Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finally, A Home To "Go Home To" At Last!

Welcome to my new kitchen!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The miracle has happened. After praying and standing on God's eternal promises for 13 long years, it has happened. God has provided the miracle of a quality home for me to find rest and refuge in, and to share with Christian friends like Sylvia as well.

Unless you have been truly homeless for a substantial amount of time, you can never fully appreciate the value of  a home of your own. In 2001, I suffered the unexpected loss of not only a home, but also my only vehicle and all my possessions stored in that home as well. It was a nightmare tragedy that affected me deeply.

But it had it's spiritual benefits as well, causing me to reach up is despair to Almighty God for one miracle after another to sustain me through out those years of homelessness yet determined to remain in the fields of ministry God had called me to.

Ready to enjoy a wonderful dinner

I am deeply grateful for the unexpected kindness and generosity of the wonderful Christian gentleman over in the UK who reached out with compassion to me and my friend Sylvia as well. 

Concerned over our situation of facing the challenge of a winter in tents in northwestern Montana, he sought God for what to do, and finally felt led by the Holy Spirit to contribute funds for a trailer and truck to pull it as well.

This is exactly what I had been praying for for these past 13 years as I struggled to remain in journalism and Christian outreach, working out of whatever vehicle I had throughout the years. My "home" was whatever truck stop or WALMART parking lot that was close by. My bed was an inflatable mattress set up in the back of my vehicle, hunkered beneath a sleeping bag in cold nights.

There were many who felt sorry for me because of this. However, for the true Christian of faith and who loves adventure for Christ, I simply looked at my situation as allowed by God for my spiritual growth, designed to draw me closer to Him to meet my needs.

Welcome to my new living room

Also, nothing creates compassion in our hearts for others, more than suffering as they have suffered. It is impossible to fully comprehend what others are enduring and going through, until we have suffered as they have.

Although I have always had a tender heart of compassion, enduring many cold winters without a home taught me even more about compassion for others in crisis or need. In time of crisis, you encounter wonderful people at various times who truly care and give. 

Thank God for people of compassion, such as my readers who faithfully sent me support throughout the years! I could not have survived without them.

But in times of crisis and loss, you will also encounter people who are void of compassion and insensitive to your plight. These are those people who are in a position to give and to help, but whose hearts remain cold and hardened to the sufferings of others around them. Sadly, I have witnessed even some who consider themselves "Christians" who fall into this category.

Finally, a bedroom for me and my furry friends to stay warm in at night

This is tragic. We are called as Christians to walk in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ towards all who are perishing. We are command to love one another as Jesus loves us.

Without love, the Bible says we are nothing. The Bible declares that faith works through love. We are commanded to love each other as Christ loves us. 

Yet, many times I walked into a local church as I traveled, in need of Christian love and encouragement, and walked out without encountering that Biblically defined and commanded love for the brethren. Deep disappointment and sadness often followed. Other Christians I have discussed this with have frequently admitted countering the same thing in their local churches.

Happily, in this new home God has graciously provided, God's people will find love and compassion, prayer and Christian love and testimony...and a great meal to accompany all this as well!

Will share more later. How great it feels to get out of a tent after months, and get into a real home at last! Much thanks to you, my friend, in the UK! You are in our prayers continually. 

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

-A very grateful Pamela Rae and Sylvia, home at last


  1. What a lovely place! I am so happy for you! Now you can stay warm and comfortable. God bless the dear man who provided for you. And may the Lord bless you in your continued service to Him!

  2. Pamela, I am so happy that you at last have a lovely home to go to, and a place to invite your friends!
    God bless the one who made it possible for you!

  3. If I had known u could have stayed with me... Sister how God has kept me , a disabled woman, after my husband walked out on me is a miracle like with what happened to you. Oh but what a testimony it is because of how my husband left for a woman in witchcraft and how I found out how many people in this town are involved... Even my dad and brother both 32 degree mason.... Nearly this whole town is. God brought me to your channel looking up Vanya....long story short God started taking me to sites to learn about communism a few months ago... He brought me to your site today... Sister something is about to happen and soon I think . I'm not a prophet but it's just what I see God keeps me in Isaiah and Jeremiah..I don't fully understand why.. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but like a simple little child I love Jesus .. my email is if you ever want to hear my testimony.most won't believe me but I've seen God do miracles . I've seen this group in my town as I workedat the police dept (911dispatcher)take a young girl from a trunk that had been murdered for a satanic ritual... later I started learning that many in this town who are prominent could possibly be involved . This is a big testimony that will probably only be believed in heaven because I can't even wrap my mind about it all and I've seen some of it with my own eyes play out. God bless and keep you in Jesus name.. soon I believe we'll be home with Jesus ..the gross darkness has covered the land as it says in Isaiah.