies in faith with their sins forgiven is totally victorious in a pandemic. 

Welcome home!

We live in a mortal body destined to die someday anyway. HEAVEN is our real eternal home. Our eternal spirit is released through physical death to be joined with God eternally in His heavenly kingdom at last. This is the goal of every true Believer in Jesus Christ, and this fallen world is not our final home nor resting place. Halleluia!

In conclusion, I am doing everything of a practical nature that God enables me to do to prepare for coming crises in America. But I am also taking time for the SPIRITUAL preparation which is even more important. We should all ask ourselves questions like the following:

Am I spending much time in quality prayer and intercession, even fasting regarding this? Is my heart right with God? Are my sins under the precious blood of Jesus my Savior? Have I sown abundant seeds of mercy, that I may reap the same someday when crisis comes? Am I praising and thanking Him in everything? God dwells in the praises of His people, and never their murmuring and complaining.

Is my heart focused on the eternal promises of God, in order to receive hope and encouragement and strength to face the coming testing and trials of faith? "Let the word of God dwell in you richly..." exhorts the Bible.

May the Lord God throughout Jesus our Savior grant you grace and wisdom in how to successfully confront and overcome this EBOLA crisis millions of Americans now may face, and survive every other crisis as well.

I am praying for America, and for all who read this as well, that they may turn to God through Jesus Christ and find everything they need to overcome and emerge successfully at last.

"If YOU can believe, 
to the person who believes!"

-Jesus Christ-

You can speedily purchase much of your survival equipment by going to and searching for filter face masks, full cover body suits, nitrile gloves, and much more.

It is never too late to start preparing to face a crisis, 
both spiritually and practically!
Why not start today?


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