Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coping With Life's Problems in Times We Face

The following words are very difficult for me to share with my readers. It is almost impossible to put into mere human words the things God has been impressing me as I spend more and more time in intercessory prayer for this nation. The more research I perform, the more perfectly I understand the tragic future planned for our nation and against millions of her inhabitants. The more I uncover, the more my heart is grieved...and therefore the more time I am then compelled to spend in PRAYER.
Yesterday, before my medic friend Lisa flew to another Eskimo village, she said to me quietly, "I appreciate the time you spend in prayer..." Lisa knows I am called to weep and cry out to God for our nation and her people.

All my normal sleeping patterns are shattered. My years of researching what is planned for our nation has quite effectively destroyed any semblance of a normal life. What IS  a "normal life?" For me, I cannot sleep much of the night. I put on background music, and then spend hours praying about everything I research. Sleep only comes after exhaustion begins to take it's toll, and then I grab a blanket and pillow and collapse for a few hours.

I bury my head in the heart of God during my time of sleep. I give to Him my tears and sadness over all I research, asking Him to take the pain away. And to help me forget, even for a few hours of sleep, everything my research has uncovered.

It is a very good thing I remain a strong and committed Christian. If I did not know the power and love of Jesus Christ and His mighty grace to bear and overcome difficult circumstances, I could have possibly become as those who turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the heartache of life's hardships and tragedies. And there are even those who tragically turn to suicide as a seeming exit as well.

But for those of you reading this, who are experiencing the pain of life's hardships and losses and difficulties, I want to tell you that there IS hope, and there IS something GREATER than than the destructive practices of turning to alcohol or drugs. 

Jesus Christ is REAL. His power to save you and change your life is REAL. His power to forgive your sins and heal your body bless your life and save you from life's circumstances are REAL.

There are no answers in drugs, alcohol or sin. SUICIDE WILL ONLY PLUNGE YOUR SOUL INTO HELL...DON'T DO IT!There is only hope in something and Someone greater than you and this dark world's circumstances: Jesus Christ!

This is why God sent His Son into this sad and dark world!

Receive Jesus Christ now by praying for Him to come into your life TODAY. If you don't have a Bible, purchase one today. BEGIN TO READ the New Testament and the words of Jesus Christ...and DO what His word instructs you to do. Find other Christians to pray with. Walk with Him every single day.

You will find your life transformed through Jesus Christ. You will the love you need. You will find the comfort, protection, encouragement, the EVERYTHING YOU NEED as you follow and learn to know God and His love through your Saviour Jesus Christ.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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