Monday, October 18, 2010

My Amazing Brother John-More Miracles from GOD!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Saturday, October 15, 2010, was a most amazing day on the streets of Asheville , NC! (Yes, ASHEVILLE, NC, that well-known pagan mecca of the Southeast. AND the city that almost cost my life for my exposing SATANISM in that region so many years ago.)

My beloved brother John, feeling recovered from his long journey and finally adjusted to this new location in his life, announced to me that he was going to try to help bear this financial burden of his medical care, and would be GOING OUT ON THE STREETS OF ASHEVILLE, NC, to PLAY HIS GUITAR IN PUBLIC!

I had observed my brother in the hospital last Christmas, where John could barely even move each finger, so weak was he from pneumonia and surgery following. We never knew if he would ever play the guitar again. In fact, neither I nor that doctors knew if John would even survive this terrible ordeal.

John became known as "THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN" in Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where he lie close to death in the intensive care unit for 5 months, costing $5,000 per DAY. He finally pulled through to survive.

John discovered that he was able to revive the use of his fingers slowly, and has been practicing his guitar once again. But never did I think he would be able to play on the streets again at this time.BUT HE DID...and only by the amazing grace of Almighty God through Jesus Christ!

John bravely had me drive him to downtown Asheville, and park his wheelchair in a place where there was high pedestrian traffic, setting up a basket for donations for his support in case people were moved to help him. I carefully laid his guitar in his arms, lovingly donated by Ronald and Pam Brunson, missionaries and members of our church (Montreat Presbyterian Church EPC.)

We both prayed together, and then I stood back to watch what would unfold. And miracles came forth before our eyes.

Because our financial needs are great now due to his medical needs, we prayed that God would lead Christians to come and pray for his health, and to donate towards his medication needs..

A Christian couple up from Florida walked up, and shared how God was using them in many ways, and told us they were here to bless people in this area. They then laid hands on John and prayed for him deeply, and then placed financial support into his donation basket. IT WAS EXACTLY THE AMOUNT WE NEEDED AND I HAD PRAYED FOR THAT DAY!

Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, and to the kind Christian couple from Florida! Soon other people had compassion on John, and several children even came up and placed change into his basket. My brother's heart was deeply moved by what God and kind people did for him Saturday, all on the streets of Asheville, NC.

At the end of that wonderful day, Saturday, October 16, I asked my brother the question of WHEN was the last time he had been out of a hospital or nursing home to even travel in a car, to play the guitar on the streets in public. He admitted that THIS had been the FIRST TIME in ONE WHOLE YEAR. What a remarkable miracle this week-end had been for him, indeed.

We remain eternally thankful to the local fire and rescue department in Black Mountain, NC, for their priceless assistance in enabling John to come down out of the cabin, or to return up those steep stairs, every time we have need of them for assistance. Thank you, Black Mountain Fire and Rescue Department!

Thank you, Montreat Church EPC, for the support you have given John and me at this critical time. Thank you Pastor Richard White, Stephen Foster, Edward Brouwer,and the kind people in Montreat NC who have helped to make this miracle possible.

And SPECIAL THANKS to the underlying hero in this remarkable ongoing epic, to RONALD GARON of Tulsa, Oklahoma. More about RON GARON in my NEXT POST!

Greatest thanks to Almighty God and Jesus Christ His wonderful Son, for making this all happen, and saving my brother from his circumstances and his illness. Amen.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from North Carolina

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