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Back On The Road for Jesus Again!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, with my ministry task successfully accomplished here in Florida, my prayer journey is ready to resume next week. I am excited about how God is going to use this special event.

Every prayer journey
I have gone on, led by the Holy Spirit, has been incredible, with God leading in unexpected ways. His divine hands have always guided me, to somehow make sure I am in the right place at the right time...HIS time.

I will share more about this later, how God has guided me to regions in America to pray BEFORE the crisis happened in that area. God is a God of foreknowledge, from Whom nothing can be hidden. He is Omniscient, or all-knowing, and He knows how to lead His children.

Pray for my safety however: due to torrential rains that accompanied the severe weather patterns recently experienced that brought the tornadoes roaring through Arkansas and Alabama and nearby states as well, roads are flooding here in Florida. More rain is expected this weekend as well.
Also, due to predicted storms next week, throughout the regions devastated by tornadoes at the end of April, I am continually praying about what route to take across the continent. I want to be able to somehow offer help to victims of the recent tornadoes, but this depends on the route chosen.

If I travel along Interstate 40-W, I will pass through the heavily damaged regions in Arkansas  and other areas.This was my original plan prior to the tornadoes sweeping through the are recently.

However, safety is also a major factor in choosing travel routes: it is hard to help others if you become a grim statistic yourself due to these severe weather systems. Finding a safe balance for effective Christian outreach under such circumstances can often be challenging. And this is why your prayers are needed at this time.

All across America, Christians are praying for the victims who lost loved ones or their homes because of the terrible storms that swept with a fury throughout the Midwest and southeast last month. I have been deeply troubled but such tragic loss and suffering, and praying as well for them.
I couldn't help but notice how the recently affected storm region strangely resembled what is often called America's "Bible Belt." Suspicion regarding the military weather modification equipment coupled with NWO satanic hatred of Christianity in America could not be suppressed within as I studied the weather maps of the regions most intensely affected recently. Victims of the massive storm system included churches as well. 

A map of the Bible Belt across America
A weather map illustrating the regions most affected recently 
by the severe weather storms and tornadoes.

So what is the difference between Communists destroying churches in China recently by demolition, and billionaire NWO satanists (which are Communists and fascists) destroying churches and Christians in North America through controlling military weather modification strategies designed to target the Bible belt? 

Very little, and the same NWO Illuminati monsters and madmen funding and orchestrating both. All for satan's destructive and anti-Christ NWO agenda worldwide.
Church demolished by recent tornadoes in southeast USA
Chinese church now being demolished  in China by Communists

Of course, there are naturally occurring tornadoes, and then there are those deliberately created and guided by military weather modification techniques as well. But both are devastating and destructive.

"Dutchsinse" in his excellent YOUTUBE  documentaries, uses professional means to prove that military PROJECT HAARP and NEXRAD towers are often used to help create and guide these massive storms and tornadoes periodically. 

In one excellent video, he conclusively proves that the horrific typhoon, "Haiyan/Yolanda" that occurred November 8th, 2013 in the Philippines was created by military weather modification technology, and directed to that location as well.
 Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda (November 8, 2013), battered the Philippines

DUTCHSINSE was even able to track this storm down to the military base partly responsible, a remote one west of the Alaskan coast.

Readers may ask, "but WHY?" It's simple. Many years ago, Henry Kissinger stated that while today, people may not want foreign troops patrolling the streets of America, in the future they would beg for it...and that the NWO had ways of making this happen.

A while ago, the Philippines made it clear that they did not want another US military base or US military on their islands. How does the US military solve this "problem"? 

They simply created a terrible storm that caused the Philippines to BEG for American aid and involvement in "disaster relief." And the next thing is, you find US aid being rushed to the Philippines and military assistance accompanying it. All in the guise of "humanitarian aid" of course!
Photo above: USaid assisting in Philippines relief work. BUT  USaid is CIA linked! Get it? There are many ways for the CIA to come into a country, and the US military as well, even when they are not initially welcome.

This is the motto of the NWO being acted out in the world today: "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!" Only, THEY deliberately create the chaos, and out of it's destructive wake they then bring forth their new order in place of the old they destroyed.
DUTCHSINSE also proved in his weather modification videos, that previous deadly tornadoes striking the Arkansas/Missouri regions were also clearly HAARP/NEXRAD towers related as well. Other researchers have been discovering the same patterns and evidence of the hidden hand of US military weather modification as well.

With the military seemingly creating and directed tornadoes over the same midwest/southeast regions of America each year now, many are wondering if this is not a part of the "rewilding of America" and AGENDA 21, to drive people out of rural areas and into the big cities. These recent storms and horrific tornadoes came through regions of rural America.

