Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heading to ALASKA and the ARCTIC CIRCLE to Help The Amazing INUITS

Finally, I am retiring from 15 years of investigative journalism, to now help my friend LISA SHINDLER work with the amazing INUITS of KOTZEBUE, ALASKA.

I have performed home health care with patients for many years prior to journalism. I am now returning to home health care, this time among these wonderful Native peoples.

Kotzebue is a fascinating and starkly beautiful place, near many other native Inuit (Inupiak) villages along the coast up in the Arctic circle region of Alaska.

Long before the white men came to this region to explore or to hunt and trap, the resilient Inupiak Eskimos were here, for thousands of years, learning how to survive and over come the brutal cold and many challenges they face in this region of the world.

Thousands of years of enduring and overcoming the challenges this brutal and harsh climatic region provides for them, has caused the Inupiaks to develop into an incredible people whose coping and survival skills and strength are legendary.

I anticipate learning much from them! In fact, I feel very humbled as I read about their history and what they have accomplished in the face of very challenging environment and circumstances that would leave most of us non-Native peoples totally overwhelmed! I realize that I have much to learn from them as I now spend time here.

In fact, we ALL do. In our modern society, few Americans know how to cope with extreme adversity and survive as they have, and America is finally coming to her time of troubles when millions of Americans will face similar hardships in fighting for survival in our future. We all have much to learn from people such as the Inupiak, who have fought the elements, learned to survive and overcome.

I will be reporting live from Alaska on THE AMAZING INUITS OF ALASKA and sharing with my readers my fascinating experiences as I explore a totally different region of North America, and participate an entirely different culture as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL MY READERS!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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