Thursday, January 28, 2010

WHY I Include LINKS Throughout My Reports

Just an important world of clarification. You will note that often in my reports on this blog, I include quick links to other websites, verifying and confirming from other sources what I wrote. I want my readers to find this information from other quality websites as well.

However, my information that I publish has NEVER been the product of casually "surfing the net" and republishing as many other websites are that discuss the NEW WORLD ORDER and related subjects.

I have spent 14 years now traveling across the nation and at times around the globe to personally investigate information, interview people, observe situations personally and at times broadcast live on location. Although I may briefly quote from other sources at times to confirm my reporting where it is beneficial, the body of my thousands of reports over the past 14 years has been through often difficult, often dangerous and costly "hands-on" investigating and research.

I feel that this is important to clarify in the minds of my readers, so you understand why I insert links in these reports at times.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from North Carolina

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