However, it is trials and tribulations that make the Christians strong. We are compelled to rise up and become overcomers when we meet persecution and testings. We could never become OVERCOMERS if we had nothing to overcome! We could never become "more than conquerors" IF there was nothing to defeat and conquer!

Furthermore, tribulation drives the Christians to their knees, to beseech God for His mercies and grace in their lives. We become aware of our fragility and mortality , and our overwhelming need for someone GREATER than ourselves to guide our lives and to give us strength, help and comfort in time of need.

Christians spending time in fasting and intercessory prayer coupled with repentance wherever sin is found, has the power to change the destiny of lives and nations, and bring forth the salvation of souls nationwide and worldwide as well. 

I am thankful that God has called me to embark upon another PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA, with my brother's full encouragement, plus the blessings of many others. It is wonderful to know we as Christians CAN make a difference in our world today for good, IF ONLY we will allow God to use each one of us for His glory.
While a church BUILDING can be destroyed by earthly or demonic means, the eternal Church of God through Jesus Christ is immortal and divine and can never be destroyed. 

We are HIS BODY! We are HIS BRIDE! We are the true church of Jesus Christ to whom life eternal has been granted through faith in the Son of God. And death itself cannot defeat the true born-again Christian disciple of Jesus Christ. "He that believes in Me shall never perish but have everlasting life..."~Jesus Christ

I am still praying about traveling through the regions recently ravaged by the severe storms and tornadoes. My enclosed trailer can be used to haul emergency food and water supplies, and it already has Bibles for distribution as well. 

This journey is going to cover up to 3,000 miles, ultimately ending at a Christian ranch in Montana. A Christian friend is accompanying me for safety on the road, and she will be joining with me for prayer and to minister to others all across America.

As usual, I live on the edge to be able to afford to remain in ministry, living out of my vehicle to cut costs. I have a deep personal distaste for those ministries who raise millions of dollars, allegedly for "ministry," and then purchase personal travel jets for $20 MILLION dollars, and multimillion dollar mansions and luxury vehicles, while the average Christian struggles just to make ends meet. 

As one person humorously said it, they felt sorry for the little people practically reduced to eating dog food out of a can, so they could then afford to send most of their small monthly pension to the megaministries, who then use it to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

(Just so television moguls can rake in the money 
and buy more megadollar mansions to prove 
"how blessed they are by God" 
while God's people sacrifice and struggle???

Having lived on the grounds of a once popular television ministry, I witnessed this with my own eyes for many years, and frankly it made me sick. I learned more about how NOT to be in ministry while living there, and vowed to never make those mistakes I witnessed. And as long as you are living like Jesus, you never will.

And that is why I prefer to live as low cost as possible, so that every extra cent can be used for MINISTRY, and not for fleeting person luxuries like an opulent million dollar mansion. (Honestly...why do televangelists purchase million dollar mansions? So FEMA can seize it under martial law??? What a waste of God's money and the viewers!)

Presently, I only have limited emergency food supplies and water, and want to purchase more for distribution to people I anticipate encountering in storm ravaged areas such as Arkansas as we travel. Emergency funds are needed for this outreach.

Also, I just discovered my tires needed replacement. Yesterday a tire dealership looked over my old worn tires, and said that because of damage around the rim of all four tires, he did not feel that they would be safe for the long journey across the nation. He recommended replacing all four before the trip. 

The cost for four tires for my Chevy Tahoe was estimated around $500-600 by the tire expert at Discount Tire here near Orlando. Please pray for God to meet this important need.
Praying last year in the Yellowstone Supervolcano region

I have been here in Florida since March 23, 2014, ministering to the family whose husband just recovered successfully from heart surgery. At times they did not even have food, and so I helped both as a professional home companion care provider, and with my finances as well.

I now have under $50.00 in my bank account, having exhausted most of my previous funds while helping this family here in Florida. This is all I have for my prayer journey to resume, and to purchase new tires required to leave. But the Christian walk is always a walk of faith. We praise God for what we do NOT see, and believe Him for what we need before we receive it. 

When something we do is for the glory and purposes of God, He will supply every need for us as we put Him first. This is His irrevocable promise! And therefore this prayer journey will take place. God is faithful to provide for what He calls forth.

My mission here in Florida is over. It is time to press on with the call of God in my life, and to share the wonderful power of Jesus and His grace with people across this nation. Prayer makes a difference!

Thank you for helping to make this possible at this time!

Pamela Rae Schuffert
PO Box 724, 
Montreat, NC, 28757

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