Monday, August 20, 2012

Living a Victorious Life Empowered by The HOLY SPIRIT

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

People and readers have asked me periodically throughout the years, " do you do it? You just keep going on and on...with attacks on your life, crises, so many needs...but nothing seems to stop you!"

The answer is so simple, and it has nothing to do with me. The most beautiful and expensive car is worthless, UNLESS IT IS INTERNALLY POWERED BY THE FUEL IT REQUIRES TO PERFORM!

Take AWAY that fuel, and that expensive motor vehicle is doomed to remain useless and worthless, parked in some driveway.

The same is true for YOU, for me, and for EVERY Christian reading this. Jesus Christ declared, "Without ME, you can do NOTHING!" Christians were designed by Almighty God to be fueled by supernatural power that is NOT OF THIS WORLD!
"But YOU shall receive POWER after the Holy Spirit come upon  you...."declared Jesus Christ to His disciples. Jesus promised us that "...the works that I do, you shall also   do, because I go to the Father." And no one can do these works, or miracles, except through the power of the Holy Spirit abiding in them.

I have been in many forms of ministry throughout the past 40 years of my Christian walk. And in every capacity of ministry I have found myself in, I have spent hours in intercessory praying for strength, for grace, for wisdom, for protection, and for God's divine Holy Spirit Power to FILL and enable me beyond my own natural capabilities.

And it works. I marvel to this day at how God could take a very ordinary person like myself, and pour His Holy Spirit and Divine enabling into me, and actually bring forth wonderful results and fruit, even miracles at times that would touch the hearts and lives of the people I ministered among. But this is how it is supposed to be: we walk in faith and obedience to His word to do the possible, and God moves divinely through our yielded lives to bring forth the IMPOSSIBLE!

And in the troubling times we soon face in America, Christians will need to LIVE more and more in the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit, the promises of God, and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ!

I can never forget the time that the Holy Spirit spoke so clearly following a period of street ministry to the homeless on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, way  back in 1976.

My old apartment in Tulsa OK the night we prayed

The sun was just beginning to set, as a Christian friend and I were praying outside my apartment. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit interrupted and began to give prophecy to my friend. Here are the VERY sobering words that every Christian in America NEEDS TO HEAR and hearken unto!

"I am pouring out MY HOLY SPIRIT upon my people in North America, because without His power, my people will not be  able to make it with what is coming to your nation." Boy, did God ever have my attention at that point!

My curiosity aroused, I prayed, "Father God, WHAT IS COMING to my nation???"
We continued to pray and ask God this question. Finally, the Holy Spirit began to speak the following words to my prayer partner. 

"My child, IF I Were to show you now WHAT IS COMING TO YOUR would not be able to BEAR what I would show you!"
I have no words to describe the thoughts and emotions that began racing through my mind. 1976 was many years before I began my investigative journalism to understand the plans of the NWO for this nation finally in 1996. But I knew that SOMETHING was coming, even then. I was determined at that point to press in through prayer to understand MORE about the future of our nation! And so we continued to pray.

The next morning, my friend came to me and said, "God showed me something that is coming to America last night in a vision. I saw Christians arrested and lined up in front of GUILLOTINES with soldiers, and they were being beheaded for their faith! But when my turn came, I was filled with holy laughter from the Holy Spirit...and then woke up!"

I will never forget my response at that time. I have had to repent many times before Almighty God for my response, in deep humility. I remember laughing within and thinking at that time, "Boy, you had too much pizza to eat last night! This is crazy! GUILLOTINES? This could never happen in America!"

Oh, how wrong I was! In fact, I was to find out many years later as I began investigation into the NWO agenda for America, that the modern military guillotines began coming into our nation in the 1970's, originally manufactured under secret US government contract in Japan.

And only 5 years in the Lord Jesus, I did not yet know Bible prophecy already revealing the coming beheading of the saints for their witness of Jesus Christ (Revelation 20:4) under a satanic NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13.

I had forgotten what the Word of God clearly tells us about the Holy Spirit: "...and He shall SHOW YOU THINGS TO COME." 

