Saturday, December 28, 2013

Here's to LIFE and HOPE for the New Year!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

For years now I have been warning Americans and others of the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. Long before many reporting on this subject recently, I was reporting information long ago received from many inside information sources. I have been reading many websites with people recently writing articles that only mirror what I was saying almost 20 years ago, and is no new revelation, only updated.

Nothing has basically changed about an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST COMING in America. Simply upgraded and updated new information confirming the old.

I want to go BEYOND these things, and instead report on WHAT IS THE ANSWER? WHAT WILL BRING LIFE AND HOPE? Jesus Christ is that hope to destroy the wicked plans of men and to bring life to His people. We as Christians have HOPE because of Almighty God!

I want to bring HOPE to God's people and not despair. There are enough websites out there telling people about terrible things to come. This is very different from 20 years ago when I was pioneering with a few others on this subject. 

And unfortunately, some people fall unwittingly into the trap of become very depressed and negative about their outlook on life. Don't do it! This is exactly where the enemy would have you be: in a state of hopelessness, discouragement and despair. Then you can never fully achieve your goals or fulfill the will of God for your life. And this is never of God. 

Instead, use your prayers to tear down the plans of the enemy. Use your God-imparted wisdom and seek God to formulate a plan of safety and protection for your family. Pray for the funds for food supplies and a nuclear fallout shelter and survival equipment. Pray about the possibility of leaving this country and soon, even as many others have done who realize what is coming to North America.

Perhaps it is time for another Pilgrim journey for God's people. That is what my Pilgrim ancestors did...they left England to come to America for freedom from religious persecution and suffering. And God used them in a mighty way.

Health food and nutrition is a very important subject for people to research today. Americans are dying from lack of good health and lack of food that is healthy and a healthy lifestyle. Sadly so is the rest of the world.

Jesus Christ is the LIFE of the world. We ALL need more of Jesus Christ and His teaching and examples. Personally, I want to focus more on Jesus Christ and HIS amazing power to deliver His people from trouble and bring them LIFE!

I encourage you to look into websites on HEALTH AND NUTRITION, like Mike Adams of NATURAL NEWS  and going organic in this polluted world that is killing people daily. Please, CHOOSE to give yourself abundant LIFE physically, as well as spiritually.

Please seek out good Christian websites and Christian fellowships that are GENUINE that will bring you quality spiritual LIFE and good solid teachings. Or  teach yourself and remain with only trusted people in your Christian walk.

Fast and pray frequently. I have learned to do so. This way you will bring physical strength and spiritual renewal as well to your life. And it works.

The one major health issue (and unwanted) I am dealing with now is with my weight because of what happened in Alaska. When you are shut in for a year in the arctic circle surrounded by tundra and wild animals and cold that is life killing and 70 below zero much of the time, you simply cannot get out and hike and bike and exercise daily like I was doing to keep my weight down.

You are shut in day after day (unless you want to exercise outdoors anyhow and develop "arctic lung" like I did initially), and are sedentary with little exercise. I was having nothing but organic food shipped up once a week to Kotzebue by the woman I was working for as I watched her two children so she could fly to the Eskimo clinics in the villages.

But if you do not metabolize what you eat, it is still stored as fatty adipose tissue. Better known as FAT. And frankly, I hate it. I learned this the hard way in the Arctic, and regained much of the weight I had painstakingly gotten rid of through daily hiking and biking in Glacier National Park and elsewhere,

And so now I am healthily eating and exercising and fasting and slowly getting rid of my "Eskimo fat." Soon it will be gone and back to normal. But it took a year to put on in Alaska, and it will take time to get it completely off again.

So for me, now it is working out at the gym, and lots of exercise and careful eating and fasting to restore proper weight.

Decide to focus on the things that bring  HOPE and a fuller LIFE to you. Jesus came to bring life and bring it more abundantly to ALL of us...and that means in every dimension of our lives.

Do not choose to overly focus on the negative. The world  has always been filled with bad news and terrible events. But Jesus came to bring LIFE and HOPE to this world! Focus instead on the POSITIVE SOLUTION to life's problems.

Yes, become aware of what is happening in the world, but don't let it consume you!
God's eternal WORD has the true answer for all the problems of this world.

Become aware, and then PRAY for God to intervene. Pray for what God wants to do in your life in response. PRAY for deliverance FROM EVIL, even as Jesus commands us to.

My focus remains ON JESUS, on LIFE and on the SOLUTION He presents to us all.

That is what this website MUST be about.

DO you want hope and encouragement? Go and read your Bible. Pray. Seek God TODAY for hope and a powerful positive solution to life's problems. Refuse to be defeated by negative reports you hear or read every single day. Instead, be lifted UP through Jesus Christ and His eternal promises.

Our living God is the God of  ALL victory! Jesus is Lord of abundant life. He wants YOU to have VICTORY and LIFE more abundantly. And so do I!

And so, my friends, here's to LIFE and HOPE as we face the New Year, all through Jesus Christ our Savior and soon coming King!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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