How many of us understand that GOD IS A GOD OF FOREKNOWLEDGE! He is OMNISCIENT, or all-knowing. He dwells in the realm of ETERNITY, beyond the limitations of time and space in this present creation we live in? And as such, He SEES what we CANNOT see, and He foreknows what we CANNOT know, except by Divine revelation.

2000 years ago, John the beloved Apostle on the Isle of Patmos was shown revelations of the future and things to come by the angel Jesus sent to him. He plainly wrote of "the souls beheaded for the witness of Jesus," specifically referring to the time frame of a world government ruling the world under satan the dragon's control, complete with a cashless society, etc. 

While Christians have been periodically beheaded throughout the centuries in various locations for their faith, it is only in recent  times that a true world globalist government has come upon the world scene in true fulfillment of Bible prophecy, that will indeed behead the saints of God for their faith in Jesus Christ. 

My research for many years have clearly uncovered the reality that THE GUILLOTINES TO BEHEAD THE CHRISTIANS UNDER THE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF REVELATION 13 ARE HERE. And God, as a God of foreknowledge and omniscience, revealed this reality to John the Apostle on the Isle of Patmos 2000 years ago!

When God reveals by His Holy Spirit what is coming to America, I therefore listen intently and pay attention. I will repeat what the Father told us that day many years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

"My child, if I were to show you the things that are to come to your nation, you would not be able to bear what I would show you..." He spoke clearly that this was why He was pouring out His Holy Spirit in a renewed visitation to His people at this time.

In fact, as I attended other Bible studies and prayer meetings in the Tulsa area at that time, I remembering marveling at what other Christians were receiving and sharing with the Body at that time. 

People were sharing visions of A TIME OF GREAT FAMINE COMING TO AMERICA. And also in one vision God divinely filling one family's table with food as they prayed around an empty table!

Yet others were sharing visions of A TIME OF GREAT PERSECUTION COMING TO THE CHRISTIANS, who were being sent to detention camps and holding facilities where even their Bible were taken away. One Christian woman who shared this with us, said that God was telling her that His people MUST memorize His Word because even Bibles will be taken away from them in future captivity.

"...And He shall show you things to come!"

I am writing this because I love you, the Body of Christ in America. Only God can measure the tears I have wept as I have cried out in prayer for the endangered Body of Christ that I love in my nation! 

You cannot imagine how it feels to sit with actual former CIA who previously sat in NWO planning sessions for America, plotting the destruction of the Christians in America. And to hear their words describing the great persecutions planned against God's people...all because they ARE God's people and will not accept a satanic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation. Oh, God...have mercy on your people!

This is WHY I say without apology: take the time to seek God concerning all this! PRAY for God to FILL YOU with POWER through His wonderful Holy Spirit now! PRAY for protection of yourself and your loved ones! Spend quality time in the Word of God, building yourself up in faith and  confidence in the Living God through Jesus Christ His Son, so you can STAND IN VICTORY as these evil times come upon this nation!
The GOOD NEWS is, you can do all of this FOR FREE! Jesus already PAID IN FULL for these wonderful gifts and enabling for YOUR life! They are clearly revealed in the WORD OF GOD, the Bible. 

Jesus said, "Ask... and it SHALL BE GIVEN! Seek and YOU SHALL FIND!  Knock...and IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU!" ( From Luke 11:9) He further stated," much more will God give the HOLY SPIRIT to those who ask!"  (Luke 11:13)

This is part of the wonderful inheritance of the child of God, saved by grace through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ! Take the time to study God's Word regarding your spiritual inheritance as a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Let God thoroughly equip YOU to stand in total victory against the forces of hell coming to assault all true Believers in our nation in the times we soon face.

Please therefore reach out through FAITH and PRAYER NOW and RECEIVE everything you need to face the coming times IN VICTORY through Jesus Christ and His GRACE!

"Who is he that overcomes the world, but HE THAT BELIEVES that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God." I John 5:5

"You are of God little children, and have overcome them, because GREATER IS HE that is within YOU, than he that is in the world!" I John 4:4

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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